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Google Drive keeps asking me to sign in!

“Whenever I try to open Google Drive I get the error message: You are not signed in. You are signed out. Sign back in, then click 'Retry'. and whenever I click the retry button, it redirects me to the same page with the same problem. If there is a way to fix this problem? Looking forward to your kindly reply!”

Google Drive You Are Not Signed In

Google Drive you are not signed in error

Without a doubt, Google Drive has been one of the most popular cloud storage services among global cloud storage users. Nowadays, many users choose to backup files to Google Drive and store data online so that they can access or share their files stored in Google Drive across different devices easily. Generally, Google Drive works well on your devices including your computer, phone, and tablet. But sometimes, Google Drive may have problems and prevent you from accessing your files normally.

For example, if you browse Google Drive forums frequently, you may find that some users complained about they meet Google Drive you are not signed in error in Chrome or other browsers unexpectedly when trying to use Google Drive on website.

Actually, this is a common error that usually occurs when using the Google Drive web app. When this error occurs, you can’t access Google Drive normally although you had logged in with Google Drive. And you will see a message on the screen that said: “You are signed out. Sign back in, then click ‘Retry’”. Then, your page will be stuck here and you can’t do anything.

Fixes to Google Drive you are not signed in Windows or Mac

Google Drive offers a web app that can be accessed using Google Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, and any other browsers. But if the Google Drive you are not signed in error occurs, you can’t use the web app. These are some effective fixes that you can try out to solve this Google Drive you are not signed in error in Windows or Mac.

Fix 1. Try accessing Google Drive with a different browser

If you receive a message that shows you are not signed in while trying to access Google Drive with your browser, you can try to open the Google Drive website and sign in to your Google account on another browser to see if you can access Google Drive normally.

Because sometimes, the browser you are using is old and somewhat outdated so that many websites won’t work properly with it. Therefore, try to access Google Drive with other browsers like Chrome, Opera, Firefox and so may help you solve this problem directly.

Web Browser

Fix 2. Check Windows Firewall

As we all know, Windows Firewall aims to, sometimes, it may cause problems while connecting Google Drive to the Internet. Therefore, you are advised to check your proxy settings and disable them. To do that, you can refer to the steps below:

1. Open Control Panel > System and Security > Windows Defender Firewall.

Windows Firewall

2. Now, click on Allow an App or feature through firewall.

Allow An App Through Firewall

3. Here click on change Settings and allow Google Drive through the firewall.

Firewall Change Settings

Fix 3. Check your proxy settings

Some users may use proxy settings to protect their privacy online on the computer. Although it is quite useful when you need to hide your identity, however, it also can interfere with Google Drive sometimes. So, you need to disable your proxy completely to let Google Drive back to normal.

1. Press Windows Key + I to open the Settings app.

2. Once the Settings app opens, navigate to Network & Internet section.


3. Select Proxy from the menu on the left. In the right pane, disable all options.


Fix 4. Disable privacy badger extension

If you are using the Privacy Badger extension in the browser, Google Drive you are not signed in error may occur. Because Privacy Badger may prevent Google Drive activity during this process on your browser.

1. Go to the extensions section of the browser you are using.

2. Find Privacy Badger and remove it from your browser.

Privacy Badger

Fix 5. Upgrade your browser to the latest version

Sometimes, the browser version you are using is too old will also affect your normal usage. For example, it may prevent you from signing in to Google Drive. Therefore, you can try to check whether your browser has an upgradeable version, if so, please upgrade immediately. Let’s take Chrome as an example to show your how to upgrade your browser:

1. Click Help in the menu bar, and then click About Google Chrome.

About Google Chrome

2. On this page, the browser will automatically help you check whether there is an updated version and download it.

Checking the Chrome Updates

3. After the update is complete, click Relaunch, restart the browser, and then continue to complete the file download operation.

Relaunch Chrome

Workarounds to access your Google Drive files

If you need your files stored in Google Drive urgently but Google Drive keeps asking you to sign in and you can’t fix the not signed in issue successfully, you can try the workarounds below to access your Google Drive files.

Tip 1. Use Google Drive desktop app to upload or access files

Google offers a desktop called Backup and Sync, which can achieve two-way sync between cloud and local computer. Therefore, if you have been denied by Google Drive on the website, you can download this app on your computer and set it to sync “My Drive” to local. Then, all the files you uploaded before will be synced to the local folder and you can access them easily.

1. Download Google Backup and Sync app on your computer.

2. Set up this app by following the instruction. When asked, select the folder that you want to backup to Google Drive and click Next.

Choose Folder

3. In the next step, tick the box next to Sync My Drive to this computer and click on START.

Sync My Drive

4. Then, the folder you selected will be sync to the cloud automatically. And the files in Google Drive will also be synced to a folder on your computer.

Tip 2. Backup your Google Drive files to another cloud

If you have another cloud storage like Dropbox, OneDrive, etc. that has enough space, you can use a cloud backup tool like CBackup to backup your Google Drive files to another cloud storage. Then, you can access your files on another cloud storage that can work well.

CBackup is a free cloud backup service to allow you to move files between two cloud storage, which means you can transfer files from Google Drive to Dropbox, OneDrive, etc directly without downloading and uploading. Here, you can create a backup task to move Google Drive files to OneDrive easily.

1. Please create a Cbackup account with sign up feature, then sign in.

Sign Up

2. Add your Google Drive: My Storage > + > Add Cloud > select Google Drive > Add, then sign in to your Google Drive account and allow CBackup to access your Google Drive files. Modify the settings for Google Drive on CBackup. Repeat the process to add OneDrive to CBackup.

Add Google Drive

3. Click Backup Tasks, then click New Task to create a backup task.

Create Task

4. Click Add Source and select Google Drive, then click Add Destination > Single Cloud > Next > OneDrive > OK. Then click Start Backup to transfer Google Drive to OneDrive easily.

Add Source Destination

Backup Google Drive to OneDrive


According to the contents above, Google Drive you are not signed in is not hard to solve with the effective methods in this article. If you still facing this issue after trying all the solutions, you can check the workaround, which may also offer some help.