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How to upgrade Dropbox to business plan with all steps listed? You can get full infomration about Dropbox upgrade to business.


by Ailsa Lasted Updated March 30, 2023

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Can You Upgrade Dropbox Account?

Dropbox as one of the most famous cloud drives, provides you with powerful features to sync your files to Dropbox, and allows you to access files from different devices anytime and anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection. Dropbox attracts millions of users due to the block-level sync and other features.

Upgrade Dropbox Account

However, Dropbox provides only 2GB of free cloud storage space, if you hit the Dropbox storage limit, you will get the error messages like “Your Dropbox is full”, “Your Dropbox is full and has stopped syncing”, and “Your Dropbox is out of space”. Besides, you will get this message from Dropbox even though you have some available storage space: Your Dropbox is almost full, Upgrade now for 2TB (2,000GB) of space and sharing features.

If you want to upgrade Dropbox account right now, you can find the below information to make it. Before that, you have to get something about Dropbox plans. And upgrade Dropbox to Business account if required.

How much does it cost to upgrade your Dorpbox account?

To upgrade your Dropbox account, you have to know the difference about Dropbox plans on cost, usage, users, storage, and other respects, like large file limitations, and version history, and more.  Dropbox personal accounts include Dropbox plus, Dropbox Professional, Dropbox Business accounts include Dropbox Standard, Dropbox Advanced. Thus, we listed the below chart to make it clear for you to distinguish from others, then choose the suitable Dropbox plan to upgrade.

Dropbox Plans

Dropbox Plus

Dropbox Professional

Dropbox Family

Dropbox Standard

Dropbox Advanced











smaller teams

larger teams




up to 6




2TB (2,000GB)

3TB (3,000GB)

2TB (2,000GB)

5TB (5,000GB)

As much space as needed

large files

up to 2GB

up to 100GB

up to 2GB

up to 2GB

up to 100GB

Version History

30 days

180 days

30 days

180 days

1 year

From the chart, you can see the differences among Dropbox plans. You can choose Dropbox Professional to upgrade if you just enjoy the personal account with the most cost-effective features. Try Dropbox Advanced for your large enterprise to get a better user experience.

It costs you $9.99 per month if you upgrade to Dropbox Plus for 1 user, 2TB (2,000GB), up to 2GB large files, and 30 days of versions.

It costs you about $17 per month to upgrade to Dropbox Professional or Family, and try the Family plan for more users with powerful Dropbox family sharing, or try Professional for more storage space and a better user experience.

If you’re willing to upgrade Dropbox personal to Business account, you will cost $15 or $24 per month to enjoy 5TB or more cloud storage space, up to 1-year version history, up to 100GB large file transfer, and more.

How to Upgrade Dropbox Account to Business?

We will explain the details to upgrade Dropbox to Business account if you haven’t upgraded your Dropbox account, no matter whether Dropbox Basic or Dropbox Plus or Personal. Just follow the below steps to upgrade Dropbox account:

Preparations to Upgrade Dropbox

If you have shared your Dropbox account with others in your teams before, you can now reset your Dropbox password to prevent them from accessing your Dropbox account anymore, because if you upgrade to Dropbox Business account, they all have separate Dropbox accounts, and allows you to collaborate with them.

Now, follow the below steps to reset your Dropbox password if need be:

1. Please sign in to your Dropbox Basic or other accounts on dropbox.com.

2. Click your avatar on the top right, and then choose Settings.

Dropbox Settings

3. Select Security on the top menu, then choose Change password behind the Password section.

Change Password

4. Input your old Dropbox password, and then type your new password, then hit the Change password button to confirm.

Change Dropbox Password Confirm

Step 1. Upgrade Your Dropbox Account

After resetting your Dropbox password, you can upgrade your Dropbox account in the following steps:

1. Please go to Dropbox Business plans webpage, then choose the right Dropbox plan that suits you best, and hit Buy now button.

Buy Dropbox Business

2. Then go to Dropbox checkout, set up the team numbers, admin account, billing info, team information, and payment details, then scroll down to hit the Purchase button.

Dropbox Checkout

3. Your Dropbox account should have been upgraded to Dropbox Business account, and it will take some time, like 24 hours or more to take effect.

Step 2. Invite Team Members to Join your Dropbox Team

Now you can invite your members after your Dropbox shows the correct plan. Here it is:

1. Please sign in to dropbox.com with your Dropbox business credentials.

2. Hit Admin Console on the left panel.

Dropbox Admin Console

3. Choose Members on the left side, then click the Invite members button.

Dropbox Business Invite Members

4. Input the email addresses (their personal work email addresses) that you want to invite, and then hit Invite to team.

Invite Email or Link

Tips: You can invite members via a link, and hit Done.

