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Can I backup my D drive to OneDrive?

“I have to backup files held on D drive and I have successfully configured in users laptop to sync user Desktop, Document, Pictures data in OneDrive. But now I want to sync other drives' data, like D drive. So please suggest how to backup D Drive to OneDrive. Thanks.”

OneDrive is a Microsoft cloud service that saves and protects your photos and files. With your Microsoft account, you can enjoy 5GB of free cloud storage. It lets you store your files, share them with your associated Microsoft account, and access them from any device and anywhere.


How to backup D drive to OneDrive?

The D: drive is usually a secondary hard drive on your computer, used as a data drive. Compared with C: drive, a Windows operating system, and installing programs storage space, D: drive uses for data storage and backup. But D drive will fill up someday, syncing D drive to other storage space, like OneDrive would be a good precaution. Why do you need to make OneDrive backup D drive? Here are some reasons:

  • Save your hard drive space, and make your PC speed up.

  • Get your files on the go.

  • Backup files, and protect them from deletion, corruption, virus infection.

  • Avoid accidental deletion of files.

After finding out the benefits of backing up D drive, are you curious about making this task done? Here are 3 ways to figure you out.

Way 1: Backup D drive with OneDrive client

Backing up D drive with the OneDrive desktop program is quite easy. You can download the application on your Windows, then drag and drop your files to the cloud. But before that, you should go to the OneDrive official website and create an account at first. Afterward, simply follow the guides to get OneDrive sync D drive done.

Step 1: Download the OneDrive desktop application, and install it. After getting this step done, you will find the OneDrive folder in Windows Explorer.

Multiple Onedrive Accounts Windows4

Step 2: Drag and drop the files in D Drive to the OneDrive Folder straightly, and they will be shown in the OneDrive cloud. Then, you can check them on the OneDrive website.

Way 2: Backup D drive with OneDrive website

If you don't want to download the OneDrive program to your desktop, you could backup D drive to OneDrive with the online website. You can always visit its official website with your mobile phone, iOS devices, and Windows. In this way, it can connect with your files without the desktop app. If you demand OneDrive syncing D drive with its website, follow these simple instructions.

Step 1: Go to the OneDrive official website, and Sign in to your account.

Step 2: On the OneDrive main page, click the Upload button, you can either upload the selected files or an entire folder.

Onedrive Upload 1

Step 3: A new browser will be open, you can select all your files and folders on D drive, and click Open.

Way 3: Backup D drive with file backup software

In addition to the above two methods, you can add D drive to OneDrive with backup software. Many third-party backup tools help you accomplish this task. However, the best ones won't just save your files and folders, but also be available for free use.

CBackup, provides you with backing up computer hard drives to OneDrive, and it offers a free version to users, which could get back up files done easily, and it covers backup tasks scheduling, file filtering, and email notification, and so on.

Let me show you the detail of the backup D drive to OneDrive with CBackup.

Step 1: Download and install CBackup on your computer, sign up for it.

Sign In

Step 2: Click the “My Storage” button, and “+Add Cloud position, then go to the “OneDrive button and hit “Add”. Then follow the instructions on the screen to connect CBackup with your OneDrive cloud.

Add Cloud

Step 3: Click on the “Backup Tasks” button and the “+ New Task” position.

Create Backup Task

Step 4: Click “Add Source” to locate the D Drive, hit “Add Destination and “Single Cloud”, then go to the Next.

Add Destination Single Cloud

Step 5: Choose “OneDrive as your backup destination, and finally tap “Start Backup.

Start Backup Files To Onedrive

Bonus tip: Get more OneDrive backup space for free

However, with more and more files taking up your OneDrive space, its free storage space will be full finally. What would you do to address this issue? To buy the paid version? You can actually use a OneDrive alternative application, like CBackup, to merge OneDrive accounts and combine clouds storage like Google Drive, Dropbox together into a larger space.

Apart from combining clouds, CBackup, as a professional PC cloud backup service, can manage your Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive all together, after you adding your account to this software. With this operation, it is not necessary to log in to every account to backup files anymore. Now, please follow the steps below to combine your free clouds into a huge storage space.

Step 1: Click on “My Storage on the left side, and hit the “+ on top, choose “Add Cloud to connect different OneDrive accounts or other cloud drives to CBackup. (It supports Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and so on).

My Storage Add Cloud

Note: CBackup is based on the standard OAuth system, which is a standard authorization framework that enables third-party applications to establish connections to cloud services without requiring a username and password. Your data and files will not be stored on the CBackup Cloud. But Only with your permission, CBackup can access your cloud drive account. Therefore your data is safe and private here.

Step 2: With all your added account here, click “+”, tap “New Combined Cloud, and add these clouds you want to combine.

Add Combined Cloud1

Step 3: Now, you can locate your backup destination to the “Combined Cloud”, and “Start Backup”.

Start Backup Files To Combined Cloud


This tutorial reveals the good points of backing up D drive to OneDrive and gives 3 methods to make it done efficiently. You can use its website, app, or a third-party tool to backup D drive to OneDrive. If you intend to merge OneDrive accounts, you can have a try at CBackup.