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Why Do You Need Cloud Backup?

  • Are you afraid of accidentally losing the data stored on your hard drive?
  • Are you anxious that there is not enough space locally for backup?
  • Are you panicked that you have lost all local backups due to local accidents?
  • Backup all your data to the cloud offsite, never lose data and recover them from any PC.

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With an increasing number of photographers worldwide, the best online backup for photographers becomes highly necessary for a number of photographers. Here are expansive descriptions about online backup and the top 6 best online backup for photographer in this article. Please read on.

What is online backup or cloud backup?

Cloud Backup

Online backup, which can also be called cloud backup, means a type of data backup. And the copy of data is sent to a cloud-based server. Since the servers are always online, you are able to access your photos and videos anywhere. Therefore, cloud backup is a wonderful service for multiple individuals. But how to choose the the best photo online storage for photographers? Please keep reading.

How to choose online backup for photographers

When it comes to best online backup services for photographers, you may consider the following 4 elements:

  • Cost and cloud storage space

Many cloud backup services will give you a small amount of free storage, and then charge monthly or annual fees for more. If you require large numbers of photo files storage, you’d better select the backup drive that contains larger cloud storage.

  • Available devices

You should consider whether the backup drive is available for all your devices, namely Windows PC/Mac or mobile devices, like iPhone,iPad and Android devices.

  • File formats

Certain file formats can be limited to be uploaded into some cloud storage, please make sure the online backup service supports all your photo files formats.

  • Security

Security is a vital element that can not be neglected when choosing the best cloud storage for photographers 2021. It’s essential that all your backup data and individual privacy are protected well.

Top 6 best online backup for photographers

Based on the above considerations, you are recommended the 6 top best cloud backup for photographers as below, they are Google Photos, Amazon Drive, CrashPlan, Dropbox, Photoshelter and CBackup.

Table of best online backup

1. Google Photos

Google Photos Home Page

Google Photos is an excellent free service for storing photos and videos online. It offers a series of photography-oriented features within its cloud backup platform and it helps you categorize photos by date and time with powerful machine learning technologies. Besides, the facial recognition feature helps you find all photos of the same person easily and quickly.

Cost and cloud storage space

The cloud storage space of different versions and cost to per GB of storage are displayed clearly as the table below:

Google Photos Pricing


1. It owns a streamlined interface and excellent usability.

2. The free plan allows you to store high-resolution images up to 16 megapixels and videos up to 1080p.

3. Powerful AI technology will help you search and manage the target photos simply.

4. Keeping your memories safe with the world’s most advanced security infrastructure.


1. The 15 GB of free storage is shared across all other services from Google, including Gmail and Google Drive.

2. The using process is relatively complicated and cost high to larger storage.

2. Amazon Drive

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Amazon Drive, which is officially named Amazon Cloud Drive, offers secure cloud storage with functions of file backup and sharing, as well as photo printing. With an Amazon account, the files and folders can be both transferred and managed from multiple devices, let’s say web browsers, desktop applications, mobile devices and tablets.

Cost and cloud storage space

The cloud storage space of different versions and cost to per GB of storage are displayed clearly as the table below:

Pricing Amazon Drive


1. Access all your photo files from almost any device with the free Prime Photos app.

2. If you have the Prime membership that includes a service called Prime Photo, RAW file types will be supported.

3. Unlimited photo storage with Prime.

4. It keeps your files secure and safe.


1. It doesn’t support RAW file photo viewing, organizing or tagging with free account.

2. High cost to the upgraded subscription plan.

3. CrashPlan

Main Page

CrashPlan is a remarkably popular online backup for photographers because it can automatically backup the folders you tell it to. It’s reassuring that it keeps continuous backups. And you can enjoy unlimited storage and backup multiple destinations for no additional charge.

Cost and cloud storage space

The pricing of CrashPlan is quite simple, just $10/month per device (unless you're in Australia or New Zealand). And it offers you unlimited storage and access to all of the features.


1. There are no limits on individual file sizes.

2. You can remove or re-attach external hard drives without restarting the backup.


1. Its speed is pretty slow.

2. CrashPlan has a limit for file storage indeed, most uses of CrashPlan are below 1 TB of files, some are upwards of 5 TB's, and far fewer within 10 TB's.

