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Can I transfer Google Photos to OneDrive?


I stored about 200GB of photos on Google Photos, and I want to transfer them to OneDrive. How can I move photos from Google Photos to OneDrive? I need step-by-step help.

Whether you need to move photos from one cloud drive to another for more cloud storage or more diverse services, it's important to have an easy way to do it. In this article, we'll cover the best ways to transfer photos from Google Photos to OneDrive.

Google Photos to OneDrive

Can OneDrive replace Google Photos?

Google Photos has long been the first choice for many users to store their photos. It does a great job with photo backup, editing, sharing, and AI features. However, things changed when Google discontinued unlimited storage for Google Photos. Though Google Photos offers 15GB of free storage, that storage will count among Gmail and Google Drive as well.

OneDrive, as a full-fledged cloud storage service, is gaining more popularity now. Unlike Google Photos, which is primarily a photos and videos storage app, OneDrive can be used to store photos, videos, documents, and various files. It also offers photo editing features and better organization of photos.

Regardless of why you want to transfer photos from Google Photos to OneDrive, the solutions below will significantly help you.

Way 1. Move photos from Google Photos to OneDrive without download

Using the help of MultCloud, a multiple cloud storage manager, you can move files from one cloud to another time-savingly with a few quick steps.

This tool supports Google Photos, OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, MEGA, Google Workspace, and other more than 30 brands of cloud storage services. You can not only use it to move Google Photos to OneDrive but also migrate photos from OneDrive to Google Photos with ease. Moreover, it applies 256-bit AES Encryption to protect your pictures during transfer.

Steps on how to transfer photos to OneDrive from Google Photos are listed below.

Step 1. Sign in to MultCloud

Go to and sign up for free. And then, sign in.

Sign Up

Step 2. Add your Google Photos and OneDrive accounts

Under My Cloud Drives, click Add Cloud, select Google Photos, and give MultCloud access to your Google Photos account. Then, do the same for OneDrive.

Add Cloud Google Photos and OneDrive

Step 3. Transfer pictures from Google Photos to OneDrive

Click Cloud Transfer, select Google Photos as the source and OneDrive as the destination. Click Transfer Now to move photos from Google Photos to OneDrive immediately.

Transfer Google Photos to OneDrive

You can set up an auto Google Photos to OneDrive migration by clicking Schedule, and selecting an appropriate frequency.

Way 2. Google Takeout to OneDrive from Google Photos

Google Takeout provides a handy way to create a copy of your data within Google products. You can use it to transfer Google Photos to Google Drive, backup Google Drive to Dropbox, or export Google Calendar from one account to another, etc.

Next, you can go ahead with the following steps to migrate Google Photos to OneDrive using Google Takeout.

Step 1. Go to the Google Takeout website and log in with your Google account.

Step 2. Tap Deselect all, then select Google Photos, and click All photo albums included to select certain albums to transfer.

Select Google Photos

Step 3. Scroll down and click Next step.

Step 4. Under Destination, choose Add to OneDrive. Then, choose the export frequency, file type & size.

Add to OneDrive New

Step 5. Tap on Link account and create export to connect your OneDrive account and move your pictures from Google Photos to OneDrive.

Link Account Create Export

The exported photos will be stored in a .zip file type.
Takeout limits archive files to 2 GB by default, and you can select sizes up to 50 GB. If you export files larger than the selected size, they will be split into multiple files.

Way 3. Move photos to OneDrive from Google Photos with download

Another way to move pictures from Google Photos to OneDrive is to download photos from Google Photos and upload them to OneDrive. This could be a little time-consuming and needs to have enough space on the hard drive to store the downloaded photos.

For doing this, you can go on with the below-given steps:

Step 1. Log in to Google Photos using your account.

Step 2. Pick those photos and albums that you want to move from Google Photos to OneDrive, and click More options > Download.

Download from Google Photos

Step 3. Now, the files will be available in the Downloads folder, and you can unzip it. Then log in to OneDrive website.

Step 4. Click Upload, and select Files or Folder to add the downloaded photos to move them to OneDrive.

OneDrive Upload

Bonus tip: Best method to enlarge OneDrive storage for photos free

OneDrive's free 5GB of storage may be far from enough for users with lots of photos. Can I only upgrade my OneDrive storage plan to get more storage space? No! The free cloud backup service, CBackup, can help you get more cloud storage at no cost.

CBackup Main Page

CBackup enables you to add all cloud accounts and combine them to get unlimited OneDrive storage. Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and other mainstream clouds are supported. This freeware lets you backup/sync files to clouds and backup/sync files between clouds as well.

Click the download button to install this tool and follow the following tutorial to know to combine clouds easily:

Download CBackupWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1. Apply for a free CBackup account and sign in to its desktop app.

Step 2. Click Storage, select OneDrive and click Authorize Now to grant authority to CBackup. Then, please repeat the step to add all your OneDrive accounts.

Select OneDrive

Step 3. Tap on + Add Combined Cloud under Storage.

Add Combined Cloud1

Step 4. Tick all OneDrive accounts or all the cloud drives to combine, and click Next > Combine.

Tick All Cloud Drives

Now, your OneDrive storage has been increased in the combined cloud, and you can save photos from your computer to this space by clicking Backup > Backup PC to Combined Cloud.

Start Backup

Final words

In the above content, we have provided how you can move photos from Google Photos to OneDrive in three effective ways. Among them, using MultCloud is our favorite choice. It can migrate files from one cloud to another without downloading and managing files from multiple cloud drives on one interface.

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