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What Is Online Backup?

Normally, online backup means to back up data from your hard drive to a remote server or computer using a network connection. Such online backup technology uses the Internet and cloud computing to create an attractive off-site storage solution that can keep your files safely far away from your local physical devices.

Using a high-speed Internet connection, specific files, or the entire contents of a hard drive are backed up to the online storage provider's system using a Web browser interface or PC client. Meanwhile, you can restore your files at any time you need it. In addition, most online backup services are subscription-based, and pricing depends on the amount of space required and the features it offered.

Why Use Online Backup to Protect Your PC files?

Nowadays, users and enterprises of any size more and more rely on this kind of online backup because it has many advantages as below:

Avoid data loss: Data stored in local storage is still at the risk of loss for hardware failure, system crash, and natural disasters. But if you back up your files with online backup, your data will remain safe even when you encounter disasters such as fires, floods, or employee theft.

The initial cost is small: Most online backups do not require you to purchase any hardware and provide a certain amount of free storage or a certain period of a free trial. So, if you only need to backup a few files, you even don’t need to pay any fee.

Universal restore: As mentioned above, online backup allows you to backup and restore files with a Web browser interface or PC client. So, it is very easy for you to transfer files between two devices by doing a universal restore.

4 Best Online Backup for Windows 7/8/10

After learning the advantages of online backup, you may want to learn how to choose a great online backup for Windows PCs. Here, we will introduce the 4 best online backups for Windows 7, 8, 10, etc. for your reference. If you happen to need this, please read on.

CBackup (Recommend)

Cbackupper Main Page

CBackup is a highly recommended cloud backup service because it is very useful and cost-effective. It is specially designed for Windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP. With it, you can easily and securely backup your PC files to the cloud.

The cloud server that CBackup offers to keep your data remotely is called CBackup Cloud. The data backed up to CBackup Cloud will be kept safe and you can restore backups in the cloud to the original or a different location at any time. In addition, the paid plans for CBackup is very reasonable.

What’s more, CBackup also a free cloud to cloud backup, cloud to cloud sync, and cloud storage combination features. It supports many mainstream cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and so on. After adding, your cloud storage accounts on CBackup, you can backup files between the added cloud drives directly and quickly.



Online backup solution IDrive is certainly not a new name in the booming market, which provides owners with a safe way to back up, store, and data. With its seamless online dashboard, affordable prices, scalable services, and collaboration features, IDrive was chosen by many users as the best cloud storage and online backup service.

The IDrive safety function is currently one of the best. It can not only protect physical data virtually but also protect data physically. It uses an AES-256-bit encryption key to encrypt all data. Meanwhile, IDrive keeps nearly 30 previous versions of your data as snapshots. With the file version control function, you will never lose data completely.

IDrive offers a free plan that supports up to 5GB of cloud storage, as well as plans for entrepreneurs (IDrive Personal) and small businesses that require multiple user plans (IDrive Business). Unlike many other competing cloud storage companies whose pricing is based on the number of devices you need to support, the pricing of IDrive varies based on the amount of storage required. You are allowed to back up an unlimited number of devices at a fixed monthly or annual fee.

SOS Online Backup

Sos Online Backup

SOS Online Backup is a leading all-in-one solution for cloud backup and data protection, which proudly has a well-rounded set of features and has great security. SOS Online Backup can help you back up, access, and share files among devices. It runs automatically and quietly in the background on PC, Mac, and Android, but iPhone and iPad must be backed up manually. Furthermore, there aren’t any annoying encumbrances on the size of your files, type of files, or the number of backups.

The iconic product in the latest version of SOS is the new Facebook backup application SOS Social Backup. It provides personal backup protection for your personal data, including all your friends, contact information, pictures, messages, and other account information.

SOS Online Backup has a pretty straightforward pricing model. They simply charge for the amount of storage space that you need, and the software has all the same features no matter which plan you choose. And it provides a 30-day money-back guarantee However, there is no free trial.



OpenDrive is one of those online backup services that are not just backups. It is a backup, storage, synchronization, and web drive, which has a clean-looking interface that is simple and easy to navigate. The platform provides features with automation capabilities, too. And the desktop client is tightly integrated with the Windows Explorer interface and can easily back up and synchronize files from any location on any drive.

If you use it as a storage solution, it lets users store as many files as they want. But apart from letting users store data, OpenDrive enables them to synchronize files and folders between the solution and the users’ computers. You can also enjoy the capability to share files with your friends or other users.

OpenDrive’s free account can provide a user with 5GB of storage space, with a daily bandwidth limit of 1GB. The plan also limits the size of file uploads to 100MB and the upload speed to 200 Kbps. However, the Personal Unlimited Plan ($99 per year) eliminates these upload restrictions and opens up unlimited storage space for an unlimited number of devices. You can also choose a custom plan, which allows you to choose storage space, bandwidth, and a number of users.


Actually, there are so many online backups for Windows in the market. It may be confusing work to choose one among so many online backup solutions. Therefore, we selected the best 4 online backups for Windows in our eyes to save your time. You can directly choose the most suitable one to backup your files online.