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Why Do You Need Cloud Backup?

  • Are you afraid of accidentally losing the data stored on your hard drive?
  • Are you anxious that there is not enough space locally for backup?
  • Are you panicked that you have lost all local backups due to local accidents?
  • Backup all your data to the cloud offsite, never lose data and recover them from any PC.

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What Is Cloud Storage and Cloud Backup

Nowadays, we are more often talking about cloud storage vs cloud backup when it comes to the data issue. So, what is the definition of cloud storage and cloud backup?

Cloud Storage Vs Cloud Backup

Cloud storage is a way to store files online so that users can get the files on any device and at any time. Briefly, cloud storage is like an external drive that required the internet to get, which provides a place for you to store your files, videos, and photos. You can get access to your files on any device directly. Besides, cloud storage also provides a huge storing space for users to supplement their hard drive space.

Cloud Backup is a cloud-based way to back up your files, systems, applications, and so on. Cloud backup copy users’ data and send it to the cloud. Cloud backup software always has the function of backup data regularly and automatically, which brings lots of convenience to users. If your data is lost by accident, cloud backup can ensure their security and recover them quickly.

Differences Between Cloud Storage and Cloud Backup

Before we explore what is the best cloud storage and cloud backup, it’s necessary to know what is the differences between cloud storage and cloud backup. Let’s see the connections between them.

Difference Between Cloud Storage And Backup

We can conclude from the above table that cloud backup can make your data safer and more stable. It can be easier to use and support more types of data at the same time. So, we introduce the top 6 cloud services including cloud storage and cloud backup. You can pick anyone to meet your needs.

The Top 6 Cloud Storage and Cloud Backup Services

Here are the top 6 cloud services on the Internet now. Let’s get more information about them.

Cloud Storage

3 cloud storage services are introduced on this page. If you want to restore your files in the cloud, continue reading to know more.



OneDrive is a cloud storage provided by Microsoft, which allows you to transfer your files from your PC directly. And your files will be secure for it obeys to the industry-standard security. The most useful is that OneDrive can integrate with the Windows system so that your files, photos, and other data can be saved to OneDrive as a default location. 5GB free cloud storage is given to you after signing up, which is always not big enough for users.

Onedrive Sign Up Page

Subscription plan:

OneDrive Basic (free)—5GB storage

OneDrive ($1.99/month)—100GB storage

Office 365 Personal ($5.83/month)—1TB storage

Office 365 Family ($8.33/month)—6TB storage (1TB per user)

Business plans ($5, $10, or $12/month)— (1 – 25 TB/user)

Main features:

OneDrive makes file collaboration and sharing easy and fast.

OneDrive provides the review feature on files.

OneDrive lets you access your files without a network connection.

Go for: iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows


Dropbox is the second-largest storage provider in the whole world that leads the cloud market. Dropbox goes well with Windows perfectly and integrates with lots of applications such as Photoshop, Slack, and so on. It provides great features for sharing files with friends or co-workers. But Dropbox supplies only 2GB of storage for free so users always use up of it in a short time.

Dropbox Sign Up Page

Subscription plan:

Dropbox Basic (free)—2GB storage

Plus $9.99/month—2TB storage (personal plan)

Professional $16.58/month—3TB storage (personal plan)

Standard $12.50/month per user (min 3 users)—5TB storage (business plan)

Advanced $20/month per user—Unlimited storage (business plan)

Main features:

The powerful share feature lets you share any file with any people who even don’t have a Dropbox account.

Dropbox provides features like document scanning, camera upload, version management, and more.

Go for:  Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, and iOS devices.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud storage service provided by Google, which is suitable with various devices greatly and easy to share files with others. If you often use Google apps like Gmail, Google Photos, Google Docs, Google Drive may be a great choice for you because your files can be transferred among them easily. But the 15GB of free Google storage is shared across them, which means it is easy to run out.

Google Drive Main

Subscription plan:

Google Drive Basic (free tier)—15GB storage

Google Drive $1.99/month—100GB storage

Google Drive $9.99/month—1TB storage

Google Drive $99.99/month—10TB storage

Google Drive $299.99/month—30TB storage

Main features:

You can upload files from any device such as a smartphone, pad, or computer.

You can store any type of file such as photos, videos, recordings, and so on.

You can share your files and folders easily without an email attachment.

Go for: Android, iOS, Mac OS, and Windows.

Cloud Backup

In addition to cloud storage, cloud backup provides a more cloud service for your data. Let’s get to know some information about them.


CBackup is a professional cloud backup software, which not only provides the PC to cloud backup but also the cloud to cloud backup. What’s more, it has a powerful free feature to get more cloud backup space - combined cloud feature. And CBackup also has some personalized functions to make your backup easier such as schedule, file filter.

Cloud backup is the main solution for backup, so security issues become the most important factor. CBackup can fully control your data and use 256-bit AES encryption, complied with GDPR. So you can set your backups safely and stably.

Cbackup Main Page

Subscription plan:

CBackup free: 10GB data to CBackup Cloud

CBackup basic: $2.99/month—1TB data to CBackup Cloud and 2TB data to public cloud

CBackup premium: $9.99/month—5TB data to CBackup Cloud and unlimited data to public cloud

Main features:

Cloud to cloud backup.

Combined cloud storage to have cloud backup with 5TB and more.

Backup PC data to public cloud.

Sync PC data to public cloud.

Automatic cloud backup.

File filter in backup.

Unlimited file versions and sizes.

Go for: Windows.


Degoo is a safe and reliable cloud backup service provider. It supports backup for files, photos, and videos. Degoo is highly secure with end-to-end equipment. And it supports an unlimited number of mobile devices, end-toned encryption, and 1 desktop device. But users need to pay attention to their account status because your files may be deleted if you do not use them for 90 days.


Subscription plan:

Degoo free: 100GB of free storage (5GB per referral)

Degoo pro: $3/month—500GB cloud space

Degoo ultimate: $9.99/month—10TB cloud space

Main features:

High security with zero-knowledge encryption.

Huge free storage space.

Simple website interface.

Files will be deleted after 90-day not logging in.

Go for: Windows, Mac Os, Android, iOS.


IDrive is a platform-friendly cloud backup service, which can backup unlimited computers and smartphones. You can set up online backup, cloud storage, sync, and share solutions via IDrive. IDrive only provides a free 5GB plan. It will be not enough for your backup if you do not want to pay for any subscription plans.


Subscription plan:

IDrive free: 5GB storage space

IDrive personal:  $69.5/year—2TB storage space or $99.5/year—5TB storage space

Main features:

IDrive provides features of snapshots, versioning.

IDrive will not delete your data without your permission.

Go for: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, mobiles


That is all about cloud storage vs cloud backup. You can read this article to know the difference between them and choose a better cloud service. We recommend you the cloud backup more for its security and reliability. Among the cloud backup service, CBackup may meet your needs for backup and cost the least!

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