Dropbox Student Free Space: How Much Free Space Can Students Get?

Do you want to know how much Dropbox student free space you can get? Read this article to learn about Dropbox student discounts and some tips to get more Dropbox free space.


by Jonna Lasted Updated April 10, 2023

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Is Dropbox Free for Students?

Cloud storage is an important tool for everyone, allowing you to have a copy of your data that is easy to access anytime, anywhere. Getting the cheapest cloud storage for students, who may need to create a lot of new documents and complete many projects and papers every day, is important. Dropbox is a go-to option for many university students for its powerful collaboration and sharing features.

Unfortunately, Dropbox is not free for students to use and does not offer student discounts. It offers only 2 GB of Dropbox student free space, the same as other users.

How Much Dropbox Student Free Space Can I Get?

As mentioned above, the Dropbox free space for university students is the same quota of 2GB as it offers for regular users. But, Dropbox Education, usually costing $49/user per year, is available for educational institutions and schools with 300 or more Dropbox user licenses to purchase the right amount of storage.

Dropbox Education

Though there is no dedicated Dropbox Education free space, this plan provides everyone on the team with a 15GB storage quota, and the sum of all team members' quotas is the shared education storage limit. However, this does not mean that there is a 15GB storage limit for everyone. Users on the team with more storage needs can have more space.

Also, education customers can enjoy extended Dropbox version history (letting Dropbox restore old versions of a file within 120 days) and strong user activity and permissions management. If you are interested in Dropbox Education, please go to the Dropbox Education page and contact the sales team.

5 Tips to Get More Dropbox Storage for Free

How much free space on Dropbox is offered for college students? 2GB as usual. It’s not a lot and it is not easy to free up space on Dropbox with such limited storage. If you want to get more free Dropbox space, here are some tips for you!

Way 1. Get Free Dropbox Referral Space - Capped at 16 GB

A great way to get extra free space on Dropbox is to send referrals. Dropbox offers 500MB of bonus space per invite for Basic users. Each user can collect up to 16GB this way. Here is how it works to get more Dropbox student free space via referring friends.

Step 1. Log in to the Dropbox website, click on your profile, and select Settings.

Step 2. Select Refer a friend.

Step 3. Invite your friends by copying and sharing your invite link or entering their email addresses and tapping Send.

Dropbox Refer a Friend

Step 4. When your friends finish verifying their email account addresses, you could check the bonus space you have earned.

Way 2. Complete Dropbox Get Started List - 250 MB

When you complete all the Get Started checklist that Dropbox offers, you are able to earn 250MB of free storage.

Please just head to the Get Started page, then finish any five of the given steps.

Dropbox Get Started

Way 3. Provide Dropbox Feedback - 125 MB

Sending feedback is one of the easiest ways to get more Dropbox free space for students and regular users. In this manner, you will add 125 MB to your free storage. All you need to do is:

Step 1. On the Dropbox Get more space screen, tap on Tell us why you love Dropbox.

Tell Why You Love Dropbox

Step 2. Type your reason and click Send.

Way 4. Free Dropbox Space for New Devices - Up to 100 GB

If you recently purchased a new device from a company designated by Dropbox, including Dell, HP, Lenovo, Chromebook, Pixlr, and Upwork, you may be eligible for additional storage. For example, you could get Dropbox 25GB of free Pixlr promotional space for a period of six months.

Pixlr Dropbox Promotion

Way 5. Combine Dropbox Storage with CBackup - Unlimited

Another neat way to increase your Dropbox free student space is using CBackup. This is a professional yet free cloud backup service, which helps you to connect all cloud accounts to expand storage space.

CBackup Main Page

For example, if you are using multiple Dropbox accounts, you could combine free space from all of them into one space. You are able to merge Dropbox and OneDrive, and combine Dropbox with Google Drive as well. As long as you have enough accounts, it is easy to get free unlimited storage space. Other things that CBackup can do for you:

Offer a “Sync” feature to upload to Dropbox without local copy, as well as other public clouds, and migrate Dropbox files to other cloud drives without downloading and uploading.
Backup files to Dropbox and other clouds, and restore them when they are lost or corrupted.
Provide you with a CBackup Cloud backup space, with 10GB of free storage and expandable plans.

Download and install CBackup on your Windows computer. Then, go on with the following guide to increase Dropbox storage free!

Download CBackupWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1. Create an account for CBackup for free. Launch the CBackup desktop client and log in.

Step 2. Add your Dropbox account to CBackup by clicking Storage > Dropbox > Authorize Now. Then, click + Add Cloud to repeat the step to add multiple Dropbox accounts or other cloud drives.

Select Dropbox

Step 3. Click + Add Combined Cloud on the Storage page.

My Storage New Combined Cloud

Step 4. Tick all the cloud drives you’d like to combine and hit Next > Combine.

Tick All Cloud Drives

Now, you could head to Backup and choose Backup PC to Combined Cloud to save local files to this huge space for free.

Start Backup Files to Combined Cloud

To Sum it up

Only 2 GB of Dropbox student free space is far from enough. But don’t worry. Fix useful tips that can help you increase Dropbox free storage are provided on this page. In addition to relying on Dropbox bonus space, you can go one step further to get Dropbox 2TB free and more space with the help of CBackup, which lets you combine unlimited cloud accounts.

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