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OneDrive’s Files On-Demand Not Working?

Case 1. OneDrive On-Demand not working

"Hello, I installed the lastest Windows Update, and manually upgrade OneDrive to the get Files On-Demand feature under OneDrive Settings. After that, I enabled Files On-Demand feature, and tick the option "Save space and download files as you use them". I expected to then see all my online files in the explorer window under OneDrive but it's still empty. Restarting doesn't fix this either. I'm succesfully logged into OneDrive. Why can't I see my online files in the OneDrive folder? Please help."

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Case 2. OneDrive Files On-Demand Missing

I do not have the Files on Demand option. It's not there. If I turn on OneDrive, the sync starts immediately and I cannnot stop it other than "turning off" OneDrive. Then I have to delete all the files it downloaded on my drive. I would love to have the ability to see the cloud files through the app (without them taking up space on my pc), but my OneDrive Files On-Demand missing. Please help me, Thanks.

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Why OneDrive On-Demand Not Working?

When you get the OneDrive Files On-Demand not working option, there are some reasons should be responsible for this problem:

If you have older devices and installed some older apps that use the legacy file system filter drivers. After upgrading to Windows 10, version 2004, your devices might get the following OneDrive Files On-Demand not working issues.

  1. OneDrive cannot connect to Windows, Files On-Demand require a connection to Windows in order to show your files without taking up space on this device. OneDrive can keep trying to connect to Windows or you can choose to download all your files. You won't be able to use online only files until this is fixed.

  2. OneDrive couldn’t start files on demand, please restart your computer and try again, error codes: 0xffffffea.

  3. OneDrive couldn’t start files on demand, please restart your computer and try again, error codes: 0x801f000f.

Then you could not download new files on-demand or open files that you downloaded or synced before.

5 Solutions for OneDrive Files On-Demand Not Working

Don’t worry, here are 5 ways for you to troubleshoot the problem. Let’s get the details.

Solution 1. Install Windows Update KB4565503

If you get the OneDrive Files On-Demand not working problem and running Windows 10 version 2004, and Windows Server version 2004, please install Windows update KB4565503 (OS Build 19041.388).

Solution 2. Restart Your Computer

Restart your computer might resolve most of the OneDrive issues, including OneDrive Files On-Demand not working issues.

Solution 3. Reinstall OneDrive Correctly

Please sync everything to OneDrive but don’t download everything from OneDrive, then go to OneDrive Settings, and tick Save space and download files as you use them at the Files On-Demand section and other settings you want to set up.

Then, try the following steps to fix OneDrive Files On-Demand not working problem even after computer reboot.

Step 1. Please click Start > Settings > Apps > find the Microsoft OneDrive, and click Uninstall.

Microsoft Onedrive Uninstall

Step 2. Delete OneDrive folder cache and temporary files:

OneDrive cache location: C:\Users\YOURACCOUNT\AppData\Local\OneDrive

Delete the temporary files in the following folders:

  1. C:\Users\YOURACCOUNT\AppData\Local\Temp

  2. C:\Users\YOURACCOUNT\AppData\LocalLow\Temp

  3. C:\Windows\Temp

Note: It's OK if some files you can’t delete in the Temp folder.

Step 3. Reboot your computer

Step 4. Download and install OneDrive

Please install OneDrive at the same location (OneDrive folder), and it will ask you if you are sure that you want to use the same folder since there are already files there. click Yes to confirm the files to sync, please DO NOT download everything.

Step 5. Verify the OneDrive Files On-Demand option is checked, then the OneDrive Files On-Demand not working problem will be finished.

Solution 4. Fix Files On-Demand with Command Prompt

1. Run the following commands from an elevated privilege.

  • netsh int ip reset

  • netsh winsock reset

  • ipconfig /release

  • ipconfig /renew

  • ipconfig /flushdns

Reset Network Windows

2. Then restart your computer to check if the OneDrive Files On-Demand solved or not.

Solution 5. Run Recommended Troubleshooter

If you are running Windows 10, version 20014, you could run the Recommended Troubleshooter to get access to Files On-Demand.

Generally, the troubleshooter might run automatically, or just allow the troubleshooter to run if you prompted to run it. And you can verify the troubleshooter has run by following these steps:

1. Click Start, input troubleshoot in Windows Search box, and select Troubleshoot Settings.

2. Select View History in the Troubleshoot section of the Settings dialog.

3. If you see the title with Files On-Demand troubleshooter and the description You may have lost access to your Files On-Demand, which means that the troubleshooter has attempted to run.

4. Reboot your device once the troubleshooter is finished.

What is OneDrive Files On-Demand?

OneDrive Files On-Demand feature allows you to access files in the cloud without taking up space on your computer, if you click the files and folders in OneDrive folder, you will find the four options with OneDrive Files On-Demand feature:

Onedrive Files On Demand Dropdown Menu

  1. Share: allows you to share your OneDrive files with others.

  2. View online: means that you can access the files or folders on OneDrive website.

  3. Always keep on this device: will download the files to your computer, and you can view it even you are offline.

  4. Free up space: will delete files on your OneDrive folder, you can only view online.

Try OneDrive Free Alternative - CBackup

If you still have problems while using OneDrive or OneDrive for Business, please try the free OneDrive alternative – CBackup, the cloud backup service, which has more secure cloud storage – CBackup Cloud and reliable file management. With CBackup, you could enjoy the free 10 GB cloud storage or more other than 5 GB.

Please download CBackup desktop app to get it a try:

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Here are the steps to backup files to CBackup Cloud with simple clicks:

Step 1. Please create a free CBackup account, and sign in to CBackup desktop app.

Sign In

Step 2. Tap the Backup Tasks tab, and click New Task.

Create Task

Step 3. Rename the Task Name to differ from others, click Add Source button to select files to backup to CBackup Cloud. Click Add Destination > CBackup Cloud > Next > OK.

Add Source

Add Destination CBackup Cloud

Step 4. Click Start Backup >> button to backup files to CBackup Cloud.

Tips: Settings has the ability to perform OneDrive schedule sync tasks, like one time only, daily, weekly, monthly, enable email notification, use file filter to include or exclude the files you want or don’t want to backup. 

Schedule Backup

Besides, if you'll run out of the OneDrive free cloud storage space, you could use CBackup to combine multiple cloud drives, including Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, to get more free cloud storage space. If you want to create a backup copy of OneDrive files, you could perform cloud to cloud backup or cloud to cloud sync feature to move everything from one cloud to another easily without downloading or re-uploading. Furthermore, CBackup allows you to backup files to OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive and other clouds automatically.

How to fix OneDrive Files On-Demand Missing Problem in Windows 10?

If your OneDrive Files On-Demand missing in Windows 10, please ensure install the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update or later. Because the OneDrive Files On-Demand feature is delivered with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. And install the latest OneDrive version, and the OneDrive Files On-Demand not available problem will be fixed.

The End

If you get OneDrive Files On-Demand not working problem, or OneDrive couldn’t start files On-Demand 0x801f000f error, please try the above 5 solutions to fix. And learn how to fix OneDrive files On-Demand missing problem.

Besides, you could find the OneDrive alternative if you cannot fix the problem, enjoy more secure and reliable cloud storage CBackup Cloud, and you could merge OneDrive accounts for free with CBackup to get big backup space if OneDrive storage is full.

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