How to Backup PC on Windows 7 | 2 FREE Ways

Do you want to make out how to backup a PC in Windows 7? We’ll demonstrate 2 free ways to backup Windows 7 computers for your option here. You can choose the way you like to finish the job.


by Jonna Lasted Updated February 3, 2023

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How do I backup my computer in Windows 7?

“How can I backup my computer? I am using Windows 7 and seriously think to make a backup for my computer every week in case of a serious hardware or software problem. Any replies will be appreciated. Thank you!”

If you are thinking about how to backup a PC on Windows 7, we are here to help you. On this page, we will describe two methods of backing up your Windows 7 computer efficiently.

Computer Backup

Benefit of backing up your computer

As an effective strategy to prevent computer data loss, computer backup should be at the top of your list, as it not only prevents data loss due to hardware failure, system upgrade problems, human error, or malicious damage by illegal visitors but also restores data completely and quickly whenever you need it.

In addition, it can make computer data accessible from multiple devices after backing up. For example, if you do Windows 7 cloud backups for your computer, you can access the PC data on mobile devices simply.

How to backup PC on Windows 7 effortlessly

This article explains how to backup files on PC in Windows 7 with a professional Windows PC backup service - CBackup, and a Windows native tool - Backup and Restore. Additionally, we will introduce how to restore a backup from the two tools.

Way 1. Use Backup and Restore to backup Windows 7 PC

If you are about to perform a backup for the Windows 7 system, you can use Backup and Restore to create a Windows 7 image backup. Windows 7 system image backup is to backup all configurations of the current operating system, including Windows 7 installation files, Device Driver, applications, user configurations, personal files, etc.

Backup and Restore is the first choice for users who want to back up Windows to a local or external hard drive. Below, we show you more details on employing this backup tool, using the example of how to backup a computer to an external hard drive on Windows 7.

Note: You can use Backup and Restore to create a system backup on Windows 8 and Windows 10 by referring to the steps below.

Step 1. Open Control Panel, search for “backup”, and click on Backup and Restore.

Step 2. Click Create a system image on the left panel.

Create A System

Step 3. Select the connected external hard drive to save your backup to tap on Next. Then, complete configurations for the backup task, and click Start Backup. You can backup Windows 7 to USB in the same steps.

Save System Image To Hard Drive

How to restore a backup from Backup and Restore

If you want to restore a backup after backing up your data with Backup and Restore, you can refer to the guide below.

Step 1. Go to Windows 7 Backup and Restore, click on Restore my files.

Restore My Files

Step 2. Tap on Browse for files or Browse for folders to pick the image backup you want to recover. Then, hit Next.

Browse For Folders

Step 3. Select a location for your restored data and click on Restore to start.


Although Backup and Restore can take backup of PC in Windows 7, it has many limitations.

  • Limited on system image backup. Backup and Restore only supports storing one system image backup on one destination drive. If you need to create multiple system image backups, you need to store backups to multiple different external drives.
  • No cloud backup for the computer. Backup and Restore doesn't allow you to back up the computer directly to any cloud.
  • Unable to restore individual files. There is no option on Backup and Restore to restore an individual file. If you want to restore a file, you need to restore them all.

Way 2. Backup Windows PC to clouds with computer backup software

If you want to create cloud backups for your Windows 7 computer, CBackup is the ideal tool for you. CBackup is an all-in-one cloud backup service that provides backups of individual files and entire hard disk to clouds. Currently, it supports cloud drives including Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and CBackup Cloud. For instance, you can backup C drive to OneDrive with ease. You can use this software to create instant or automatic backups of the computer.

Cbackup Main Page

As a professional cloud backup and restore solution, CBackup allows you to restore backups to the original location or a new location within three steps. And it enables you to restore a single file or all files. How to backup my Windows 7 computer to clouds with CBackup? Please refer to the following instruction:

Step 1. Sign up for a CBackup account and log in to the CBackup desktop app.

Download CBackup Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 2. After sign-in, click on the Backup tab and tap on the Backup PC to CBackup Cloud button.

Backup PC to CBackup Cloud

Step 3. Modify the task name for distinction. Select the computer files you want to back up, and the CBackup Cloud will be selected by default.

Select Cbackup Cloud2

Step 5. Tap on Start Backup to backup your computer files to cloud.

Note: You can pick the Backup > Backup PC to Public Cloud to backup files to public cloud easily after adding your cloud drive.

How to restore a backup from CBackup

Step 1. On the Backup Tasks window, move your cursor over the backup task, and click on Restore.

Find Restore1

Step 2. Select the backup version you need to restore and hit Restore, and opt for the version and certain files or all files for recovery.

Find Restore2

Step 3. Tap Restore to to add the restore path. Finally, click Start Restore to recover the backups without a hitch.

Start Restore

Other highlighted features of CBackup:

Flexible auto backup frequency: CBackup offers versatile automatic backup frequencies like One time only, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly, allowing users to choose as needed.

No restrictions on file backups: CBackup has no limit on file types and sizes for backup. And there is no limit on file backup speed, which only depends on your internet speed.

Cloud to cloud backup: CBackup offers you to perform cloud-to-cloud data backup for free, which can help you transfer data from one cloud to another quickly and easily.

Email notification: CBackup allows you to set up email reminders for backup tasks. Once the backup task succeeds or fails, you can know the result in time.

In the end

Here in this passage, we have included how to backup PC in Windows 7 with 2 effective methods. If you want to create a system image backup for Windows 7, Backup and Restore is your go-to choice. If you want to create cloud backups of certain files on your Windows 7 computer, CBackup is a better choice. It depends on your needs.

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