Fixed: Can’t Backup to Both OneDrive and Dropbox

Are you trying to backup files but meet the "can't backup to both OneDrive and Dropbox" issue? Effective methods are available here to help you fix this issue and use OneDrive and Dropbox at the same time with ease.


by Jonna Lasted Updated February 1, 2023

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Can I use OneDrive and Dropbox at the same time?


I had both OneDrive and Dropbox on my laptop, and I decided to use Dropbox. When I tried to backup all my libraries to Dropbox, it prompted me that I can't backup to both OneDrive and Dropbox. Did anyone else have the same problem?

Cant Backup To Both OneDrive  And Dropbox

Are you having this error that OneDrive and Dropbox come into conflict while trying to backup files to Dropbox? On this page, we will discuss how to fix the “Dropbox not working after OneDrive activation” issue and backup to both OneDrive and Dropbox at the same time with ease.

How to Fix “Can’t Backup to both OneDrive and Dropbox”

When uploading system folders (like Documents and Desktop) to Dropbox, the “can’t back up to both OneDrive and Dropbox” error may occur if you have synced these folders with OneDrive. And, sometimes, you may encounter “Dropbox can’t backup without permission” as well. To fix it, you can try the following solutions.

Way 1. Disable folder backup to OneDrive

OneDrive sets up to backup Desktop, Documents, and Pictures automatically. If you want to upload Desktop, Documents, and other user folders to Dropbox, you could disable the folder backup to OneDrive first.

Step 1. Run the OneDrive application, click Help & Settings, and click on Settings.

OneDrive Settings New Windows 10

Step 2. Head to the Backup tab, and tap Manage backup.

Manage Backup Min

Step 3. Click on the Stop backup button and confirm your request.

OneDrive Stop Backup

Way 2. Unlink OneDrive

If disabling backup in OneDrive does not work for resolving “can’t backup to both OneDrive and Dropbox”, you can try stopping OneDrive backup by unlinking it from your computer.

Step 1. Tap on the OneDrive icon on the system bar, and click Help & Settings > Settings.

Step 2. In the Account tab, hit Unlink this PC. And then, click Unlink account to disconnect OneDrive and stop OneDrive sync.

OneDrive Unlink This PC

Way 3. Uninstall OneDrive

You can also uninstall OneDrive on the computer to get rid of the conflict between OneDrive and Dropbox.

Step 1. Click Windows Start > Settings > Apps in turn.

Step 2. Find Microsoft OneDrive in the Apps & features list. Click it and choose Uninstall.

OneDrive Uninstall

Best Way to Backup to both OneDrive and Dropbox at the Same Time

Can I back up to Dropbox and OneDrive? Yes, of course! You can let OneDrive and Dropbox backup specific folders simultaneously with the help of CBackup, a professional yet easy-to-use cloud backup service.

This backup software allows you to backup files, folders, and even entire PC to public clouds for free. It comes with many advantages and highlights.

Support data backup to OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, and other public clouds concurrently.
Support managing multiple cloud accounts (personal and business) from various platforms.
Provide scheduled backups to clouds on customized plans like Daily, Weekly, and Monthly.
Offer cloud storage combination that can help you merge OneDrive and Dropbox to get bigger free space.
Enable you to backup files to CBackup Cloud, with 10GB of free space and scalable 1TB and 5TB storage space.
Send a task execution report to the email address you provide.

Next, download and install CBackup on your computer, and follow the steps below to backup files to Dropbox and OneDrive at the same time.

Download CBackupWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1. Create an account for CBackup and sign in to the CBackup desktop app.

Step 2. Click on the Storage option on the left, select OneDrive, and click Authorize Now to grant CBackup access to the cloud storage. Then, click + Add Cloud and choose Dropbox > Add to complete the authorization for your Dropbox account.

Select OneDrive

Step 3. Choose the Backup tab and tap Backup PC to Public Cloud.

Create Task

Step 4. Edit the task name if you prefer. Select the data you want to backup, and choose OneDrive as the backup destination. And click Start Backup.

Backup Files To OneDrive

Step 5. Then, click Backup > Backup PC to Public Cloud to create a new backup task, select data, and backup it to Dropbox likewise.

Backup Files To Dropbox

You can check all backup tasks in the Task list. You cloud click on the three-dot button of the task to examine the task details, task settings, restore backup files, and delete file backups.

Task List Task Details

How to Backup OneDrive to Dropbox or Vice Versa

As a multifunctional cloud backup tool, CBackup can not only help you to backup files to Dropbox and OneDrive at the same time but also offers you to transfer data between clouds with simple clicks through Cloud to Cloud Backup/Sync feature.

You can easily backup OneDrive files to Dropbox or transfer everything from Dropbox to OneDrive, and you can also backup Dropbox to Google Drive, FTP/SFTP, and other clouds with ease. Now, you can go on with the easy guide below to know how to backup OneDrive to Dropbox.

Step 1. Run the CBackup desktop app and log in.

Step 2. Add your OneDrive and Dropbox cloud accounts to CBackup by clicking Storage > + Add Cloud, if you have not connected them with this software.

My Storage Add Cloud

Step 3. Hit the Backup Public Cloud to Public Cloud button on the Backup section.

Click Public Cloud To Public Cloud

Step 4. Select OneDrive as the source. Then, pick Dropbox as the destination, and tap Start Backup.

OneDrive To Dropbox

You can choose the whole OneDrive cloud or some of your OneDrive files as the backup source.
If you want to perform OneDrive auto backup to another cloud, click Settings, and set up an auto backup schedule in the Scheduler tab.
CBackup also offers a File Filter function that allows you to exclude unwanted files during backups.

To Sum it up

If you meet “can’t backup to both OneDrive and Dropbox”, you can first try disabling OneDrive folder backup or uninstalling OneDrive. If you do want to backup data to OneDrive and Dropbox simultaneously, you can get this done with the proficient cloud backup software CBackup.

It can help you back up your computer and external files to OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive on a single interface. And it also enables you to transfer files between clouds effortlessly. Just download it and give it a try.

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