Get 10TB Cloud Storage with 4 Best Cloud Services

Which is the cheapest and most cost-effective cloud service that offers 10TB cloud storage space? Scroll down for a clear answer and you will know a way to obtain 10GB cloud storage at no cost.


by Jonna Lasted Updated April 8, 2024

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What Is the Best Cloud Provider with 10 TB Cloud Storage?


I am searching for cloud storage services that offer 10TB of cloud storage for storing files. I would like to save a large amount of my data in cloud storage and download it when I need it. Any good options? Thanks.

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We are in the age of data explosion, where an abundance of data is generated and requires a place to store our data. Many users turn their attention to seeking 10TB cloud storage solutions since they have the advantages of low-cost and easy access to data.

However, finding the right cloud storage provider that offers 10TB online storage is no easy task. If you have the same problem, here you can solve it. On this page, we round up the 4 best and most cost-effective cloud storage services offering 10TB and bigger cloud storage. Hope you can find the best one for you.

Best Cost-effective Cloud Services with 10TB Cloud Storage

If you think that popular cloud providers like Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, and Amazon Drive are too expensive for too little storage, you can turn to the following 4 options and opt for the best one. We will list their features, performance, and price for your reference.

CBackup (Recommend)

Cbackup Main Page

CBackup is a free cloud backup tool that provides the most cost-efficient cloud storage plans. It offers 10GB of free CBackup Cloud space. Annual payments are also available, which is more favorable.

Also, you can automatically backup files to Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and other public cloud storage for free with this freeware. And you could migrate files from one cloud to another with its cloud backup/sync features with simple clicks.

Free storage: 10GB

Paid plans:

  • $4.99 per month or $29.94 per year for 1TB of CBackup cloud storage.
  • $14.99 per month or $89.94 per year for 5TB of CBackup cloud storage.


  • 256-bit AES encryption.
  • No restore cost for backups; data cloud backup with versioning controls.
  • Easy and secure cloud to cloud file transfer.

Cons: Supported on Windows PCs only.


Idrive Cloud Drive

IDrive is widely used among users who want to get 10TB cloud storage or more. It supports you to backup multiple devices to a single cloud account and this tool comes with snapshots and versioning functions.

Besides, this software is one of the best cloud backups for NAS and other network storage devices, with the option to connect external hard drives. It can be applied to get file online syncs across all the connected devices.

Free storage: 5GB

Paid plans:

  • For IDrive personal plans, $99.50/year for 10TB, or $199/ 2 years for 10TB of storage.
  • For team plans, $199.5/year for 10TB; or $399/ 2 years for 10TB of storage.


  • Universal support for most devices.
  • Point-in-time data recovery.
  • Various cloud storage tiers are available.


  • No two-factor authentication.
  • Upload data slowly in testing.



Backblaze is a cloud storage giant that you can obtain 10TB lifetime cloud storage easily. Its main feature is to back things up, and the 10 TB cloud storage cost on Backblaze for personal backups is $60 for a year. More specifically, this payment is for unlimited cloud storage.

After you install its app, continuous backups of all important data on the PC will be performed automatically. But, it is noteworthy that one registered Backblaze account can only cover one computer.

Free storage: 10GB

Paid plans:

  • $7/month with unrestricted storage.
  • $70/annual with unrestricted storage. 
  • $130/every two years for unrestricted storage.


  • Unlimited cloud storage.
  • Scheduled backups of files and folders.
  • Unlimited backup for external drives.


  • No features beyond data backups.
  • Only one PC per account.

Google Drive

Google Drive

Google Drive as the most popular cloud storage service, offers a seamless blend of accessibility, functionality, and affordability. Whether you're an individual user or a business entity, it caters to your storage needs with finesse by providing various cloud storage plans. And with Google Workspace, you can gain 10TB or unlimited cloud storage.

Free storage: 15GB

Paid Plans:

  • $1.99 per month or $19.99 per year for 100GB of Google Drive storage.
  • $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year for 2TB of Google Drive storage.


  • Instant access to edit files
  • File organization and management
  • Solid data backup
  • Easy sharing


  • Security risks
  • Requires internet connection
  • Google broses content save in Google Drive

CBackup: Get More Than Google Drive 10TB Cloud Storage for Free

Google Drive is the cloud storage service provider with the most users, and its users often feel distressed by insufficient Google Drive storage space. Since Google Drive unlimited storage price is too high, you can take advantage of the cloud storage combination feature of CBackup to merge unlimited accounts from multiple popular cloud storage solutions to get 10TB free cloud storage hands down. Currently, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox are supported on CBackup.

Combine Storage Cloud

You are allowed to combine free and paid storage space, and you can merge accounts from different cloud storage together. Setting a good example is that you can combine 10 free Google Drive accounts to get 150GB of storage space easily. Namely, the more accounts you have, the bigger cloud storage space you can combine to get for free.

You can try the following steps to obtain Google Drive 10TB or OneDrive 10TB lifetime storage space for nothing:

Step 1. Download and install CBackup on your computer. Apply for a CBackup account and sign in to the CBackup desktop app.

Download CBackup Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 2. Navigate to the Storage tab, select one cloud among Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and then, hit Authorize Now. Then, you can authorize CBackup to access your cloud storage.

Add Clous

You can repeat step 2 to add all your Google Drive accounts, OneDrive accounts, and Dropbox accounts to CBackup so that you can merge them.

Step 3. After adding, tap on + Add Combined Cloud on the Storage screen.

My Storage New Combined Cloud

Step 4. After that, pick the cloud accounts you want to combine into a whole space and press Next > Combine. Then, the cloud combination has completed.

Create New Combined Cloud

You can apply the combined cloud to back up any files you stored on your PC and other single cloud drives to protect them from loss and corruption with ease by clicking Backup and then choosing Backup PC to Combined Cloud now.

Combined Cloud


#1. What is 10TB Cloud Storage?

10TB cloud storage refers to a cloud-based storage solution that offers a storage capacity of 10 terabytes (TB). It allows users to store large amounts of data, including documents, photos, videos, and more, in the cloud.

#2. Can I share my 10TB cloud storage with others?

Many cloud storage providers offer features that allow users to share files and folders with others, making collaboration easy. However, it's essential to check the terms and conditions of your chosen provider to ensure that sharing 10TB of storage is permitted and does not violate any usage policies.

#3. How Secure is 10TB Cloud Storage?

Security measures vary among different cloud storage providers, but reputable services typically offer robust encryption, data redundancy, and secure transmission protocols to protect your data. It's essential to choose a trusted provider and implement best practices for securing your account, such as using strong passwords and enabling two-factor authentication.

#4. Can I Upgrade or Downgrade my Storage Plan?

Many cloud storage providers offer flexibility to upgrade or downgrade your storage plan based on your changing needs. Check with your provider to see if they offer such options and any associated terms or fees.

#5. What Happens if I Exceed the 10TB Storage Limit?

If you exceed the allocated storage limit, you may need to upgrade to a higher-tier plan or purchase additional storage space, depending on the policies of your cloud storage provider. Some providers may offer notifications or warnings as you approach your storage limit to help you manage your usage effectively.

The Verdict

If you want to get 10TB cloud storage lifetime for storing data, you can take the 4 cloud services on this page into consideration. Our pick from the three mentioned solutions is CBackup, not only for its most cost-effective storage subscriptions but also for its unique cloud combination capability that can assist to expand cloud storage for free. You can consider giving it a try!

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