How to Create OneDrive PC Backup Easily [Free Way]

There is a easy free guideline to create OneDrive PC backup. You can read on to choose the most suitable method for your PC.


by Zoey Lasted Updated February 3, 2023

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How do I backup my laptop to OneDrive?


I have about 10 hard drives on my computer and I want to use OneDrive to back up my laptop to OneDrive, what is the best software to use to do this? I want it to copy and back up my computer to the cloud for me, preferably with the ability to do this automatically.

As a popular cloud service with 5GB free cloud storage, OneDrive owns millions of users around the world. You can use OneDrive as the backup destination for your files, folders, photos, and so on.

To protect the PC data better, you may ask for a way to perform OneDrive PC backup. For this, we will introduce the easy free way to backup computer to OneDrive. Please continue reading to find the most suitable one for your PC data.

Is OneDrive a good backup solution?

OneDrive is a good online backup services for PC. In addition to the 5GB free cloud storage space, it also has some other advantages. For example, it can integrate with Office 365 perfectly, which is convenient for your work. And OneDrive is available on many devices including Windows, iPhone, Android, iPad, which means you can access your OneDrive data on different devices at any time.

How to perform OneDrive PC backup in an easy way

You can backup files, backup hard drives to OneDrive to protect your computer data. Also, the most convenient solution is to create a backup of your entire PC. How to backup computer to OneDrive then? Here comes an easy way - a free cloud backup service called CBackup.

CBackup allows you to backup the entire computer to OneDrive, also you can backup files, folders, hard drives, photos, etc. to OneDrive easily. Besides, Google Drive and Dropbox are also supported to be the backup destination.

What’s more, there is a free Scheduler feature in CBackup that can help you take a PC auto backup task easily. In this way, your data will not be missed.

And CBackup also has many shining points like:

Combine cloud storage: You are able to get more cloud backup space by merging different cloud drive accounts into one combined cloud.
Cloud to cloud backup/sync: With the help of this feature, your data can be backed up/synced between any two account from the same cloud drive or different cloud drives.

Let’s see how to backup PC to OneDrive with this free easy tool:

1. Download CBackup on your computer, and install it properly. Sign up for your own CBackup account, and run the desktop app to log into it.

Download CBackupWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

2. In the Storage tab. Pick OneDrive to Authorize Now. Please grant CBackup access to your OneDrive account.

Add Cloud

3. In the Backup section, click on Backup PC to Public Cloud.

Create Task

4. Select the entire PC as backup source, and select your added OneDrive account as backup destination.

Select Source Entire Computer

5. (Optional) Press Settings to enable Scheduler to create an auto backup task. After that, press the Start Backup button to back up PC to OneDrive regularly.

Schedule Backup

How do I backup local files to OneDrive?

To backup OneDrive locally, there are 2 common official methods and you can consider using them to backup your local files and folders manually, which will cost much time and effort.

Method 1. Backup local files to OneDrive on its website

First, you can backup OneDrive locally by uploading all your computer files to OneDrive on the website.

1. Just go to the OneDrive web page with your browser and then sign in to your account on the website.

2. Click on Upload > Files/Folder. If your OneDrive storage is enough, you can choose all your files from your PC to backup.

Onedrive Upload1

Method 2. Backup local files to OneDrive with the desktop app

You can also download and set up the OneDrive official desktop app on your PC. Then manage backup with the desktop client.

1. Sign into your Dropbox account on the desktop app.

2. Open the OneDrive Settings page, in the Backup tab, click on the Manage backup button.

Onedrive Manage Backup

3. Choose the local folders from your computer to backup to OneDrive. After configuration, choose Start backup.

Manage Folder Backup

Tip: Increase OneDrive cloud storage for free

Since OneDrive only provides each account with 5GB free cloud storage space, which is not big enough for your PC data. Here we provide a simple tutorial to get free OneDrive storage.

Just go to use the combine cloud storage feature in CBackup, which allows you to merge unlimited accounts from the same cloud drive or different cloud drives.

1. In CBackup, go to the Storage page to choose the + Add Cloud button. You can choose OneDrive or other cloud drives and click on Add to add them to CBackup one by one.

2. Then, click on + Add Combined Cloud.

Add Combined Cloud1

3. Choose the cloud storage accounts that you want to merge, and click on Next. You can determine the order of these cloud drives, and choose Combine to create a combined cloud.

Add Combined Cloud2

Then, you have a combined cloud in CBackup. In the Backup tab, you can choose Backup PC to Combined Cloud to enjoy the larger cloud backup space.

Final thoughts

To perform OneDrive PC backup, the free cloud backup service called CBackup is the best choice for you. You can use it to backup you entire PC or some PC files to OneDrive without effort. At the same time, OneDrive official apps can help you to backup locally as well.

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