How to Set Up Google Drive Backup with Frequency | 3 Ways

This article shows you 3 sufficient ways to start Google Drive backup with frequency. If you have the need, please continue reading and try these methods.


by Zoey Lasted Updated February 1, 2023

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Why Do You Need Backup with Frequency?

Google Drive is one of the most popular cloud drives on the market. Google Drive offers 15GB of free cloud storage for each account. It is perfectly integrated with the various Google Apps, creating an all-in-one system that brings a lot of convenience to users. That's why there are more and more users using Google Drive.

Google Drive

Users who use Google Drive for backup generally do so to keep their data safe so that they have a way to recover it in case it is accidentally lost or corrupted. This requires them to regularly back up their file data to Google Drive.

Traditional backup methods require users to manually back up their files to a target location. Performing this repetitive and tedious task over a long period of time can reduce the user's productivity and can also be tiresome. Therefore, users need a way to set up Google Drive with frequency to free up their hands and improve backup efficiency.

3 Ways to Set up Google Drive Backup with Frequency

So, how to automatically back up to Google Drive with a certain frequency? Maybe you can use Google Drive for Desktop or Google Drive app on a smartphone. In addition, a third-party tool can solve your issue fast. Look through the following guideline and pick the method that suits you best.

Method 1. Backup with Google Drive for Desktop

Google provides an application - Google Drive for Desktop, which can help you set up Google Drive sync and backup with frequency. If you want to back up on the computer, Google Drive for Desktop may be a nice try. Here are the steps to set up backup with frequency:

1. Download and install Google Drive for Desktop app on your computer.

Install Drive For Desktop1

2. Launch Google Drive for Desktop, press the Sign in with browser button to sign in to it.

Drive For Desktop Sign In With Browser1

3. Then press the gear icon to go to the Settings > Preferences.

Google Drive Preferences

4. Go to the My Computer tab, then click the Add folder to choose the folder you want to back up to Google Drive and tick Sync with Google Drive. Then click Done. The selected files and folders will be backed up to Google Drive with an auto frequency.

Add Folders sync with Google Drive

Method 2. Backup with Google Drive on Smartphone

If you are using a mobile device, you can follow the steps according to your operating system:

For Android

1. Download Google Drive from the Play Store, run it and sign in to your account.

Android Google Drive

2. Open the Menu and select the Settings option, tick the Auto Add. Then the files on your Android device will be backed up to Google Drive with a frequency regularly.

Android Auto Add

For iOS

1. Download and install the Google Drive app from your App Store.

2. Tap the Menu > Settings > Backup, finally, click the Start Backup.

Google Drive On Iphone

Method 3. Backup via CBackup

To set up a Google Drive backup with frequency, third-party software can help you a lot. Here we highly recommend a third-party tool - CBackup. CBackup is a cloud backup software that provides sufficient useful features. With Schedule Backup feature in CBackup, you can set up backup to Google Drive with a certain frequency for free.

CBackup offers you 4 different schedule modes for Google Drive Backup Frequency: One time only, Daily, Weekly, Monthly. You can select any mode according to your backup needs. Then CBackup will perform the backup tasks with the selected frequency automatically, without any effort.

Now, let’s see how to set up backup to Google Drive with a certain frequency via CBackup:

Perform Google Drive Backup Frequency with CBackup

1. Download and install CBackup client on your desktop, then launch it. Sign up for a new account, and log into it.

Download CBackupWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

2. Click the Storage icon. Select Google Drive > Authorize Now, and then follow the step-by-step instructions to grant CBackup access to Google Drive.

Select Cloud Drive

3. Click on the Backup in the menu bar and click Backup PC to Public Cloud to go next step.

Create Task

4. You can change the Task Name and add local files to be backed up. Select the Google Drive account you added.

Add Source

5. Pitch on the Settings, and then select Scheduler and check the Set a backup schedule for automated backup, choose One time only, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly, and press OK.

Schedule Settings

6. Click Start Backup to automatically backup to Google Drive backup on a scheduled basis.

Start Backup

More Details About Google Drive Backup Frequency

More information about these 4 Schedule Modes for Google backup frequency, just refer to the following content.

One time only mode: you can set a specific time to make the backup run.

One Time Only

Daily mode: you can set a certain time point to perform the backup once a day.

Schedule Daily

You can also set a time range, and choose the time intervals between the start time and the finish time. Then backup files multiple times in one day.

Schedule Daily2

Weekly mode: you can set a specific day in a week to perform the backup.

Schedule Weekly

Monthly mode: you can set a specific day in a month to perform the backup.

Schedule Monthly

If you are interested in cloud storage to backup your local files, CBackup can do the following for you:

  • Backup files to Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, CBackup Cloud, and even the combined cloud easily.
  • Merge multiple cloud storage space to gain huge free cloud storage, and the unlimited cloud storage can be possible.
  • Perform cloud to cloud sync, and it allows you to transfer everything from one cloud to another or transfer some files without downloading and uploading in hand.
  • Backup one cloud data to another to prevent data loss, and restore data in time.


On this page, there are 3 different ways to set up Google Drive backup with frequency. If you have no idea about how to choose, you can try the reliable third-party tool - CBackup. It is easy to use and safe.

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