4. Dropbox

Home Page

Dropbox is an online storage service operated by the American company Dropbox, Inc., which can be an efficient cloud backup to make your life and work stay in smooth progress through easy operation with secure access. And it helps you collaborate with friends and coworkers from any device, such as mobile phone, PC, laptop, etc.

Cost and cloud storage space:

The cloud storage space of different versions and cost to per GB of storage are displayed clearly as the table below:

Pricing Of Dropbox


1. Backup your entire hard disk and update the files with high efficiency.

2. All your files can be shared with different users in one group, which is conducive to teamwork.

3. Manage the backup tasks and track file updates to collaborate with teams and clients.

4. Any RAW files you upload are viewable as a preview image.


1. Limited cloud storage with free version of the Dropbox.

2. It can be listed as the most expensive option on this market.

5. Photoshelter

Photoshelter Home Page

Photoshelter is a cloud storage service that is both as an online storage and e-commerce platform for photographers. It allows you to upload full-resolution images and helps organize them into galleries for visitors or clients. What’s more, you can sell prints, license digital downloads on your website, which is profitable for you. You are able to have a 14-days free trial.

Cost and cloud storage space

The cloud storage space of different versions and cost to per GB of storage are displayed clearly as the table below:

Pricing Of Photoshelter


1. It offers integrated print fulfillment.

2. It enables you to upload full-resolution images, including RAW photos.

3. All files are backed up across multiple servers to ensure that your photos are safe while uploading.


1. It’s comparatively unworthy if all you need is photo storage (you’ll be paying for dozens of extra features you may never use).

2. High cost to small amount of cloud storage (Basic plan charges $10 per month but provides only 4 GB of storage).

6. CBackup

Cbackup Main Page

As one of the free cloud backup services, CBackup can help you backup and sync any files from local drive to cloud drive automatically without any limitation. Besides, cloud to cloud backup can also be realized with CBackup easily and it supports the third-party backup drives as well, say OneDrive, Dropbox and Google Drive, which can meet all your needs.

Cost and cloud storage space:

The cloud storage space of different versions and cost to per GB of storage are displayed clearly as the table below:

Pricing Of Cbackup


1. It offers scheduled backup to set up PC auto-backup tasks at a fixed frequency, say daily, weekly, monthly or one time only.

2. Get unlimited free cloud storage space with combined cloud, which is a good choice for photographers who are in need of huge amount of cloud storage space.

3. You can enjoy multiple services based on cloud backup without files format limitations, like file filter and email notification.

4. Support CBackup desktop APP in Windows PC/Mac and CBackup Web on any device.

5. High security and super stability with tech support and policy guarantee on security.


1. Unable to realize format conversion and be shared with team members in teamwork.

2. CBackup app is not available for mobile devices.

Tips: How to backup photo files with CBackup

Since you have learned the 6 best online backup for photos, if you are in need of the best backup drive for photographers that provides larger cloud storage for free, CBackup is surely the most suitable one for you, especially for its low cost and benefits of unlimited free cloud storage. In consequence, how can you do to backup all your photo files with CBackup? Don’t be worried. Here are detailed descriptions of operations of backing up files to CBackup Cloud with CBackup.

Please check and follow the steps below:

1. Please download CBackup desktop app and create an account with CBackup, and sign in to it.

Sign in

Step 2. Click Backup Tasks on the left navigation and click on New Task to create a new task.

Create New Task

Step 3. (It is optional to edit the Task Name to anything you like.) Click on Add Source.

Add Source

Step 4. Select Local Files > Next to choose the file you’d like to upload.

Select Local Files

Step 5. Click on Add Destination and Choose CBackup Cloud, then click the Next button.

Cbackup Cloud

Step 6. Finally, click the Start Backup button to begin your backup task.

Backup To Cbackup Cloud

Note: If your CBackup Cloud storage is not enough for you, you can get unlimited free cloud storage space with Combined Cloud.

Final Words

All in all, choosing the best online backup for photographers really matters to store their valuable photos. Wish you know better about online backup through the demonstrations above. And it’s expected that the top 6 best cloud backup service for photographers recommendations will help you find a fantastic cloud backup drive.

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