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Google Backup and Sync Preferences Greyed Out?

“My Backup and Sync not working what can I do? And my Google Bakcup and Sync Preferences option is diabled, i tried restarting and reinstalling, it’s still not working. Please help, Thanks.”

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The Causes to Google Drive Preferences Greyed Out

Here you will find the causes to Google Preferences greyed out, and then check it for yourself:

Cause 1. Your Google Backup and Sync not signed in

If you did not disconnect your Google account in Backup and Sync app and get the Google Backup and sync Preferences greyed out issue, it’s probably that the Google Backup and Sync not signed in.

Preferences Greyed Out

If you click the Google Backup and Sync icon in system tray before signing in, and click the three-dots icon, then you will find the Google backup and sync preferences greyed out problem.

Cause 2. Antivirus Software Block Google Backup and Sync Sign in

Sometimes, the antivirus software will prevent the Google Backup and Sync from signing in. And restarting and reinstalling the app still not working. The popular antivirus software includes Kaspersky, McAfee, Norton, AVAST, Bitdefender, etc.

Cause 3. You Disconnect Your Google Account By Accident

There is a chance that you have disconnected your Google Account by accident even not get noticed.

Cause 4. Internet Connection Issue

If you have a bad internet connection, you will get the error There was a problem signing in.

Cause 5. Wrong Proxy and Firewall Settings

8 Solutions for Google Backup and Sync Preferences Greyed Out

According to the above causes, and you can find the solutions below that we provided. Here it is:

Solution 1. Wait the Google Backup and Sync signed in

Because Google Backup and Sync sign in will take some time to sign in especially when your computer has a bad prefermance. Just wait a moment, and then you should use the Google Backup and Sync Preferences option.

Solution 2. Resign in your Google account in Google Backup and Sync app

Click Google Backup and Sync icon in system tray, and tap Sign in button to resign in your Google Drive account.

Sign In Backup And Sync

Sometimes, you will find you cannot sign in your Google account, because it keeps you signing in even you have signed in and prepare to sync, after a while you will find the Google Backup and Sync signing out automatically and still not signed in.

Google Backup And Sync Signing Out Automatically

If you stuck in this loop. Please try the Solution 3.

Solution 3. Restart Google Backup and Sync

If you stuck in Google Backup and Sync not signed in loop, please restart the Google Backup and Sync, then sign in.

1. Click Google Backup and Sync icon in system tray, and then tap More three-dots icon, select Quit Backup and Sync.

Quit Google Backup And Sync

2. Go to Start > Backup and Sync from Google to start.

Start Google Backup And Sync

3. Then sign in to your Google account.

It should be working. By the way, it’s working for me.

Solution 4. Disable Antivirus Software and Reinstall Backup and Sync

First of all, please disable antivirus software during the below whole process.

Then, uninstall Google Backup and Sync desktop app.

Uninstall Google Backup And Sync

Restart your computer.

Download and install the lastest Google Backup and Sync version.

Solution 5. Check Internet Connection

If you use the WLAN to connect to Internet, please use the Ethernet cable to connect the Internet. And then sign in.

Solution 6. Restart Your Computer

Typically, restart fix most of the problems, including Google Backup and Sync Preferences greyed out.

Solution 7. Turn On Cookies , Javascript, Firewall/Proxy from Internet Explorer

Turn on Cookies

1. In Internet Explorer, select the Tools button, and then select Internet options.

IE Internet Options

2. Select the Privacy > Settings > Advanced and choose Accept for first-party and third-party cookies.

IE Turn On Cookies

Turn On Javascript

1. Please go to Internet Explorer Internet Options, then click Security > Select Internet zone > then choose Custom level... button, Enable for Active Scripting in the Scripting section.

IE Turn On Javascript

2. Then click Yes.

IE Turn On Javascript Yes

3. Click OK in the Internet Option window.

Then, turn on Firewall and proxy settings for your network, then you Google Backup and Sync Preferences greyed out will be fixed.

Solution 8. Reinstall Windows/Mac

Sometimes, you have to reinstall Windows or Mac OS to fix the Google Drive preferences greyed out problem, and it's worked as proven.

Better Way to Sync Files to Google Drive Automatically

After you fix the problem, you could sync files to Google Drive and Sync Google Drive to computer. However, you might stuck in Google Drive not syncing issue sometimes. What should you do? It’s highly recommended to try the best free cloud backup service CBackup to sync files to Google Drive automatically. Please download the freeware to have a try:

Steps to sync files to Google Drive automatically via CBackup:
1. Please create a new account of CBackup and sign in to CBackup desktop app.

Sign In

2. Tap the My Storage tab on the left panel, click Add Cloud, and select Google Drive and click Add. then follow the steps to grant access to CBackup.

Add Cloud

Select Google Drive

3. Edit the Display Name and Storage Path for Google Drive on CBackup. Tick the Note option and click OK.

Complete Google Drive Info

After adding Google Drive, you could backup files to Google Drive easily if you stuck in Google Backup and Sync preferences greyed out problem.

1. Tap the Backup Tasks tab, and then click New Task.

New Task

2. Rename the Task Name, and then click Add Source to choose files you want to backup to Google Drive. Click Add Destination > Single Cloud > Next > Google Drive > OK.

Add Source

Select Destination Single Cloud

3. (Optional) Tap Settings option on the bottom left to tick Enable schedule backup under Scheduled Backup, and set the backup interval running automatically via at a specific time, daily, weekly, or monthly.

Specific Time Mode

5. Press Start Backup button to backup files to Google Drive automatically as you set.

Start Backup Files to Google Drive

Besides, CBackup provides you the web version to perform:

  • Cloud to cloud backup with powerful backup settings, like email notification, file filter, version cleanup, etc.

  • Cloud to cloud sync to transfer files from one cloud to another easily and directly, and there is no need to download and upload.

  • And it's worth to mention that CBackup is capable of merging multiple cloud drives if you meet the Google Drive storage full error, and then your Google Drive storage space will be increased, and then you could backup files to the combined cloud easily to manage Google Drive files.


If you find Google Backup and Sync greyed out problem, please find the causes and solutions offered above to fix Google Drive Preferences not working issue. And then sync files to Google Drive easily and safely.

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