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Why Do You Need Cloud Backup?

  • Are you afraid of accidentally losing the data stored on your hard drive?
  • Are you anxious that there is not enough space locally for backup?
  • Are you panicked that you have lost all local backups due to local accidents?
  • Backup all your data to the cloud offsite, never lose data and recover them from any PC.

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Why backup PC data to cloud storage?

Generally, the volume of precious data including photos, videos, music, audio recordings, written documents, emails, or any other media that we store on our PCs is undoubtedly immense. However, the data stored on PCs suffer huge risks such as system crash, hardware failure, accidental erasure, fire, theft, and the like. Therefore, it is necessary to backup your PC data.

Ideally, you’d better backup your important data to a remote server, then, even if your hard drive fails, your PC is stolen, or your house burns down, you have the backup version in hand and can restore the data whenever you need. Online cloud storage may be the best backup solution for you because it can copy your entire data over the internet to remote servers at diverse locations, and made it incredibly simple to store data backups online.

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How to choose the best cloud storage for PC backup?

Nowadays, there are so many online cloud storage for computer backup on the market that provides different features and pricing plans. Knowing how to choose reliable and professional cloud storage is vitally important. Generally, users should consider many factors including storage space, pricing plan, security, features, supported devices, ease of use, and so on when selecting cloud storage.

Generally, although cloud storage services are limited in the space they offer users for free, if you don’t have much data to back up or if you only need to backup critical data, the free storage space provided by online backups is enough. Of course, if you need more storage space, each cloud storage allows you to upgrade your account with different pricing plans.

As for security, features, supported devices, and other aspects, you may need to make a comparison among several most popular cloud storage and choose the most suitable PC cloud backup according to your needs and situation. If you are looking for the best cloud storage for computer backup but don’t know much about cloud storage, you can read on. In the following contents, you will be introduced the 6 best cloud storage for PC Backup with advanced features and reasonable pricing to you.

Top 6 best cloud storage for PC backup

In the following contents, we will introduce the 6 most popular cloud storage for PC backup in the market, please read on to learn the detailed information.

1. pCloud


pCloud is a secure cloud storage space where you can keep away all your folders, files, and any other documents. Access your files from every device secure place for your photos, videos and documents. Access your files from every device. Sharing and collaboration on files will be easier with pCloud. Also, private files can be encrypted and kept confidential here.


It provides multiple file-sharing options.

For data security, it provides TLS/SSL encryption.

For some specific period of time, it saves versions of files.

With pCloud, file management can be done from the web, desktop, or mobiles.

It allows you to back up your photos from social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Picasa.

Cons: It applies bandwidth limits.

OS Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.

Price: pCloud provides free storage of 10GB. It has annual as well as lifetime pricing plans. With the annual plan, you will pay $3.99 per month for 500 GB storage and $7.99 per month for 2TB storage. For the Lifetime plans, you will pay a one-time amount of $175 for 500GB and $359 for 2TB storage. A free trial is also available.

2. Sync

Sync Cloud Drive

Sync provides encrypted cloud storage. Sync’s encrypted cloud storage keeps your files safe, secure, and private. Access your files from all of your computers and devices easily, send and share your files securely with anyone. It also provides good collaboration features. The data is synced across all your devices.


It has productivity features such as file requests, document previews, auto camera upload, offline access, etc.

It provides the core features of unlimited share transfer limits, sharing & collaboration, real-time backup & sync, and access from anywhere.

For data protection, it provides features like 365-day history, advanced share control, restricting downloads, password-protected sharing, etc.

It provides privacy protection through end-to-end encryption, no-third-party tracking, HIPAA compliance, GDPR compliance, and PIPEDA compliance.

Cons: It doesn’t offer a monthly billing option.

OS Platforms: Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, and web.

Price: Sync offers three pricing plans for teams, Standard ($5 per user per month), Plus ($8 per user per month), and Advanced ($15 per user per month). also offers plans for individuals starting from $8 per month. It offers the starter plan for free with the basic features and it is free forever.

3. Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon Cloud Drive is a facility provided by Amazon to easily backup and access documents, spreadsheets, music, photos, and videos. It is a secure, online cloud storage platform. It will help you to keep your important documents safe. It has added the features to access the recent files easily and quickly. It supports bulk uploading of photos and videos.


It allows you to create and edit text files.

It allows you to create folders and organize files in the folders.

It allows you to play videos and music stored in the cloud drive.

It allows you to upload photos, videos, and files from your smartphone.

It allows you to share files as links and attachments by email, text message, etc.

It provides the facility to preview the documents, spreadsheets, photos, and presentations.

Cons: It is expensive than Google Drive and offers less storage than it.

OS Platforms: You can upload the data from any computer.

Price: Amazon Cloud Drive offers unlimited photo storage for Amazon Prime members. It has other storage plans that start at $11.99 per year. You can download the app and try cloud storage for free for 3 months.

4. Box


Box provides a platform for the teams to store documents, images, videos, and much more. With Box, you can securely access and share your files quickly via the cloud from any of your devices: desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.


It allows you to store any type of file.

It allows you to work on your cloud files from your desktop.

Large files can be shared through email or straight from the Box.

It will allow you to work online with others and you can also share the folders and co-edit them with Microsoft Office 365 or Box Notes.

Cons: It is a bit costly than the others.

OS Platforms: Accessible from any device.

Price: Box provides three series of pricing plans with different storage amounts and pricing: Individuals Plans, Business Plans, and Platform Plans. The pricing is various from plan to plan. A trial is available for business plans.

5. Dropbox


Dropbox is professional cloud storage that offers multiple apps to help users save documents, images, videos, and so on to its cloud server. It seamlessly fits Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, enabling your files to be backed up to the Web and synchronized on multiple computers without any effort.


The built-in search capabilities are powerful.

Sharing and collaboration are other areas where Dropbox excels.

You can rewind to previous versions of files that stretch back 30 days.

Cons: Dropbox has no full device backups and offers limited free storage.

OS Platforms: Accessible from any device.

Price: Pricing for individuals is either $11.99/£9.99 a month for 2TB of space or $19.99/£19.99 a month for 3TB of space. The business plans start at $15/£12 per user per month.

6. CBackup

CBackup Main Page

CBackup is a professional cloud backup service for Windows PC that offers a PC client to help users backup files from computer to its cloud – CBackup Cloud. 


It offers a free web app to allows you to do cloud to cloud backup and supports you to set up a scheduled backup in specific time/daily/weekly/monthly mode.

It offers flexible backup setting such as file filter features to let you exclude certain types of files or contain only specified types of files when backing up.

It already meets the requirements of the GDPR and applies 256-bit AES Encryption in data transfer.

Cons: Supported cloud storage is limited.

OS Platforms: PC client is designed for Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11. The web version can be accessed from any device with a browser.

Price: The web version is free and you can go to the website to use it directly without installing any app and paying any fee. The PC client offers you to backup and sync PC files and folders to public clouds for free, and backup files to CBackup Cloud with 10GB of free space.

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That’s the introduction of the 6 best cloud storage for computer cloud, it is not hard to see that each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages, you can check the detailed information of them one by one to choose the best cloud backup for PC according to your needs. 

Actually, besides the cloud storage listed above, there are many other powerful online storage for computer backup in the market. If you can’t make a choice among the 6 cloud storage, you can compare more cloud storage until you find the best secure cloud storage for computer backup.

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