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Can I Migrate My Files from Dropbox to Google Drive without A PC?

“I want to move my files from my Dropbox to Google Drive without using a PC. It’s tedious and time-consuming. Is there any easier way? Any kindly advice will be appreciated.”

Dropbox To Google Drive

Why Transfer Dropbox Files to Google Drive?

Honestly, it’s very convenient for users to transfer files to cloud freely and access data, such as, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, etc. Almost all cloud storage offers free space and you can sign up with multiple accounts. Why some users still want to transfer Dropbox Files to Google Drive?

  • First, users need more free space. Dropbox only offers 2GB free cloud storage and the paid space is up 3TB. However, in Google Drive, the free space is 15GB and the paid space is up to 30TB.

  • Second, Dropbox is much expensive than Google Drive with the same space. For instance, 2TB upgrade for Dropbox and Google Drive costs $120 and $100 respectively.

  • Third, Google Drive offer more paid options. Dropbox jump directly from the free account to the plus plan without any mid-level plans while Google Drive still offers a plan between free and plus.

  • Last but not least, some users prefer using Google Docs, Google Sheets instead of Paper released by Dropbox.

In sum, Google Drive offer more free space, cheaper prices and more options. Also, there are reasons for personal preference. So, a lot of users want to transfer files to Google Drive.

How to Copy Files from Dropbox to Google Drive?

When you search “copy/transfer files from Dropbox to Google Drive” on the internet, you may get two available way, including traditional downloading and uploading, cloud backup server like CBackup.

For the first way, you need to make use of “Download” and “Upload” feature offered by cloud drives. Simply put, you need to download Dopbox files and folders to your computer and then upload it to Google Drive. This methods is time-consuming and require a high internet speed.

For the second way, you don't need to download files to PC and re-upload and you can move files between cloud storage effortlessly. The premise is to create a CBackup account and connect both cloud drives, Dropbox and Google Drive. It’s much easier and has more advantages, such as, combine cloud storage for cloud drives, has more flexible backup settings, etc.

After saying both methods, it’s time to talk about the detailed steps. Please reading below.

Top Way: Transfer Files from Dopbox to Google Drive with CBackup

Before transferring Dropbox to Google Drive, you need to make some preparations.

1. Sign up with CBackup and sign in.

Sign Up

2. Connect Dropbox and Google Drive to CBackup. Click “My Storage” and “Add Cloud”, select “Dopbox” or “Google Drive” and hit “OK” to continue. Then, allocate backup space for files and folders.

Add Dropbox

Now, see detailed steps below and transfer from Dropbox to Google Drive.

Step 1. Click “Backup Tasks” and “New Task” subsequently.

Create Task

Step 2. Click “Add Source” and select “Dropbox”, then click “OK”.

Add Source Dropbox

Step 3. Click “Add Destination” and Select “Google Drive”, then click “OK”.

Add Destination Google Drive

Step 4. Click “Start Backup”.

Transfer Dropbox To Google Drive

Note: The above steps are just a simple step-by-step guide without any backup settings. If you want to get things done better, you could make use of one or more backup settings in the following.
Daily/weekly/monthly backup: If you want to protect your data continuously, you could consider using schedule backup settings, daily/weekly/monthly. And this software will backup files automatically when it reaches the point you set.
Specific time backup: If you want to avoid working hours, this feature is very useful. Because you can set the backup time to any time, for example, before 9am
File Filter: If you want to backup files with certain file extension, this setting will be a great choice. With it, you can exclude or contain certain file types.

Moreover, you can download the CBackup app, connect your multiple Dropbox and Google Drive to combine their storage space, you can get more space to back up your data. And it supports backing up your computer to multiple cloud drives such as Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. Download it now and have a try!

Traditional Way: Move Dropbox to Google Drive using Downloading and Uploading

If you don’t want to give access to CBackup and allows it to see, edit, create and delete files from your account, you can choose to manually move Dropbox to Google Drive.

Step 1. Go to Dropbox and sign in with your account.

Step 2. Click “My files” and choose the files you want to transfer, then click the three dots next to share button and click “Download” from the drop-down menu.

Dropbox Download

Step 3. Find the downloaded files and folders, then right-click it and unzip to your computer desktop.

Step 3. Open your Google Drive account, and sign in.

Step 4. Click “New” and “File Upload” or “Folder Upload”, then select the downloaded files and add to Google Drive.

Wrapping things up

Here, this article is over. I believe the majority of users are willing to use free cloud backup server. Because it can transfer files from Dropbox to Google Drive in simple steps, and provide more flexible backup setting that bring users much convenience, such as, save backup time, keep the latest version of backup files, etc. Also, you can use it to combine cloud storage if you have enough cloud disks and you may be pleasantly surprised.

However, some users are worried about the security issues while using cloud backup server and insist on using traditional way, downloading and uploading. Here, I want to clarify that the CBackup uses OAuth technology and it can ensure account security. So, please feel free to use CBackup and copy files from Dropbox to Google Drive.