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Can I transfer photos from OneDrive to Google Drive?

“How can I transfer photos from Microsoft OneDrive to Google Drive? Can I do it without having to download all the photos from OneDrive to my desktop and then uploading them to Google Drive? Any reply will be appreciated!”

Transfer Photos from OneDrive to Google Drive

Why transfer photos from OneDrive to Google Drive?

Today’s era, many users prefer to store their files, especially precious photos on cloud storage. And most cloud storages offer a certain amount of storage space for free, so, a large number of users sign up for several accounts or using more than one brand cloud storage for more free storage space.

As the famous brand cloud storage, both Google Drive and OneDrive have attracted a lot of users. If you are using Google Drive and OneDrive at the same time, you may need to migrate files, especially photos, from OneDrive to Google Drive for different reasons. There are three most common reasons:

Free OneDrive storage is decreased from 15 GB to 5 GB on 31 January 2016, but Google Drive still offers 15 GB free storage for free users.

Google Drive has a feature that can help you easily share photos with Google Photos.

Photos and documents on Google Drive can easily be accessed by using other Google Apps. You don’t need to go to Google Drive itself to accordingly open a file. That is very convenient.

Why users do not prefer manual way to transfer photos between two clouds?

Manual way to transfer files like photos has a lot of drawbacks, of which some are mentioned below:

  • When you are transferring files, you must make sure you have a continuous internet connection with high speed, or it will take a long time to finish the transfer process.

  • This method may be feasible if you only need to move a few files. However, it will be a lengthy and time-consuming work when you need to transfer a large size of data.

  • You must give your full attention when you transfer data manually, or chances are that you may lose data during the migration procedure.

How do I transfer photos from OneDrive to Google Drive directly?

If you want to transfer photos or other files from OneDrive to Google Drive without downloading, you could obtain help from an automated solution i.e. cloud drive backup services, because both OneDrive and Google Drive haven’t offered an official way to help you move files to another cloud storage automatically and directly until now.

I highly recommend you use CBackup. It is a professional cloud backup service that allows you to authorize and add multiple cloud drives to it. And then, you can quickly and directly backup files between cloud storage freely while ensuring data security. Besides OneDrive and Google Drive, CBackup also supports Dropbox and FTP/SFTP. You can migrate files between any two added cloud drives.

Furthermore, it has many useful features to improve backup efficiency. For example, the “File Filter” feature can help you exclude or contain certain types of files when transferring. Moreover, you can set up an automatic backup in Specific time/Daily/Weekly/Monthly mode. Now, follow the steps to backup files between cloud storage with simple steps.

1. Create a CBackup account freely and get started to sign in.

Sign up

2. Add and authorize your OneDrive and Google Drive accounts under the “My Storage” tab.

Add Cloud

Note: CBackup bases on OAuth System, which is a standard authorization framework that enables third-party applications to access multiple cloud accounts without the username and password required. So, you can safely add your clouds and don’t need to worry about personal information data disclosure.

3. Click on the “Backup Tasks” tab at the top of the page, then, click the “New Task” button to create transfer task.

Create Task

4. Name your backup task, click the “Add Source” button to add OneDrive as the backup source. Similarly, click the “Add Destination” button to add Google Drive as the backup destination.

Add Source and Destination

Note: You can choose to transfer photos only or the entire cloud here.

5. Click the “Start Backup” button to execute the task.

OneDrive to Google Drive

Note: Before starting the backup task, you can click “Settings” to enjoy “File Filter” or “Email Notification” and “Schedule Backup” features.

Additional tips: Manual methods to transfer photos from OneDrive to Google Drive?

Although manual methods to transfer photos from OneDrive to Google Drive for free have many disadvantages, they are also feasible. You can refer to the following steps to transfer files manually if needed.

Method 1: By downloading and uploading

1. Login to OneDrive account through the Microsoft credentials.

2. Download files you need and store them to the local drive.

3. Login to Google Drive account through personal Gmail ID and Password.

3. Now, go to New > File/Folder upload to move files from OneDrive to Google Drive account.

Method 2: By dragging and dropping

1 Set up OneDrive for the desktop program on Windows.

2. Open Google Drive account after signing in.

3. Select the needed file items which you want to move from OneDrive to Google Drive.

4. Now, drag and drop the items from OneDrive to Google Drive.


It’s not hard to see that using CBackup to transfer OneDrive photos to Google Drive is the easiest way. As a professional cloud backup service, CBackup supports not only cloud-to-cloud backup but also PC cloud backup. And it is very easy to use for its clear interface and user-friendly design. If you need to backup files between cloud storage or backup your PC files to cloud, don't hesitate to use it!