Benefits of Cloud Backup Restore in CBackup

High Availability and Disaster Recoverability

Recover important data from cloud when hardware or server crashes to quickly turn everything back to normal.

Make Data Migration Easier

Restore data of one computer to another new computer with simply one log in of CBackup. No physical media is required.

Restore Exactly the Files You Need

Selectively file restore allows you to restore only the files you need from a complete backup, instead of the entire backup.

No Restore Speed Limit

CBackup makes no restrict to the restoring speed. The speed only depends on your network.

3-Step Guide to Restore from Cloud with CBackup

  • Select a task and click the three dots menu. Select Restore.
  • Select a backup, and then select where to restore to.
  • Click Start Restore.
  • Tips: Set up restore settings when necessary.

Restore Backup
Select Files to Restore
Start Restore
Restore Settings

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