How to Automatically Upload Photos to OneDrive from PC/Android/iOS

Is it achievable to automatically upload photos to OneDrive? Absolutely yes! Please read the article to automatically save photos to OneDrive in the easiest way for free and enjoy unlimited free storage.


by Ailsa Lasted Updated March 3, 2023

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Are photos automatically saved to OneDrive?

User case: “I saved a lot of photos in the album on my device, and there is little space for other apps now, can I just automatically upload photos to OneDrive, so that I can access them online anytime?”

As one of the leading cloud storage services on the market, OneDrive is also appreciated by many photographers due to its high compatibility with photo backup. So, many OneDrive users are curious about how to achieve auto upload photos to OneDrive on computer, Android or iPhone.

No worries. Read the content below and all your anxieties will be terminated soon.


Why do I automatically save photos to OneDrive?

Why do you need to automatically back up photos on OneDrive? Without any protection local, your photo files may face multiple risks, like being mistakenly deleted, disrupted, or inaccessible. By saving photos to OneDrive automatically, your data will be preserved in the cloud securely, you can access or restore data anytime.

If you’re troubled by the time-consuming and complex process of photo upload on OneDrive manually, you’d better auto-upload photos to OneDrive on Android, iPhone or computer. Besides, the whole process will be finished with higher efficiency and help you save local storage space as well. So how to automatically backup files to OneDrive? Please continue reading.

How to automatically backup photos to OneDrive on Computer?

Here, we will display efficient ways to help you realize auto unload photos to OneDrive from PC, and upload photos to OneDrive on Android and iPhone will be introduced in the next part. just find the appropriate way to automatically back up photos on OneDrive.

Way 1. Automatically Upload Photos to OneDrive using OneDrive desktop app

Here you have to installed OneDrive desktop app first on your computer, then sign in to your account. Then follow the steps to backup photos to OneDrive:

1. Click the OneDrive icon on the system tray and choose the Help & Settings icon and Settings.

2. Select the backup tab on the top, then tick Automatically save photos and videos to OneDrive whenever I Connect a camera, phone, or other devices to my PC.

Automatically Save Photos to OneDrive

Then your photos and videos will be uploaded automatically to OneDrive once you connect the device, like a camera, phone, or other devices to your computer.

Way 2. Upload Photos to OneDrive Automatically via CBackup

Here is a free way to automatically upload photos to OneDrive, which is the free cloud backup service CBackup. CBackup allows you to sync any files including Photos, videos and other files to OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive quickly and easily without any file size limitations. With Scheduler, you could upload photos to OneDrive daily, weekly, monthly or at a specific time.

CBackup Main Page

OK, let’s come to the point now! How to upload photos to OneDrive automatically on computer via CBackup? The detailed operation steps are displayed as follows, please follow now:

1. Download CBackup and finish the installation first. Run CBackup, sign up for a CBackup account, and sign in.

Download CBackupWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

2. Click "Storage" on the left bar, select “OneDrive” and click "Authorize Now". Then please follow the guide to grant CBackup to add your OneDrive account.

Select OneDrive

3. Next, select "Sync", and then hit the "Sync PC to Public Cloud" button to create your OneDrive photo upload task.

Sync PC to Public Cloud

4. Now, you can edit the "Task Name" as you prefer, and choose photos in the Source. Then, select a OneDrive folder as the target location.

5. Tab "Settings" on the bottom left, select Scheduler and tick the "Set a backup schedule for automated backup" option, choose the time you want to upload photos to OneDrive, and click "OK".

Sync Scheduler

6. Finally, press "Start Sync" to upload photos to OneDrive automatically.

Start Sync Photos to OneDrive

Other valuable features of CBackup that might help you a lot to protect your files:

Cloud to Cloud Backup & Sync: Backup or sync from one public cloud to another directly without downloading and re-uploading, saving you time and effort.
CBackup allows combining idle space of multiple cloud drives to get unlimited cloud storage at no extra cost.
It offers high security to your private data based on 256-bit AES Encryption, OAuth Authorization System, and GDPR policy.
Every CBackup account can enjoy free cloud storage of 10 GB in CBackup Cloud, and you can expand to 1TB or 5TB at a good price.

How to Upload Photos to OneDrive from Android Automatically

If you are an Android user, here’s the guide to upload pictures to OneDrive from Android automatically, please do as follows:

1. Likewise, download OneDrive for Android first, and log in to your account.

2. Then, tab the “Me” icon in the lower-right corner and click Settings.

Android Settings

3. Now, please locate the “Camera Upload” option, click it, and toggle the switch to allow automatically upload photo to OneDrive.

Camera Upload

4. After that, you will see prompts popping up, please just click the “CONFIRM” option to start automatically backup Android photos to OneDrive.


Automatically Backup iPhone Photos to OneDrive

If you are using the iPhone and want to backup iPhone photos to OneDrive, here’s the guide to uploading photos to OneDrive from iOS automatically, please do as follows:

1. First of all, download OneDrive for iOS and log in to your OneDrive account you have (or sign up for a new one if necessary).

2. On the main page of OneDrive, tap on “Me” in the top-left corner and click the Settings” option.

iOS Settings

3. Next, click on “Camera Upload”, and change the switch to enable automatic uploading iOS photos to OneDrive.

Camara Upload

Bonus tip: What if the cloud storage is insufficient?

Since OneDrive offers only 5GB of free storage space for you, it may be not enough for you to back up large files to OneDrive smoothly. If you need more backup space for photo files for free, you can try the following 2 ways via CBackup. Please read on.

Method 1. Try CBackup Cloud (10GB Free)

As mentioned in the foregoing part, CBackup offers 10 GB of free cloud storage in CBackup Cloud, so you’re allowed to turn to CBackup Cloud as the backup destination If your OneDrive storage is full

Just do the same as the detailed steps above, and you just need to select “CBackup Cloud” as the file backup destination after clicking Backup > Backup PC to CBackup Cloud.

Start Backup

Method 2. Increase OneDrive Storage Space for Free

What if the CBackup Cloud storage is inadequate for you as well? Don’t worry. There is another free way for you: Combined Cloud. You are able to merge different cloud drives or several cloud accounts of one cloud into one to get a huge combined cloud.

Here is an example of combining multiple OneDrive accounts, please do as follows. (You can also combine other cloud storage if you have.)

1. Add your OneDrive accounts to CBackup as many as you have as mentioned above.

2. After adding, click the “Storage”> "Add Combined Cloud" button in turn.

New Combined Cloud

3. Please tick the boxes next to OneDrive accounts that you added. After that, click on "Next" > "Combine". Then, you will have a "Combined Cloud" in your clouds list.

Tick All OneDrive Accounts

Then you could hit Backup > Backup PC to Combined Cloud to save photos to the combined space.


If you are anxious about how to automatically upload photos to OneDrive, after reading the whole passage, you must have known how to realize auto-save photos in OneDrive from devices, like PC, Android and iOS devices. CBackup can really be considered the best and simplest way to solve your problem, which is quite easy, fast, secure, and cost-effective. You can also enjoy unlimited online storage for free via CBackup.

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