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Can I backup SD card to cloud?

“I currently have my photos saved to the SD card. I just upgraded to the 50gb Samsung cloud and want to backup SD card to Samsung cloud. Is anyone way to backup SD card to cloud directly? Looking for your kindly reply!”

Sd Card

Why backup SD card to cloud?

As we all know, SD card is a type of small flash memory card that commonly used in compact portable devices like digital cameras, portable computers, or mobile phones. Users can store various types of data including audio, messages, videos, etc. on SD card.

Make a copy of your data in case data loss:

Like any physical storage, SD card also may suffer physical damage, file system damage, and virus infection, and you may lose all important files saved in the SD card. Therefore, it is necessary to backup SD card in advance. After files get lost, you can easily use the backup to restore lost data on SD card. According to the backup strategy best practices - 3-2-1 backup rule, you are suggested to keep one copy in the cloud.

Free up storage space of SD card:

Besides data backup, another important reason to backup SD card to cloud is to free up space on SD card. Although the storage capacity of the SD card is quite large, it will be run out of quickly. And the full memory will affect the operation of the device. Thus, backing up SD card to cloud can reduce the memory of SD card.

That's why a backup of the SD card is necessary. Considering the security, storage space, costs and so on, cloud storage may be the best storage solution compared with external hard drives, USB drives, NAS, and others. In the following part, you will get to know about how to backup SD card to cloud.

Part 1. Backup SD card to cloud on Android or iPhone

Since SD card is commonly used in mobile devices, you may want to backup SD card to cloud from your Android or iPhone directly. It is not hard work. Most cloud drives have released a special app for mobile devices that you can download it to do cloud backup on Android or iPhone.

Here, we will take Google Drive for example to show you how to backup SD card to Google Drive on mobile devices. See the following details:

1. Download and install the Google Drive app on your mobile device.

2. Run this app and log in to your account.

3. Click the "+" or other with a red background and choose the Upload option.

Android New Upload

4. Now, select the files on the SD card, these files can be all files in the "Image", "Video", "Audio", "Download" and "Photo" categories. Click Finish.

5. Google Drive will immediately start backing up all selected files to the Google Drive cloud.

Part 2. Backup SD card to cloud on computer

Sometimes, users also may need to backup SD card to cloud on computer. Nowadays, there are many cloud drives in the market that you can choose as your backup destination. If you want to safely back up data to the cloud and can easily restore the data at any time, you are recommended to choose a professional cloud backup like CBackup.

CBackup is a secure and cheap cloud backup tool that offers a secure and stable cloud server called CBackup Cloud. With the PC client of CBackup, users can easily backup files from Windows PC to its CBackup Cloud. What’s more, CBackup is very cost-effective, which offers huge storage space at reasonable pricing.

If you need a PC cloud backup for your SD card data, CBackup is undoubtedly the best choice. You can follow the steps below to backup SD card to CBackup Cloud. But firstly, you should do the preparations below before backing up SD card to cloud:

Take out the SD card from your device and insert into the card reader, connect the card reader to the computer. (If you are using an SD card in your Android or tablet, you can directly connect your Android device to computer).

1. Download and install the CBackup PC client on your Windows PC.

2. Run the software. Then, sign up for a CBackup account and sign in.

CBackup Sign Up

3. Click on the Backup Tasks tab and click on the New Task button.

Create Task

4. Click on Add Source and find the SD card folder on your computer and then look for the files on your SD card that you want to back up.

Add Source

5. Click Add destination to choose CBackup Cloud as the backup destination. After selecting, click Start Backup.

Start Backup

Note: There is a Setting button in the lower-left corner. You can click it to use the File Filter feature and Email Notification feature. The former can help you filter unwanted files, and the latter can set reminders of backup results.

Schedule Backup


The contents above have shown how to backup SD card to cloud. You can follow the steps guide to backup SD card data on Android, iPhone, or computer. If you have no idea about how to choose a cloud backup, the best PC cloud backup – CBackup also has been introduced. You can give it a try.