Let’s Run Google Backup and Sync Multiple Accounts (3 Ways)

Wanna run Google Backup and Sync multiple accounts on same computer or multiple computers? This article will show you how to do it. Continue to see below and learn the detailed operation steps.


by Jonna Lasted Updated February 1, 2023

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Run Backup and Sync with Multiple Google Accounts

“I have multiple Gmail accounts. I installed Backup and Sync two accounts on my PC. One account is to sync and backup my android phone photos, another one is for sharing. I found one day my Google photo backup account icon is missing from PC system tray. Only one account icon shows in my PC system tray, which is not my photo backup account. How should I run multiple accounts of Google Backup and Sync? Please help me!"

Many of these users use multiple accounts. Google Backup and Sync can add up to three accounts (newest Drive for desktop can add up to 4 accounts), which is convenient for people to manage their files with different accounts, but there is no doubt that the multiple accounts added may sometimes have troublesome or unknown problems.

Is there any way to make Google Drive's desktop application- Google Backup and Sync run multiple accounts when necessary? Continue reading this article to find the answer.

Is It Necessary that Manage Google Backup and Sync Multiple Accounts?

Google Drive is a file storage and synchronization service, Google Backup and Sync as its desktop app, you can find your content on any phone, tablet, or computer on it.

Note:  Google Backup and Sync has been replaced by Drive for desktop now. After October 1, 2021, all Backup and Sync users will not be able to log in to this application.

Google Drive provides free 15GB of storage space. But for some people, such free storage space is not enough. There are two simple solutions, the first is to pay to expand storage space, and the second is to apply for multiple accounts to store files.

And many users choose to have multiple Google accounts to help them coordinate work, study, life, and get more free cloud storage. In this case, syncing multiple Google accounts can help you coordinate them. However, is it possible to manage multiple Google accounts? Fortunately, this article introduces three methods of operating Google Backup and Sync multiple accounts.

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How did you Run Google Backup and Sync Multiple Accounts on Same Computer?

Further, there isn't such an inbuilt feature in Backup and sync tool to use two accounts at the same time. But the new application of Google Drive - Drive for desktop can add up to four accounts simultaneously. Learn how to run Google Backup and Sync multiple accounts below.

Method 1. Merging Multiple Accounts Using Google Drive for Desktop

If you’ve installed the Google Drive for desktop app, you can use it to sync multiple Google Drive accounts and manage files from multiple accounts. 

Step 1. Download and open Drive for desktop, then sign in.

Install Drive For Desktop1

Step 2. Click Settings (gear icon). Then select Preferences.

Step 3. Tap on your head portrait. Click Add another account.

Add Another Account

Step 4. Sign in to another Google Drive account (not the primary one). In Windows Explorer or Mac Finder, you will find two Google Drive disks. 

Multiple Google Drive Disks

Step 5. You can upload files/folders to each of the Google Drive hard disks, and they will be synced to the corresponding Google cloud automatically.

Method 2. Sync Multiple Google Drive Accounts via “Sharing” Feature

This method is similar to Method 1, here we need to use Google Drive. You can use Google’s share feature to sync multiple Google Drive (free tier) or Google One (paid tiers) accounts.

Firstly, you should have to pick a “primary” account and open a folder in it. You can then let your other account access this folder and use it as your Google Drive management center.

Follow these steps to sync Google Drive multiple accounts:

Step 1. Sign in to a Google account you want to sync from and go to Google Drive.

Step 2. Click New on the top left side.

Click New

Step 3. Then select Folder.

Select Folder

Step 4. Drag and drop all the files that you want to share in the Syncing folder.

Drag All Files

Step 5. Right-click on this folder and select Share.

Click Share

Step 6. Enter the username or email address that is linked to your primary Google Drive account and click Send.

Enter Email

Step 7. And log in to your primary account. Open the email from Google. Then select Open, and select the Shared with me folder. Select the folder and right-click Add to my drive.

Step 8. The synced folder will now appear on your primary account. If you want to access it, click My Drive on the left side of the home page.

Click My Drive

Method 3. Manage Google Drive Multiple Accounts with CBackup (Recommend)

CBackup is a free service of backup and management cloud storage. It allows you to easily connect multiple Google Drive accounts. You can quickly and easily backup multiple Google accounts with the “Start Sync/Backup” operation. There are detailed steps.

Tip: If you're a Windows user, you can download the software directly and do the following, or go directly to the CBackup webpage to connect to multiple Google Drive and sync accounts.

Download CBackupWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1. Enter CBackup's homepage and get started to create an account and sign in it to the desktop app.

Sign Up

Step 2. Add and authorize your first Google Drive account under the Storage tab. And click Google Drive to add this drive. Then repeat this step, you can add Google Drive accounts as many as you have.

Add Cloud

Step 3. After adding, all your Google Drive accounts are in Storage. With only one login, you can easily backup and sync multiple Google Drive accounts and transfer your files on them with CBackup. You can click Backup > Backup Public Cloud to Public Cloud to backup files with cloud storage accounts quickly and easily on just one single interface.

Backup Public Cloud To Public Cloud

Step 4. Name your backup task, choose one of your Google Drive accounts as the transfer source, and select another account as backup destination. Then, click Start Backup to execute a task.

Transfer Google Drive To Another

★In addition to the cloud to cloud backup feature, CBackup offers more features to help Google Drive users:
Supports syncing and backing up files to cloud drives like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and more.
Supports adding multiple Google Drive and other cloud storage service accounts to easily manage all cloud drives on one platform.
Provides cloud to cloud sync to synchronize data across multiple clouds.
Combine the space of multiple Google Drive and other cloud drive accounts to combine them for free into a larger backup space.
Offers a more secure backup space - CBackup Cloud, with a free 10GB of space.

How did Manage Google Backup and Sync Accounts on Multiple Computers?

You may encounter a situation where you need to work at home but access all the files on the company's computer. How should you administer Google Backup and Sync accounts on multiple computers?

Method 1. My Drive

This is one container within your Cloud that is common to any device that you use that also accesses that same Google Account. So assume you have a computer, a tablet, and a phone.

If they all use Backup & Sync/Drive, and they all are configured to use the same Google Account, then any changes anywhere to anything in your My Drive/Google Drive folder are synced to all your devices using that same account. It changes on the computer and the tablet, the phone, and the cloud.

Method 2. Shared with Me

This is a container where any links shared with you by someone else are held. It's a convenient place to group up all those links.

Method 3. Backups

You can also use an easy cloud backup service to manage your Google account. Here, we recommend the CBackup mentioned above. It does not use the computer as a transmission intermediary, so it will not occupy the computer's memory and network resources. After creating a task, you can also set up regular backups to ensure that you will not forget important data.

Final Words

It is not hard to see that using CBackup to connect Google Backup and Sync multiple accounts is the easiest way. With it, you can not only manage multiple cloud storage services but also transfer files between cloud storage services. It can also solve the problem of running Google Backup and Sync accounts on multiple computers for you. If you have these problems to solve, please do not hesitate to seek help from CBackup immediately.

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