Step 3. Remotely Wipe Devices that No Longer Use

Now, just remotely wipe the data on other devices so that no one else can access your account. To wipe any device remotely from dropbox.com, just follow the steps below:

1. Please sign in to dropbox.com.

2. Click your avatar > Settings.

3. Click the Security tab. And all the devices are listed under Devices.

4. Click the trash can icon (or X icon) next to the device.

5. Check the box next to Delete files from [account name] Dropbox the next time this computer comes online if you’d like to remotely wipe everything from the device, hit Unlink.

Dropbox Remote Wipe

Step 4. Accept the Invitation

After getting an email invitation from your mailbox, you have to accept the invitation to join Dropbox Business plan.

1. Open your Dropbox email invitation from your mailbox, and hit the Join your team button.

Join Your Dropbox Team

2. Follow the steps to sign up for a new Dropbox account.


Ask your admin to cancel and resend the email invitation to your work email address if you’re prompted to sign in to your Dropbox personal account after clicking Join your team. Besides, every Dropbox account can join only one team.

After other members join your Dropbox team, you have to share folders with them to ensure they have all the required folders in their Dropbox accounts.

Step 5. Create Folder Structure And Group

Now your team has a place just like a shared drive with Dropbox business, and you can create team folders and make it clear for your members to find out files quickly with the folder structure.

Then create a group to share the same information. You can create a group with some specific people or all of your members.

Let’s create a folder first in your Dropbox team:

1. Please sign in to your Dropbox business account.

2. Hit Admin Console on the left side.

3. Select Content > Create team folder.

Crate Team Folder in Dropbox

4. Rename the team folder, and hit Create.

Rename Team Folder

5. Add groups you like and edit the permissions, and hit Add.

Create Team Folder And Add Group

Note: You can follow the below guide to create a Dropbox team folder as well:

1. Hit Files after logging in to your Dropbox business account.

Dropbox Files Option

2. You will be guided to Dropbox, select My Files > New team folder to create.

Create New Team Folder in Dropbox


Then, you have to create groups for your Dropbox team:

1. Please sign in to your Dropbox business account.

2. Hit Admin Console on the left side.

3. Hit Groups > Create group.

Create Dropbox Group

4. Enter the group name and choose the group that is managed by the company or user.

5. Click Create.

Then you can add members to the group you created. Since then, you have upgrade Dropbox account to business with success.

Best Way to Get More Dropbox Storage Space for Free

If it’s quite complex for you to upgrade Dropbox account, you can use another way to get more Dropbox free storage space - combine clouds into one to increase Dropbox storage for free. Or you can take full use of your Dropbox paid cloud storage to maximize the usage with the free cloud backup service - CBackup.

Fortunately, CBackup can do both for your Dropbox accounts, which means that you can use it to merge two or more clouds into a huge storage space, as well as combine the cloud storage of the paid cloud accounts.

Therefore, we will show you the best free way to get more Dropbox storage space with CBackup:

1. Please install the CBackup desktop app, then apply for a free CBackup account and sign in.

Download CBackupWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

2. Tap Storage > Dropbox > Authorize Now to finish the authorization. Use the same way to add other clouds.

Select Dropbox

3. Select Storage > + Add Combined Cloud in order.

Add Combined Cloud

4. Rename it and tick all the clouds you want to combine, and hit Next.

Tick All Clouds

5. Choose the backup order for all clouds, and hit Combine.

Determine Clouds Order

Now you will have a combined cloud under the Storage list, then you can enjoy the huge storage space by clicking Backup > Backup PC to Combined Cloud or Backup Public Cloud to Combined Cloud, then you can store more files in it.

Backup Public Cloud to Combined Cloud

Moreover, you have other features to deal with Dropbox problems, such as:

Migrate Dropbox to other clouds, like Google Drive, OneDrive, and other clouds directly without downloading and re-uploading manually.
You can sync files to Dropbox, and other clouds if your Dropbox is not syncing all files to the cloud.
Keep unlimited backup versions for your files while Dropbox only keeps 30 days of version history or up to 1 year.

The End

Now, you should have upgraded your Dropbox account to business or other plans. Just follow the instructions to upgrade to Dropbox business and enjoy the useful features for your teams. If you want to get more cloud storage space for free or take full use of your paid cloud storage, just try CBackup to make it. And you could also backup Dropbox to Google Drive for data security. So why not give it a try?

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