Amazon Drive vs. Google Drive: Which Is Better in Cloud Service?

This post shows you similarities and differences between Amazon Drive vs. Google Drive. You can compare them in several aspects and then make your decision.


by Zoey Lasted Updated June 6, 2023

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Which is better: Amazon Drive vs. Google Drive

To compare Amazon Drive vs. Google Drive, let’s learn some information about each of them.

Amazon Drive: Amazon Drive is an easy cloud storage service provided by Amazon, also called Amazon Cloud Drive. It allows users to set up cloud storage, file backup, file sharing, photo printing tasks. Users can manage their files on different devices such as computers, and phones. And Amazon Drive provides both website version and desktop application for users.

Google Drive: Google Drive is a cloud-based storage service provided by Google, and allows users to store files in the cloud drive, sync, and share files between different devices. What’s more, Google Drive integrates perfectly with other Google apps like Google Photos, Gmail, and Google Docs.

Comparison between Amazon Drive and Google Drive

To compare Google Drive vs. Amazon Drive, you can learn more information about them in different aspects. Here we list some similarities and differences and you can make your decision referring to them.

Application interface

First, you can compare Amazon Cloud vs. Google Drive with their application interface. Both of them have a simple and easy-to-use interface, but there are some differences as well.

Google Drive: Once you install Google Drive for desktop application on your computer, Google Drive will create a disk called Google Drive in the disk. And a folder named My Drive will be created on the disk automatically.

Google Drive For Desktop

Amazon Drive: The desktop application of Amazon Drive is Amazon Photos. It will ask you if you need to sync photos and videos while you are installing it. You can choose to sync all or one of your photos and videos.

Amazon Photos Desktop

Supported areas

Amazon Drive and Google Drive provide services for different areas as well. Google Drive has its own advantages because it is supported in all countries.

Google Drive: Available globally.

Amazon Drive: Specific countries and areas like Boston, Dallas, Brazil, Sao Paulo, Paris, Seoul, and other areas.

File types

Although Amazon Drive and Google Drive are the same type of cloud service product, they also have a different focus in terms of service delivery like the file types they support.

Google Drive: Text, PDF, image, ZIP, RAR, tar, gzip, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

Amazon Drive: Jpeg, bmp, mp4, 3gp, mov, m4a, m4v, avi, png, RAW, etc.

File sharing

File sharing is an important feature of cloud services. Both Amazon Drive and Google Drive provide file sharing feature and allow users to share links, but the permission of links can not be controlled in both of them.

Google Drive: Google Drive allows users to control permissions for files or folder-sharing links.

Amazon Drive: If you use Amazon Drive to share files or folders, you cannot control permissions for sharing tasks.

Pricing and plans

The price and subscription plans of cloud storage services are important for users. You can compare Amazon Cloud Storage vs. Google Drive from the different costs below.

Google Drive: Each Google account will get 15GB of free cloud storage. And the cloud storage space is shared with Gmail, and Google Photos at the same time.

Amazon Drive: Amazon Drive just provides 5GB of free cloud storage, and the subscription plans are not divided into business version and personal version.

To learn more information clearly, you can refer to the table below:

Amazon Vs Google Table


Users also care about the security of their data. For this, both Amazon Drive and Google Drive provide advanced security features.

Google Drive: Google Drive uses AES 128-bit and 256-bit encryptions. Two-factor authentication, laser grid, and biometric scanners are also supported to protect your data.

Amazon Drive: Amazon Drive provides multi-factor authentication. When you clear cookies or log into your account with a new browser, you have to finish an additional security verification step.

Operation on files

There are some differences in the operation of files like creating a file. To operate a file creation, you can use both the website and desktop application of Google Drive, but only with the Amazon Drive website:

Google Drive: To create a file in Google Drive, you can go to the Google Drive website, then right-click and select the file type.

Create File In Google Drive Website

You can also create a file with Google Drive for Desktop. Just open the application and click the Add folder button.

Create Folder In Google Drive Desktop

To create a file with Amazon Drive, you can navigate to the Amazon Drive website, and select Create new folder on the right.

Create New Folder In Amazon Drive

As a result, Google Drive provides services for more countries and areas, and more subscription plans for different types of accounts. The features on its desktop application are more comprehensive. Maybe Google Drive is suitable for most users, but you can try both of them and make your own decision.

Tip: A better free alternative cloud backup service

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Backup Files to Google Drive

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Backup PC to Public Cloud

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Start Backup Files to Google Drive

Final words

That’s all about the comparison between Amazon Drive vs. Google Drive. If you have difficulty choosing one from them, maybe you can make a decision after reading this article. If you want a better cloud backup solution for your data, you can consider using a free cloud backup service - CBackup to protect your data.

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