2 Ways to Set Google Backup and Sync Schedule to Auto Backup

Are you looking for a way to schedule Google Backup and Sync auto backup? This article will show you the right steps and learn the easiest way to schedule backup PC files.


by Jonna Lasted Updated April 10, 2024

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How frequently does Google Drive perform a backup?


How to schedule backup to Google Drive easily?

I lost entire week's files that were not uploaded on Google Drive, how could that be? How frequently does Google perform a sync? How can I set up a Google Backup and Sync schedule to ensure that data is not lost?


Google Drive is still one of the most attractive cloud storage services. You can sync and back up files to the Google Drive storage space for collaboration or protection. But every time manually uploading important files to Google Drive has gradually become a tedious task. No one can ensure that you will not forget to save the files on your PC. Although Google Backup and Sync automatically syncs files to the Google Drive cloud while the files changes, there is still a chance that Google Backup and Sync not working or meet the Google Backup and Sync stuck issues.

How do I schedule Google backup and sync?

How often does Google backup and sync? It is usually the Google Backup and Sync app (now it is Drive for desktop) that updates any changes when there is internet access. The data on the computer will change at any time with the office or study operations, if you do not upload in time, you may still lose important files. Scheduling Google Backup and Sync to update files can effectively protect PC data in a timely manner.

Google Backup and Sync can automatically perform the sync process and upload local files to the cloud when connected to the network, but it does not provide the option of scheduling sync operations during non-working hours. But if you are a Windows user, you can use its built-in program - Windows Task Scheduler to schedule Google Backup and Sync to run and sync files at a specific time.

Set Google Backup and Sync schedule with Windows Task Scheduler

There are 3 main steps in scheduling Google Backup and Sync automatic sync. You can start and stop using Task Scheduler to configure Google Backup and Sync according to the method given.

Tip: One important thing is that Google has unified the two apps, Google Backup and Sync and Google Drive File Stream, to a new release, Drive for desktop. To enable Google Drive for desktop schedule backup or sync, you can download the Drive for desktop app and refer to the following step to get it done.

Step 1. Prevent Backup & Sync to start with Windows

1. Click the Backup & Sync icon on the desktop taskbar, click the menu button, and select Preferences.


2. Under the Settings tab, uncheck the Open Backup and Sync on System Startup option and click OK to confirm.

Uncheck Open Backup and Sync on System Startup

Step 2. Start Google Backup and Sync with Task Scheduler

1. Click the Windows start button, and type task scheduler in the search box, choose the Task Scheduler desktop app.

Search Task Scheduler

2. Run the program, and select Create Task from the Action menu.

Action Create Task

3. Under the General tab, type your task name and click OK to confirm.

Type Task Name

4. Click the Triggers tab and select New, and then select Daily/Weekly/Monthly or One time to start Google Backup and Sync automatically under Settings.

Settings Schedule

5. Click the Actions tab and New subsequently. You need to type commands under Program/script. The commands are different according to the Windows architecture (32 or 64-bit):

  • For Windows 32-bit type: "C:\Program Files\Google\Drive\googledrivesync.exe"

  • For Windows 64-bit type: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Drive\googledrivesync.exe"

Type Program Script

6. Then go back to the Create Task window and click OK to confirm the Google Backup and Sync schedule settings.

Confirm Actions

Step 3. Stop/end the Backup & Sync process with Task Scheduler

So how do you stop Google Backup and Sync from automatically backing up or syncing files? You can follow the steps below to create a new task for Backup and Sync to stop the backup or sync at a certain time.

1. Go to Menu > Action > Create Task, enter the new task name under the General tab, and click OK.

Create Stop Google Backup

2. Go to Triggers > New, set a time when Google backup should stop, and then click OK.

Create Stop Google Backup

3. Go to Actions > New, enter taskkill.exe under Program/script, enter /f / im "googledrivesync.exe" in the Add argument (optional) field, and click OK. 

Enter Stop Backup Command

4. Finally, click OK to close the Create task window.

Note: If you want to modify the schedule settings of Google Backup and Sync in the future, you can go to Task Scheduler and view and modify scheduled tasks under Task Scheduler Library.

The best way to Google Drive schedule backup and sync - CBackup

No matter how to set up a Google Backup and Sync schedule backup or sync task, You may find it troublesome and time-consuming. Hence, to view, start, and stop Google Backup and Sync automatic upload, you need to switch to other services. In fact, you can directly use CBackup to automatically sync and back up files to Google Drive on a Windows PC.

CBackup Main Page

CBackup is a professional and stable cloud backup and sync service that helps you transfer all important data on your Windows PC to Google Drive. You could directly set up scheduled backup and sync on CBackup, the task of moving data to Google Drive will be done automatically, which saves the trouble and time of manual transfer and prevent forgetting to back up important data.

If the data in your computer is accidentally lost, you can also use the data restore function to restore the backup without manually downloading files stored in the cloud.

Schedule Sync Files to Google Drive Easily

You can follow the steps below to sync files to Google Drive on schedule:

Step 1. Download and install CBackup, run it, and sign in with your registered account.

Download CBackup Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 2. Go to Storage, and select Google Drive, and hit Authorize Now. Then, grant access to CBackup to manage Google Drive files, and edit the settings for your Google Drive account.

Add Google Drive

Step 3. Click the Sync tab and the Sync PC to Public Cloud button in turn.

Sync PC to Public Cloud

Step 4. Select the files from your computer as the source, and then choose Google Drive as the sync destination.

Sync to Google Drive

Step 5. Click Settings in the lower-left corner of the page, and set the frequency or specific time you want to automatically sync under the Scheduler tab.

Schedule Sync

Tips: You could enjoy the email notification and file filter to smart your sync task, saving your time and cloud storage space.

Step 6. Finally, click the Start Sync button to schedule sync files to Google Drive.

Schedule Backup Files to Google Drive Easily

You can also incrementally backup your local files to Google Drive cloud. Backing up your files to Google Drive means that a copy of your local files will be created in the cloud, and every time you backed up, you will get a file version history of your data, so even if the local files are lost or deleted, you can restore to any version of the files.

You could learn how to easily schedule backup to Google Drive using CBackup:

1. Ensure you have added Google Drive to CBackup.

2. Click the Backup tab and select Backup PC to Public Cloud under the PC to Cloud Backup section.

Backup PC to Public Cloud

3. Select the computer files you want to backup, and choose Google Drive as the backup target.

4. Hit Settings > Scheduler according to your needs, and press the Start Backup button to automatically backup files to Google Drive.

Start Backup Files to Google Drive

Besides, you could enjoy other useful features with CBackup to protect your data better:

Offers the combine cloud storage feature for you to merge multiple or unlimited clouds to get unlimited cloud storage space for free.
Transfer everything from one cloud to another cloud at once without downloading and re-uploading files manually, saving your time.
Backup one cloud to another cloud to safeguard your data on your cloud with powerful settings, like schedule, email notification, file alert, and backup version management.
Provides 10GB free cloud storage of CBackup Cloud, and you could expand to 1TB or more at a good price.

In the end

As mentioned above, Google Backup and Sync schedule backup can only be through third-party services such as Task Scheduler or CBackup. You can follow the steps we have given to make the correct settings. If you find it cumbersome and time-consuming to set up automatic PC sync and backups with Task Scheduler, we recommend you to try CBackup, which can help you schedule automatic PC sync or backup easily and simply.

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