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  • Combine multiple FREE cloud storage to store backups without any cost.
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What Makes CBackup Stand Out ?

Free Online Backup Service Forever

You may find lots of free online backup solution providers. However, most of them only allow you to use the cloud backup services for 15 or 30 days, and ask for money if you want to continue.

Luckily, CBackup provides a permanent free cloud backup plan without any cost. Back up your precious files and memories to cloud without spending a penny now!

Combine Free and Paid Cloud Storage

CBackup enables you to combine multiple free cloud storage services into a larger, even unlimited cloud backup space without paying money to buy storage for critical data backup. For example, Google Drive provides 15GB free storage, so you can easily get 45GB backup storage by adding 3 free accounts of Google Drive into CBackup. Dropbox and OneDrive are also supported.

Besides, you can use the backup software to merge your paid idle storage into a larger backup space to protect your important data.

Protect Your Data with File Backup and File Sync

Both backup and synchronization are provided to protect your data from loss. Your important data is safe even if you accidentally delete them or your computer crashed.

With CBackup synchronization, you do not have to manually download and upload files between multiple cloud storages or accounts. It can be easier and faster for you to sync data between Dropbox and Google Drive or other clouds. You may find lots of free online backup solution providers. However, most of them only allow you to use the cloud backup services for 15 or 30 days, and ask for money if you want to continue.

Professional Brings Security, Easiness and Reliability

CBackup use 256-bit AES Encryption technique to ensure your data security while transferring.

Create a schedule to automatically backup data to your own cloud drives. Perform tasks based on user logon & logoff and system startup & shutdown. Automatically delete old backups based on specified values (the age or the number) to save cloud storage.

Because of these features, CBackup is awarded by over 30 professional media and highly recommended by tens of thousands of users.

Be Assured Your Data Is 100% Safe

Data safety is our gene, we take security seriously.

You Own Your Data

CBackup works as a channel to connect cloud drives of your own. All of your files are stored in the cloud backup services that you trust, and only you have the authority to access them.

Industry-leading Technologies

We use 256-bit AES Encryption in data transfer to ensure that your data is not tampered, blocked or cracked. Besides, adding cloud drives to CBackup is based on OAuth, which means we never save cloud login information.

GDPR Compliance

We apply appropriate security and technical measures to protect the privacy of personal data. Besides, only personal data that is necessary for the specific purpose can be processed by CBackup.

Best Cloud
Backup Features

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PC to Cloud Backup

Backup your computer files to secure cloud drives.

Cloud to Cloud Backup

Backup cloud files to another without downloading and re-uploading.

Automatic Cloud Backup

Set and forget. Create a schedule to backup files to cloud automatically.

PC to Cloud Sync

Sync computer data automatically to unlimited cloud space and access them anywhere.

Cloud to Cloud Sync

Sync data between different public clouds to keep all your cloud accounts updated automatically.

Flexible Data Recovery

Restore files anytime and anywhere with a few clicks.

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Trusted by Top Medias and Worldwide Users

Most awarded, highly recommended. We do this because we know the importance of data safety. But don't just take our word for it.

Why Do You Need Cloud Backup?

There are numerous threats to cause data loss and breaches. Traditional cloud data backup solutions cannot address various kinds of threats any more. Losing your files is much more common than you’d think.


How often someone in the world is attacked by ransomware.


hard drives crash each week in the U.S. alone.


of data loss is caused by hardware failure.


Global losses from cybercrimes each year.

Afraid to lose your precious files?

Backup your files with the best free cloud backup solution.

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