How to Backup All My Photos to Google Drive on Phone and PC

This tutorial covers methods of how to backup all my photos to Google Drive on different devices, and offers a method to increase Google Drive free space for you.


by Jonna Lasted Updated February 3, 2023

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User case: Can I put all my photos on Google Drive?


Morning all, I currently have about 50GB of photos on my Samsung phone and I want to backup them all to Google Drive (I pay for the 100 GB plan). How do I save all my photos to Google Drive?

Photos are incredibly important as they allow us to capture a specific moment in time and preserve it for future generations so they can relive the wonderful memory or experience. However, photos stored on mobile phones or computers are easy to lose due to accidental deletion, device failure, and other reasons.

If you don’t want to experience the bitterness of important picture loss, backing up data to Google Drive is a good protection measure. This is a complete guide on how to backup all my photos to Google Drive on mobile phones and PCs.

Part 1. How to backup all my photos to Google Drive on mobile device

Google Drive offers 15 GB of storage space at no charge, and you can get Google Drive 5TB or more storage by upgrading your storage plan. The Google Drive mobile app is available for both iOS and Android to upload photos, files, and other files. In the following, we will show you how to backup photos from phone to Google Drive easily.

#1. Backup all photos to Google Drive on iOS device

To figure out how to backup all photos to Google Drive on iPhone or iPad, you can go to the App Store to install the Google Drive app on your device and make sure you are connected to the Internet. Then, follow the how to save all my photos to Google Drive guide below to upload all photos to Google Drive with ease.

Step 1. Run the Google Drive app and log in.

Step 2. Tap Menu (three vertically stacked lines) in the top left.

Step 3. Click Settings > Backup, and tap START BACKUP to backup all photos and videos to Google Drive.

iPhone Backup

By default, your contacts, calendar, and photos will all be backed up, and your photos will retain their original quality. If you don’t want to backup contacts or calendars, you can disable the backup for them by tapping on each item and turning off the backup.

#2. Backup all photos to Google Drive On Android device

If you are using an Android phone, you can do the following to back up all photos with Google Drive.

Step 1. Launch the Google Drive application and log in. Then, click on the Menu button likewise.

Step 2. Select Settings and turn on Auto Add to add your photos to Google Drive automatically.

Android Auto Add

Part 2. How to backup all pictures with Google Drive on computer

There are several methods for how to backup images on Google Drive on computer. If you want to back up all pictures to Google Drive on desktop automatically, you can try Google Drive desktop app or third-party cloud backup software - CBackup. Here is how.

#1. Backup all my photos to Google Drive with Drive for desktop

Drive for desktop is the desktop client of Google Drive that lets you backup computer and external hard drive to Google Drive automatically and sync Google Drive to desktop. If you have never used Drive for desktop, download and set it up on your computer. Then, follow the guide below to know how to backup all my photos to Google Drive.

Step 1. Run Google Drive for desktop and click Sign in with browser to log in with your Google account.

Drive For Desktop Sign In With Browser1

Step 2. Click Add folder under the My Computer tab, and select the folder that contains the pictures that you want to back up.

Add Folder

Step 3. Choose the Sync with Google Drive option and click Done.

Add Folder Sync With Google Drive

Step 4. If you want to adjust the uploaded pixels of photos, click Settings > select Storage saver under Upload size, and click Save.

Google Photos Storage Saver

#2. Backup all my photos to Google Drive using CBackup

Apart from Drive for desktop, you can use the free cloud backup software - CBackup to save all your photos to Google Drive without effort. Available in Windows 11/10/8/7/XP, it allows you to back up photos, files, folders, and even entire computers to Google Drive for free.

CBackup provides you to save photos on Google Drive with Backup and Sync options, and both of them offer specific time, daily, weekly, and monthly schedule settings. The following are specific guides for how to save all my pictures to Google Drive with the Sync feature.

Step 1. Sign up for a free CBackup account. Click the download button below to get this tool and sign in.

Download CBackupWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 2. Go to Storage, and tap on Google DriveAuthorize Now to authorize CBackup access to Google Drive files.

Select Cloud Drive

Step 3. Head to the Sync tab, and select Sync PC to Public Cloud.

Choose Pc To Public Cloud

In addition to Google Drive, CBackup offers to sync files to OneDrive, Dropbox, and other public clouds easily and quickly.

Step 4. Input a Task Name to identify the photo sync. Navigate to the photos you wish to backup and select them as the sync source. Specify a Google Drive folder to save the pictures.

Start Sync To Google Drive

Step 5. Click Settings > Scheduler to set up a photo auto backup. After that, click Start Sync to upload all photos to Google Drive.

One Time Only

CBackup also offers a cloud-to-cloud sync feature that makes it easy to transfer files from Google Drive to OneDrive, Dropbox, and FTP/SFTP with simple clicks.

Further reading: A free way to gain more Google Drive storage

If your Google Drive storage is insufficient for saving all your photos, don’t worry. You can get free Google Drive extra storage with the cloud space combination of CBackup. For example, to combine 2 free Google Drive accounts, you can get 30GB of free space at no cost. You can also combine Google Drive accounts with other public cloud accounts to increase cloud storage.

Step 1. Launch the CBackup program and sign in.

Step 2. Add all your Google Drive accounts to CBackup by repeating the cloud-adding step: click Storage > + Add Cloud > select Google Drive > complete the authorization.

Step 3. Click + Add Combined Cloud on the top screen of Storage.

New Combined Cloud

Step 4. Check all the cloud accounts that you intend to combine and click Next. Determine the order of cloud drives to save files, and tap Combine.

Combine Google Drive

Step 5. Then, you can click Backup > Backup PC to Combined Cloud to save data to the large cloud.

Add Destination Combined Cloud

Concluding words

That’s all about how to backup all my photos to Google Drive. You can choose the appropriate way to save your pictures to Google Drive according to the device you are using. If you are using a Windows PC, it is highly recommended to enable Google Drive photo backup/sync with CBackup.

With this software, you can upload photos to Google Drive automatically and increase Google Drive storage space for free.

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