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How can I upload multiple folders at once?


I have literally spent hours researching to find accurate step-by-step instructions on how to upload folders to OneDrive (I know how to upload files). Please save me, appreciated.

- Question from Windows Form

OneDrive is a great cloud storage service, offering different cloud features to manage your files like storage, sharing, editing, etc. Many users like you choose to create bulk upload to OneDrive to save data on the cloud.

As the number of your files increases, you often put them together in multiple folders to distinguish. Thus, you want to know how to upload multiple folders to OneDrive to save you some time and effort. Keep reading, and you will get 3 useful solutions to it.

How to upload multiple folders to OneDrive: 3 ways

How do I upload multiple folders to OneDrive? There are 3 available ways to upload multiple folders to OneDrive. You can choose to upload folders on the OneDrive website, on the OneDrive desktop client, or try a good cloud service to perform upload tasks automatically.

Way 1. Upload multiple folders to OneDrive on the web page

Traditionally, you can upload multiple folders to OneDrive on its official web page. In this way, you can send 100GB file free. If your browser is older, the file size limitation is 300MB. Thus, if your folder contains lots of large files, this manual method is not suitable for you.

1. Go to the OneDrive official web page. Log into your account properly.

2. Click on Files > Upload > Folder. Then choose folders that need to be uploaded. Press Open. Or, you can drag your folders to this page to upload them directly.

OneDrive Upload

Way 2. Upload multiple folders to OneDrive on desktop

If you have many folders to upload to OneDrive, OneDrive desktop app is more convenient for you. Instead of opening a web page in the browser, you can upload large files to OneDrive on the desktop directly.

Tip: If you are using a computer based on Windows 10 or 11, the OneDrive desktop client will be re-installed on your computer. If you are using an older Windows operating system or Mac, you can download and install the client for free.

1. After installing, open the OneDrive client to set it up. Enter your email address to log into your OneDrive account.

Set up OneDrive

2. You will be told where your OneDrive folder is. You can also Change location of it. Click Next to continue.

OneDrive Folder Location

3. You can choose multiple folders here to upload to OneDrive.

Folder Backup

Or, you can drag and drop your multiple folders to the OneDrive folder directly. Then they will be uploaded to OneDrive.

Multiple OneDrive Accounts Windows

Way 3. Upload multiple folders to OneDrive selectively

If you want to upload multiple folders without any limitation on size, we highly recommend you a professional cloud backup service - CBackup. There are many shining points in it.

You can use the sync feature in CBackup, which allows you to upload any type of data including folders, files, programs, hard drives, and even the entire computer.
The upload destination can be any public cloud like OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.
There is no limitation on uploading speed, which completely depends on your network connection.
Enable the Scheduler feature, and you can set up PC auto backup or sync tasks for free.

Let’s see how to upload multiple files to OneDrive selectively and quickly:

1. First, download and install the CBackup desktop client on your computers. Sign up for a new CBackup account and launch the app to log in.

Download CBackupWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

2. Click on the Storage tab, and choose OneDrive > Authorize Now. Give CBackup authorization to access your OneDrive account. Your data will be safe during the uploading process.

Select OneDrive

3. In the Sync part, click on Sync PC to Public Cloud to create an upload task for your multiple folders.

Choose PC to Public Cloud

4. Select multiple folders as the sync source. Then choose a folder in the OneDrive account as the sync destination.

Sync Files to OneDrive

Tip: Before you start the sync task, you can configure it with some settings by clicking Settings on the left bottom. Enable the Scheduler feature, CBackup will perform the sync task with the selected frequency automatically.

Sync Scheduler

6. After the above, press Start Sync to begin uploading multiple folders to OneDrive quickly.

★ Notes: In CBackup, you can enjoy many other cloud features in CBackup for free:
Combine cloud storage: If you want to increase OneDrive storage for free, this feature will help you by merging multiple free cloud drive accounts together.
Backup PC to public cloud: In CBackup, you are allowed to backup files to OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox directly.
Free cloud storage space: You will get 10GB of free cloud storage once you sign up a new CBackup account.

Tip: Get more OneDrive cloud storage for multiple folders

Your multiple folders may include lots of large files, which will take up large cloud storage space. You can consider saving multiple folders on a larger cloud. In CBackup, you can get more cloud storage with the combine cloud storage feature.

1. Add and authorize your cloud drive accounts from any platform to CBackup likewise.

2. In the Storage section, select + Add Combined Cloud.

Add Combined Cloud1

3. You can choose all OneDrive accounts you have, then click Next. After managing the order of these cloud drives, click Combine to create a combined cloud.

Combine Cloud OneDrive

Then, you will get a combined cloud with larger cloud storage. When you create a backup task in CBackup, you can choose Backup PC to Combined Cloud to enjoy it.

To sum up

Now you have 3 different solutions to how to upload multiple folders to OneDrive on your computer. You can choose traditional methods like uploading folders to OneDrive with a web app or desktop client. In addition, a great cloud backup service called CBackup can help you a lot. You can upload multiple folders to OneDrive via it quickly. And it allows you to backup to OneDrive without sync as well.

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