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Why Do You Need Cloud Backup?

  • Are you afraid of accidentally losing the data stored on your hard drive?
  • Are you anxious that there is not enough space locally for backup?
  • Are you panicked that you have lost all local backups due to local accidents?
  • Backup all your data to the cloud offsite, never lose data and recover them from any PC.

Eliminate all your concerns with the Best Cloud Backup service - CBackup

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Why Do You Need an Enterprise Cloud Backup Solution?

For a company, data loss can be the worst issue. Data loss may lead to billions of dollars in lost costs. Thus, cloud backup is a great way to protect important data. Cloud backup helps enterprises protect data from natural disasters, equipment failure, unreliable hosting, accidental deletion and many other situations.

Enterprise Cloud Backup

Unlike personal cloud backup, the needs and attributes of businesses lead them to require a more specialized enterprise backup solution. If you have not yet chosen a suitable solution, we have provided an enterprise cloud backup solutions comparison for you here.

The Top 6 Enterprise Cloud Backup Solutions

On this page, we list the top 6 enterprise cloud backup solutions for you to pick. You can make your choice after comparing them with multiple aspects.


CBackup is a professional backup software supporting Windows 11/8/8.1/7/XP operating system. CBackup provides PC to cloud backup feature, which allows you to backup all the types of enterprise data to CBackup Cloud. Besides, there is no limitation on the backup speed so that a large amount of enterprise data can be backed up to cloud fast and for free.

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Enterprise cloud backup usually requires a large backup space.  Each account will get 10GB of free cloud storage. CBackup subscription plans are quite cost-effective. You just pay a low price and will get 5TB CBackup Cloud Storage and Unlimited data traffic per month.

You don't need to worry about data safety in CBackup. CBackup uses 256-bit AES encryption in data transfer.  CBackup also uses OAuth, an authoritative authorization system in order to limit the number of accesses to users' data.

What’s more, CBackup provides a useful feature called Combine Cloud Storage, which allows you to merge several cloud drive accounts. In this way, you can get larger storage space and back up files to it with just one login, which improves the working efficiency a lot.

Here we introduce the steps to back up from PC to CBackup Cloud briefly:

1. Download and install CBackup desktop app on your Windows computer. Open it and sign up for an account.

Download CBackupWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

2. Click on the Backup tab in the left menu, and press the Backup PC to CBackup Cloud button to create a new backup task.

Create Task

3. Select local files that you want to back up to the CBackup Cloud. Select CBackup Cloud as the target location of the backup. At last, click on the Start Backup button.

Select Cbackup Cloud2

In addition, CBackup provides some personalized features to make your backup tasks easier:

Schedule Backup

With Schedule Backup, you can achieve auto-backup easily. After choosing a scheduled mode, CBackup will back up your data with a certain frequency without manual operation.

Select Schedule

File Filter

File Filter allows you to choose certain types of files to back up. You can backup all files, exclude selected file types, or contain the selected file types, which will save you lots of effort and storage space.

Select File Filter

Email Notification

After finishing filling in with your email address, you can receive the notification when the backup task is successful/failed.

Email Notification Advanced


IDrive is a cloud backup software supporting many platforms including Windows, Mac. It allows you to set up backups from different devices, and you can see which files are stored from which system.

IDrive also provides point-in-time recovery for data. In this way, after suffering from a ransomware attack, you can get back to data before your computer got attacked.

Once you sign up for an account, you just get 5GB of free cloud storage space. You can pay for different description plans and the capacity is up to 5TB.



Acronis is a backup solution suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. It offers several kinds of backup, including simple file backup, application backup, and so on. When you use Acronis to set up backup, you will receive a report to tell about the failures or successes. Thus, you can find and solve the problems in time.

In addition, Acronis lets you set up time and backup versions. But there is a limitation on it: the retention time is up to 3 years and the number of versions is up to 99.

Acronis costs $21.66/month for 5TB space and does not have an unlimited storage plan.



Degoo is professional backup software. It is suitable for enterprises because it can be used on an unlimited number of mobile devices, end-toned encryption, and one desktop device.

With Degoo, your data will be quite safe for its zero-knowledge encryption. Besides, Degoo can help you back up files from a hard disk. And Degoo gives each new account 100GB of free cloud storage. Enterprise can pay for the Ultimate version for 10TB cloud storage space.



Backblaze provides a version for business and is suitable for users who have lots of data to back up. Especially, Backblaze offers a computer location feature that will be useful if your computer gets lost. Backup in Backblaze can perform automatically according to the schedule you set up.

All your files will be protected by powerful encryption. And you can access files from both the desktop and a browser. To get Backblaze for business, you need to pay $60/year.


Zoolz Cloud Backup

Zoolz Cloud Backup is called “the first-lifetime cloud storage” by itself. It aims to store your data forever. It provides both local backup and cloud backup at the same time. Zoolz Cloud Backup has a Business Cloud charge for $15/month with 1TB cloud storage and unlimited users/servers.

Different from other cloud services, Zoolz Cloud Backup is based on Amazon Web Services. So it can provide such a low price. But the speed of recovery is slow. You can choose according to your need.



Have you chosen the best one among these enterprise cloud backup solutions? If you still have no idea about that, we highly recommend you CBackup. It is quite professional and cost-effective with large cloud backup space. Why not have a try?

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