How to Migrate Google Drive to G Suite: 3 Quick & Free Ways

Wanna migrate Google Drive to G Suite? Scroll down to get 3 solutions with step-by-step guides to transfer Drive to G Suite with ease.


by Jonna Lasted Updated March 17, 2023

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Is Google Drive the same as G Suite?

Google Drive, a cloud storage service, is primarily used to save files online and access them anywhere across multiple devices. G Suite (now Google Workspace) is a set of applications that includes Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Meet, Docs, and more.

The main difference between Google Drive and G Suite is management features. For Google Drive, it is primarily geared toward files and folders stored online, while G Suite takes Google's productivity apps, as well as chat messaging, and integrates deeper in all aspects to help you manage accounts of multiple people. It helps you facilitate collaboration and communication between teams, whether you're running a business or planning a family reunion.

Can I convert my Google Drive to Google Workspace?


I'm sorry if this is blatantly obvious, but I can't figure out how to migrate a few TBs of data from my personal Google Drive over to G Suite. Can someone help me out with how can I migrate Google Drive to G Suite?

Whether you choose to migrate from Google Drive to G Suite in consideration of G Suite's superior online collaboration or convenient permission control, using Suite can indeed provide you, and your partners with a more convenient and efficient working environment. So how to migrate personal Google Drive to G Suite efficiently? Three reliable and quick approaches are provided here.

Migrate Google Drive to G Suite

Way 1. Migrate Google Drive to G Suite by Sharing

Google Drive provides the "Share" function, which allows you to share entire Google Drive to another account or transfer Google Drive to G Suite. You can also set edit, browse, or comment permissions for shared files.

To complete Google Drive migration to Google Workspace using the "Sharing" feature, please go ahead with the following steps:

Step 1. Go to the Google Drive website and sign in with your personal account.

Step 2. Select all files and folders, right-click them, and choose Share.

Google Drive Share

Step 3. Add your G Suite account as the recipient and assign the Editor permission to it. Then, tap on Send.

Google Drive Shared Folders Editor

Step 4. Then, log in with your G Suite credential and access shared items in the My Drive tab.

Way 2. Copy Google Drive to Google Workspace with Download and Upload

Manually downloading data from Google Drive to your computer and then uploading it to G Suite can be a viable way to accomplish Google Drive migration to G Suite. You can refer to the following steps to do it:

Step 1. Turn to, and sign in with your personal Google Drive account.

Step 2. Select files that you wish to migrate to Workspace, and click Download.

Google Drive Download

Step 3. The downloaded data will be saved as a .zip folder, and you need to unzip it for uploading.

Step 4. Sign in with your administrator account, and rely on the Upload function to upload files to your G Suite account from your computer.

Way 3. Transfer Google Drive to G Suite using MultCloud

Although traditional methods can be used to migrate Google Drive to Google Workspace, the tedious steps and network instability can make the migration process long and laborious. If you need an easier and more convenient way to copy Google Drive to G Suite, you can try MultCloud, known as a free cloud file manager.

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Supporting more than 30 major brands of cloud storage services including Google Drive, Google Workspace, Shared Drive, Dropbox, Dropbox Business, and Amazon S3, MultCloud lets you seamlessly transfer data between all the added clouds, without uploading and downloading. It can also help you manage Google Drive work and personal accounts on a single interface.

You can migrate Google Drive to G Suite with the MultCloud Google Drive migration tool with these simple steps:

Step 1. Navigate to the MultCloud website, sign up for it for free, and log in.

Sign Up New

Step 2. Click Add Cloud to choose Google Drive and follow the pop-up instruction to connect it with MultCloud. Add your Google Workspace account to it likewise.

Add Google Drive Page

Step 3. Select the Cloud Transfer tool, select Google Drive or certain files and folders on the cloud for migration, and choose Google Workspace as your destination. Finally, tap on Transfer Now.

Transfer Google Drive to Workspace

If you want to set up an auto Google Drive migration to G Suite, you could click Schedule and choose an appropriate mode as you need.
In addition to Google Drive migration, this tool can act as a G Suite migration tool to migrate G Suite to Office 365, complete G Suite to G Suite migration, etc.


Here on this page, we list three ways for you to migrate Google Drive to G Suite. Among them, the most time-saving and energy-saving option is to use the Google Drive migrator, MultCloud, to do Google Drive to G Suite migration without data download and upload.

It not only allows you to perform automatic Google Drive to Google Workspace transfer but also lets you migrate Google Drive and Google Workspace to other clouds on one platform.

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