How to Sync SD Card to OneDrive on computer or phone

This post includes 4 ways to sync SD card to OneDrive on computer and 1 way to sync SD card to OneDrive on phone. Go to learn something about them!


by Zoey Lasted Updated February 2, 2023

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How do I sync my SD card?

Generally, you often create backup or sync for your local files, folders, and other data to the cloud for better protection. At the same time, you may store some important data on your SD card as well. SD card is a good storage device for your data, but it is not suitable for you when you need more features like file sharing, easy access, flexible storage space, etc. As a result, syncing data from SD card to the cloud becomes a popular choice.

Sd Card To Cloud

There are many cloud drive services in the market. You choose OneDrive as your cloud drive maybe for its professional and outstanding features. And you may need an easy way to sync SD card to OneDrive. No matter what device you are using, you can find a suitable method for OneDrive sync from PC to cloud here.

How to sync SD card to OneDrive on computer

If you have an SD card reader and want to perform OneDrive SD card sync on your computer, here are 4 ways for you. You can choose to sync your SD card data to OneDrive manually, or select a schedule OneDrive sync to save much time and effort.

Way 1. Sync SD card to OneDrive on website

Once you use an SD card reader to connect your SD card to computer, you can create bulk upload to OneDrive from SD card manually. If you do not have many files on your SD card, you can refer to the guideline as follow:

1. Go to the OneDrive website. Sign into your own account on the page.

2. Choose My FilesUpload icon to select Files or Folder. Then you can choose files or folders from your SD card and upload them to OneDrive.

Upload To Onedrive

Way 2. Sync SD card to OneDrive on desktop

OneDrive also provides an official desktop client. If you download and install it, there will be a OneDrive folder created on your computer. For Windows 11 and 10 users, the OneDrive desktop client has been preinstalled on your computer already. If you are using the older version of Windows system, download and install the OneDrive app first.

1. Launch the OneDrive desktop app. Enter your email address on this page.

Set Up Onedrive

2. The OneDrive folder location will show up on this page. You can also click on the Change location link to select another place for this folder.

Onedrive Folder Location

3. Then, you will have a OneDrive folder on your computer. Drag and drop your data from the SD card to this folder directly. The OneDrive folder will help you sync your SD card data to OneDrive then.

Onedrive Folder Windows

Way 3. Sync SD card to OneDrive via backup settings

If you have downloaded and installed the OneDrive desktop client on your computer, you can go to Settings to use a backup setting to make OneDrive sync your photos and videos on SD card when it is connected to your computer. Let’s see how to do it:

1. Open the OneDrive client and go to Settings.

Onedrive Settings

2. In the Backup tab, tick the box under Photos and videos. Then, your photos and videos on SD card will be saved to OneDrive automatically when you connect it to your computer.

Backup Settings

Way 4. Sync SD card to OneDrive automatically

To sync SD card, there is an easier method - using a free cloud backup service called CBackup. It provides comprehensive backup and sync features, which allows you to sync data from any storage device to cloud including OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

If you want to set up a sync task with a few clicks, you can enable the Scheduler feature in CBackup to let the sync task perform automatically.

You can download such a free cloud service on your computer to have a try. After installing, please do as follows:

Download CBackupWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

1. Sign up for a new CBackup account and run the CBackup app to log into your new account.

2. In the Storage section, click on OneDrive > Authorize Now in turn. Let CBackup access your OneDrive account safely.

Select Onedrive

3. Click on the Sync tab, and choose Sync PC to Public Cloud.

Choose Pc To Public Cloud

4. You can select files from SD card or the entire SD card as the sync source. And choose a folder in the OneDrive account as the sync destination.

Sync Files To Onedirve

5. Press Settings on the left bottom to enable the Scheduler feature. You can choose from the 4 time modes for your sync task. After that, please click Start Sync on the New Sync Task page to begin the task to sync SD card to OneDrive at once. And it will be performed regularly.

Sync Scheduler

Note: In addition to sync, CBackup has some other professional features and you can take advantage of them for free.
Combine cloud storage: This feature helps you get more cloud storage for free. With it, you can merge different cloud drive accounts together.
Backup PC to public cloud: With CBackup, you can also backup SD card to OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive.
Free cloud storage space: Each CBackup account will get 10GB free clouds storage in its CBackup Cloud.

How to sync SD card to OneDrive on phone

If the SD card is in your phone and you want to sync files, photos, video, etc. to OneDrive directly, you can refer to this method and do it step by step:

1. Get the OneDrive app for phone from Play Store or App Store. Open the app and log into your OneDrive account.

Onedrive Phone Log In

2. Tap the + icon and choose Upload. Choose the files on SD card to upload to OneDrive then.

Ios Add Icon Upload

Note: You might meet the Samsung gallery items on your SD card can’t be synced with OneDrive, here are some solutions for you to fix it:

Update the OneDrive client to the latest version: Make sure the OneDrive client on your phone is the latest.
Move OneDrive to your SD card: Before syncing SD card to OneDrive, you can move OneDrive to SD card so that data can be synced between them easily.
Move SD card data to your phone: After moving SD card data to your phone local storage space, you can choose them to upload to OneDrive directly.
Unlink Samsung account with Microsoft: Begin syncing SD card with OneDrive without linking your Samsung account with Microsoft.

Increase OneDrive cloud storage for free

As we all know, OneDrive only offers 5GB free cloud storage for each OneDrive free account. If you need more, you have to pay for a subscription plan. If you want to increase OneDrive storage for free, you can try the combine cloud storage feature in CBackup. It allows you to merge unlimited cloud drive accounts into a combined cloud with unlimited cloud storage. Let’s see how to do it:

1. Add and authorize your OneDrive accounts in CBackup likewise.

2. In the Storage section, click on + Add Combined Cloud.

Add Combined Cloud

3. You can choose all OneDrive accounts you have, then click Next. You can also change the order of these cloud drives. After configuration, choose Combine to create a combined cloud.

Combine Cloud Onedrive

Now, you have a combined cloud with larger cloud storage. When you create a backup task in CBackup, you can choose to backup to combined cloud.

The bottom line

4 effective ways and detailed steps to sync SD card to OneDrive have been listed in this article, including manual method and automatic method. You can choose according to your need. If you pick the easy cloud sync software CBackup, you can get more OneDrive cloud storage for your SD card data for free.

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