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Overview of Box cloud storage

Box cloud storage is a cloud-based backup and restoration tool that allows you to backup files to the online cloud and get access to your files anywhere, on any device. And since 2005, Box cloud storage has accumulated more than 41 million users, which already puts it ahead of much of the competitions.

Box Cloud Storage

Besides storage services, Box also provides users with more advanced features. With the inclusion of collaboration tools, solid SSL encryption, tools that work with your installed office suites, and admin controls, Box enables the secure and reliable synchronization of your files and folders, as well as easy file sharing and team collaboration.

Detailed introduction about Box cloud storage

Part 1. Key features

Backup, sync and restore your files and folders.

Content can be viewed on computers and mobile devices.

Content preview without download makes managing your files much easier.

Files and folders sharing over e-mail, social media or by using Box’s virtual workspace.

Receive the latest news on the status of your projects with Box’s smart notification system.

Retrieve your lost information from the cloud and recover your deleted files within 30 days of deletion.

Assign tasks while you are away from your computer, and track their progress by taking advantage of Box’s powerful and intuitive collaboration tools.

Part 2. Plans and prices

Plans and Prices


  • The Starter plan also includes the following features: mobile access, two-factor authentication, user management, standard business support, and box API access for 25k actions per month.

  • The Business plan also includes these features: advanced user reporting, custom branding, integration with EMM providers, DLP, box API access for 50k actions per month.

  • The Enterprise plan also has the following functions: unlimited integrations, eDiscovery features, workflow automation, customized administrative user roles, enhanced session and account management, device trust, box zones, and box API access for 100k actions per month.

Part 3. Supported files

Box cloud storage backup supports an impressive range of file types and extensions, as well as giving you the ability to see an entire file before the content is shared or downloaded. There are some file types supported by Box:

Microsoft Office (such as doc, docx, ppt, pptx)

Text (such as rtf, csv, html)

Image (such as bmp, gif, jpeg)

Audio/Video (such as avi, mpeg, ram, mp4)

Adobe (such as ai, pdf, psd)

Part 4. Security

Box has its servers all over the world though it mainly uploads data of personal users to the U.S. servers. You can be sure that all your files stored in the cloud are protected and out of harm’s way. All files uploaded to Box are encrypted at rest using 256-bit AES encryption. For files in transit, they use TLS 1.1 or TLS 1.2 encryption.

Part 5. Supported devices

Box has a lot of his official apps that you can use on Windows and Mac OS, and it has a lot of third-party programs that you can integrate with Box. Box offers its official app both for iOS and Android that enables you to manage your files wherever you are.

Part 6. Online support

Box has one of the biggest forum communities. There’s usually a couple of hundreds of people online at all times, and the forums itself are filled with all the information you need. In addition, Box provides live chat support during their working hours. You just send a message and a staff member comes by in a few minutes. If you send a message while non-working hours they reply the next day through e-mail.

Part 7. Pros and cons

Pros and Cons

How to use Box cloud storage?

1. To start using Box cloud storage, you need to access their official page and create an account.

Box Sign Up

2. Once you create an account, you can immediately start working with the service. You can click “Upload My Documents” to backup your files to Box cloud storage.

Box Main Page


  • In order to edit documents, you will need to have a default document editor installed or have a subscription to a cloud-based office suite, such as Office 365 or Google Docs.

  • To ensure your data is synced to your mobile device, install one of the Box mobile apps: Box for iPhone/iPad, Box Capture for iPhone/iPad, Box for Android, Box for Windows Phone, or Box for BlackBerry.

Professional and reliable alternative to Box cloud storage

If you are a personal user and want more cloud storage for free, you can find a Box alternative like CBackup to do cloud backup and store your files without storage limitation. CBackup is a professional cloud backup and transfer service that supports PC cloud backup, cloud to cloud backup, cloud to cloud sync. With it, you can backup files to cloud easily and you can also combine cloud storage into one for more free cloud storage space with CBackup.

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Final words

Undoubtedly, Box cloud storage is a powerful cloud storage service with many useful features. However, if you want to enjoy more cloud storage space and features, you need to pay for an advanced plan, which is a long-term expenditure. Therefore, you can use a third-party tool as an alternative to store files on cloud with unlimited cloud backup space.