4 Ways: How to Let Dropbox Sync Folder on Different Drive

This post elaborates on 4 methods to let OneDrive sync folder on different drives. Read through it to get detailed guides.


by Jonna Lasted Updated February 2, 2023

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Can You Sync Any Folder to OneDrive?


Sync folders with OneDrive on multiple drives

I have multiple HDDs and have my default user folders (Music, Videos, Movies, Pictures) spread across them based on how I manage them. I would like to have OneDrive point to different folders on different drives to sync, but I can't figure out how to make this happen. How can I make OneDrive sync folder on different drives

OneDrive is one of the most widely-used cloud storage services in the world. With the help of the OneDrive sync folders, you can easily achieve two-way synchronization of local files and cloud files. But along with it, there comes the problem that only data in the OneDrive sync folder can be synced to the cloud. What should I do if I want to make OneDrive sync folders outside the OneDrive folder?

Don't worry, we are here to introduce you to four effective ways to sync folders on different drives to OneDrive. Please choose the solution that suits you according to your needs.

OneDrive Sync Folders

Way 1. Sync Folder on Different Drive to OneDrive using OneDrive folder

If you set OneDrive sync folder on C drive, and want to know how to sync D drive folder to OneDrive, using the OneDrive folder could be one of your choices.

Step 1. Download and run OneDrive on your computer. If you are a Windows 10/11 user, you can search for “onedrive” in the Windows search box to run it directly.

Step 2. Sign in with your account, and finish the setup.

Set Up

Step 3. Head to the OneDrive folder, and drag and drop folders and files needed to be uploaded to OneDrive in that folder. Then, your files or folders will be synchronized to onedrive.com automatically.

OneDrive Folder Windows

Syncing folders on different drives with this option could be time-consuming and tedious work. It does not allow you to upload data to OneDrive continuously, so you need to sync items manually whenever there are new files or changes.

Way 2. Sync Folders on Different Drive with OneDrive from OneDrive Web

To make OneDrive sync folder on another drive, you can also use the folder upload function of OneDrive web version to upload folder manually. Here is what to do:

Step 1. Open your browser and go to onedrive.live.com.

Step 2. Click on Upload on the main page, choose Folder or Files, and add folders to get OneDrive sync folder on C drive, D drive, or other disks.

OneDrive Upload

The OneDrive website only allows you to upload files up to 250GB in size (for a single file). If you want to upload large files to OneDrive, you could update them in batches or turn to other unrestricted solutions.

Way 3. Make Dropbox Sync Folders on Different Drive via Command Prompt

There is another way to make OneDrive sync folder on different drive - using mklink command, with which you can create a symbolic link through the Windows command line. In this way, you can backup any folder to OneDrive without moving it.

◆ The full mklink command is mklink /j "path to symlink" "path to original folder".
◆ The “path to symlink” refers to the exact location of OneDrive. If you have changed the default location of the OneDrive folder, you should remember it.
◆ The link is to create a shortcut to access it in the OneDrive folder for the folder that needs to be synced. It is best to use the same name for both folders in source and destination, which helps to know what it's linking to.

Step 1. Click Start and search for Command Prompt, then click Run as administrator.

Run As Administrator

Step 2. Input the specific mklink command, and press Enter.

For example, to sync the D:\Banana folder to OneDrive, and your OneDrive folder location is D:\OneDrive. The specific command line should goes like mklink /j "D:\OneDrive\Banana" "D:\Banana".

OneDrive Mklink J Link

Step 3. Then, a new folder will be created in OneDrive automatically, and changes in the source folder will be updated to OneDrive automatically.

It only allows you to set up a single folder sync one time with mklink. Suppose you want to sync multiple folders to OneDrive, you need to repeat this step several times, which is cumbersome.

Way 4. Automatically Sync Multiple Folders to OneDrive with CBackup

Besides the above methods, there is an easier and more effective method to make OneDrive sync folders on different drive, with the help of reliable cloud sync software. CBackup is an excellent choice, which is capable of syncing files, folders, and hard drives to OneDrive automatically with a few clicks.

▶Simple to use: It offers an intuitive user interface, making it easy to complete OneDrive sync with a few clicks.

▶One-way synchronization: You can enable OneDrive one-way sync from PC to cloud only, without syncing files locally to take up hard drive space.

▶Automatic synchronization: It provides scheduled sync solutions, including daily sync, weekly sync, and monthly sync.

▶Flexible sync: You are able to sync files and folders from local disks and external hard drive to OneDrive effortlessly.

▶No restrictions: It has no limitations for file size and synchronization speed.

Besides OneDrive, you can sync folders and files to other cloud drives like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

How to sync specific folder in OneDrive using CBackup? Here comes the full simple guide.

Step 1. Apply for a CBackup account, download and run CBackup on your computer, and then log in.

Download CBackupWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 2. Click Storage, choose OneDrive, and click on Authorize Now. Then, sign in to your OneDrive account to permit CBackup access to your cloud storage.

Select OneDrive

Step 3. Choose Sync, and tap Sync PC to Public Cloud.

Choose PC To Public Cloud

Step 4. Choose the folders you wish to synchronize with OneDrive, and hit > next to OneDrive to pick a OneDrive as the destination location.

Step 5. Click Settings > Scheduler > tick Set a Sync schedule for automated Sync, then choose a sync frequency, and click OK to confirm it.

Sync Scheduler

Step 6. Press Start Sync to let OneDrive sync folder on any drive.

Sync Files To OneDrive

There are some other functions of CBackup:
File backup - You can backup files to OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, and CBackup Cloud (with 10GB of free backup space) for protection, and restore data whenever needed.
Cloud to cloud backup - This feature allows you to backup OneDrive to Google Drive and other clouds, and transfer OneDrive from one account to another simply and quickly.
Cloud storage combination - You could merge multiple OneDrive accounts to increase cloud storage for free.


It is all about how to make OneDrive sync folder on different drives in the most efficient way possible. We've included guides to using the greatest cloud backup and sync solution, CBackup.

This software can assist you in syncing any folder on computer and external disk while working in the background.

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