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OneDrive not syncing, but says up to date!


I moved to a new PC. Both my former and my new PC have Windows 10 and I have used Windows 10 and OneDrive for a long time. Before I moved, all my files were synced properly. My problem is that OneDrive says 'Up to date' but is not, I have all the folders (seems to be) but a lot of them are empty. The empty folders still show sync pending. How to fix this OneDrive not syncing issue? Please help! It is very important for me.

OneDrive is up to date

Why is my OneDrive not up to date?

OneDrive is an Internet-based cloud storage and sync service. OneDrive's sync function ensures that users always have backup copies of files on remote servers and can access synced files through other devices.

However, in the process of using the service to sync files, some users found that OneDrive says "Up to date" when it is not. Once this happens, users will not be able to find the latest files in the cloud.

"Why is my OneDrive not updating?" In most cases, OneDrive on the computer performs sync in the background, but this process has some limitations and in a few cases, it may cause OneDrive to stop working normally.

  • If you are running an older version of OneDrive software, you may encounter unresolved OneDrive sync errors.

  • The Office 365 auto-save feature may interrupt the process of OneDrive updating other files.

  • You have not logged in to the correct or your latest OneDrive account.

  • An unstable network connection will affect the sync process of OneDrive.

  • The cache in the OneDrive app has accumulated too much.

  • You are restricted by OneDrive sync files.

If you are also bothered by this problem, you can continue reading the article to learn how to easily fix the OneDrive not syncing but says "Up to date" error.

How to fix the OneDrive says "Up to date" but is not?

Learn the following 6 effective methods to quickly solve your OneDrive says it's up to date but it's not problem. If the error is complicated, please check for the bonus tip.

Way 1. Reset the OneDrive desktop app

Resetting OneDrive may solve most OneDrive sync issues like the program did not sync individual files, since it will complete the full sync after OneDrive is reset. To reset OneDrive and fix the problem of not being able to connect to OneDrive, just follow the steps below:

Step 1. Press Windows+R, and then type in the dialog: %localappdata%\Microsoft\OneDrive\ OneDrive .exe /reset, and press Enter to confirm.

run reset command

Note: If you get a “Windows cannot find...” error message, please enter the command in the dialog: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft OneDrive\onedrive.exe /reset.

Step 2. If the OneDrive icon in the taskbar's notification area disappears and reappears after a few minutes, the method has been executed.

Way 2. Reinstall OneDrive Correctly

If you are running an old version of OneDrive, there may be known bugs that are resolved by the current version. Uninstalling and reinstalling OneDrive can effectively solve the sync problem in many cases, including the OneDrive says files are synced but they are not error. You can follow the steps below to try it out.

Step 1. Right-click the cloud icon on the desktop and select the Close OneDrive option in the menu bar of Help & Settings.

close OneDrive

Note: If you do not find the OneDrive icon on the desktop, click the up arrow in the lower right corner to show the hidden icons. If it is still not there, OneDrive may not be running.

Step 2. Then go to Start > Settings > Apps & features > find the Microsoft OneDrive from the desktop, and click Uninstall. You may be prompted to enter the administrator password, just follow the instructions.

OneDrive uninstall

Step 3. Go to OneDrive official website to download the latest version of OneDrive software, and then follow the instructions to install and run OneDrive correctly.

Way 3. Relink OneDrive

There may be an error that causes the connection between OneDrive and the Windows computer to be unstable. Then the prompt reflected by OneDrive may be wrong. Therefore, some users found that OneDrive says “Up to date”, but sync is pending. You can try to reconnect OneDrive to fix the problem.

Step 1. Right-click the OneDrive icon in the notification area or taskbar to enter the Settings.

OneDrive Settings

Step 2. Click Unlink this PC under the Account tab, and the connection between the OneDrive account and the Windows PC will be disconnected.

OneDrive unlink this PC

Step 3. Restart your PC, then go to the OneDrive app to enter your account information to reconnect your OneDrive account.

Way 4. Check the file name and size

OneDrive has some restrictions on files when syncing files. If you have a file that does not meet the conditions, it may cause the OneDrive not syncing but says up to date problem.

  • The file name cannot exceed 400 characters.

  • You cannot sync more than 2,500 files at a time through the web.

  • The file size limit for OneDrive is 100GB and for enterprise account users is 15GB.

  • OneDrive will not update files that contain invalid characters (*, ?, #, %, etc.), temporary files, and other invalid files.

Way 5. Disable the Office save file

There are reports that the auto-saving and uploading function of Office 365 sometimes affects the sync of all files in OneDrive. You can choose to turn off this function to fix the OneDrive upload failed.

Step 1. Go to the Settings option of OneDrive and navigate to the Office tab.

Step 2. Unselect the check box before Use Office 2016 to sync Office files that I open, and click OK to confirm your changes.

Turn off the OneDrive upload

Step 3. Now restart the OneDrive app to see if the problem of OneDrive not updating fully is resolved.

Way 6. Troubleshoot the OneDrive

If the above methods do not provide effective help, you can try to troubleshoot OneDrive.

Step 1. Press the “Windows key + I” to quickly go to Settings, enter Find and fix problems with Windows Store Apps and select it.

find and fix problems with Windows store apps

Step 2. The system will check for possible conflicts and errors in the applications installed from the Microsoft Store. If there is an error message, select Apply repairs automatically > Next and follow the instructions to repair the error.

Apply repairs automatically

Bonus tip: What if OneDrive can’t back to normal?

If your OneDrive is not synced but says to update, the above methods can usually be solved. But if your problem is caused by more complicated reasons, it may not be easy to fix the problem. We strongly recommend that you use CBackup as an alternative to OneDrive for excellent performance.

CBackup Main Page

CBackup is an excellent cloud backup service that supports automatic backup of PC files to OneDrive. As a professional cloud backup product, its performance is much more stable than cloud storage services. You can use it to easily back up your files to the cloud without worrying about the OneDrive sync problem, and CBackup provides a larger and more cost-effective CBackup Cloud.

Let’s backup your laptop to OneDrive automatically with CBackup:

Step 1. Download the CBackup app on your computer. Create a CBackup account and sign in to CBackup for free.

Download CBackup Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 2. Click Storage as shown, choose OneDrive, and click Authorize Now to confirm, and enter your account information to sign in.

Select OneDrive

Step 3. Click the Backup tab, and press Backup PC to Public Cloud button to create a backup task.

Create Task

Step 4. Rename the Task Name to differ from other tasks, and select files from PC, tap your OneDrive account as the backup destination.

Start Backup Computer to OneDrive

Step 5. Press Scheduler > Enable schedule backup > choose a specific time/time-frequency, and click OK to perform OneDrive schedule backup.

Schedule Backup

Step 6. Click Start Backup to backup files to cloud easily and safely.

Start Backup Files To Onedrive

Tip: Except for local to cloud backup, CBackup offers a Sync function that helps you upload files to OneDrive without syncing to computer. Also, it allows you to migrate OneDrive to Dropbox, Google Drive, and other clouds with its Cloud to Cloud Sync.

Final words

If your OneDrive says “Up to date” but is not, you can fix the OneDrive sync error through the effective methods provided in this article. If you are worried that OneDrive will continue to cause errors and affect your use, you can switch to CBackup to easily back up PC files to OneDrive.

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