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The case: Can I transfer files from FTP server to OneDrive?

“I have some files on FTP server. I often use FileZilla to remotely access these files from my laptop and download them to my laptop. However, I find it too troublesome to access and downloaded files like this. So, I plan to transfer files from FTP server to OneDrive. Is there a way to transfer files from FTP server to OneDrive directly without downloading and re-uploading?

What is FTP?


File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a standard network protocol that can help users to transfer files between client and server. Before cloud storage evolution, FTP is the best online storage platform, which widely used by many tech professionals to store files and access them remotely. And it’s very safe where files are saved in local server if users have their own server.

Why transfer files from FTP server to OneDrive?

Actually, for tech professionals or IT manager, FTP servers may be perfectly easy to use. However, for most of ordinary users, figuring out FTP client software and servers can be frustrating, time-consuming and ultimately fruitless. In addition, even if you can figure it out, there are plenty of issues like low transfers, complicated access controls, and the need for FTP clients or other special software that all could make you feel broken.

In contrast, cloud storage is the latest development of the online file storage where users can store files online without much technical knowledge. Considering the benefits offered by cloud storage, many FTP users choose to migrate their files from FTP to cloud storage.

As one of the most popular cloud storage, OneDrive offers 5 GB free storage space and allows anyone backup, access and transfer files easily. Therefore, many FTP users wanted to transfer their files from FTP server to OneDrive.

How to transfer files from FTP server to OneDrive directly?

As most of us known, manually downloading and re-uploading is a common way to move files from FTP server to OneDrive, but this process will consume a lot of time and bandwidth. So, you can turn to a professional tool like CBackupper, which can help you transfer files from FTP server to OneDrive directly and easily.

CBackupper is a free cloud web service, which allows you to add FTP/SFTP and cloud drive like OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. in one interface. And then, you can choose to transfer all or part of files between any two added cloud drives within only a few steps. For example, you can transfer Google Drive to OneDrive easily and quickly.

In addition, if you need to transfer files between FTP and cloud drives regularly, CBackupper allows you to set a scheduled transfer task. Then, data will be transferred between two cloud drives at a regular interval or simply for a special timing automatically.

Step-by-step guide to transfer files from FTP server to OneDrive via CBackupper

1. CBackupper is a web-based service so you don’t need to download or install any app. Just go to the main page of CBackupper, then type your email, password, and name to apply for an account. After that, sign in your account.


2. Click “Add Clouds” under the “Clouds” tab to add and authorize your FTP and OneDrive account (CBackupper supports Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and FTP/SFTP).

Add OneDrive

Note: CBackupper bases on standard OAuth system, which is a standard authorization framework that enables third-party applications to access multiple cloud accounts without username and password required and ensure security of your accounts.

3. Click on “Tasks” tab at the top of the page, then, click “Create Task” button.

Create Task

4. Name your backup task in order to distinguish. Click “Add Source” button to add one cloud storage (you can choose the entire cloud storage or just certain files in this cloud storage here) as backup source. Click “Add Destination” to add another cloud storage as backup destination.

Add Source and Destination

Note: You can choose to transfer the entire cloud or just some of the files or folders on the FTP server here.

5. Click “Start Backup” in the lower-right corner to perform task.


  • You can click “Settings” button before starting transferring to enjoy “File Filter” features. It can help you exclude certain types of files or contain only specified types of files when transferring.

  • You can enable email notification under “Settings”. Then, once the task succeeds or fails, you will receive an email from CBackupper.

  • You can click “Schedule” button to set up an automatic transfer task in Specific/Daily/weekly/Monthly mode.


The easiest way to transfer files from FTP server to OneDrive directly has been introduced to you in the contents above. With CBackupper, whether you want to transfer files from FTP to OneDrive, google drive or Dropbox, you can achieve that easily. And after adding your cloud drives to CBackupper, you can combine these cloud storages and manage your files on different cloud storage accounts freely and efficiently. Don't hesitate to use this free web services online right now!