Combine Clouds for Unlimited Cloud Storage

Limited by Cloud Free Space?

There are main-stream cloud storage providers offering free cloud backup service, such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox. However, it is not easy to perform worry-free online backup due to limited free space as well as different drives and accounts.

Never Waste Any Free Backup Space

Different drives and different accounts of same cloud can be connected into one place with a proper strategy. Free space of multiple free cloud drives can be combined to a bigger backup storage, the most ideal state is that you can get unlimited cloud storage by using the unlimited online backup service from CBackup.

Take Advantage of Idle Space to Save Budget

Fully Use Free Space of Your Paid Account

Your paid cloud storage may have much spare space but cannot easily be used as online backup storage, like backing up Google Photos. With proper combination, the precious cloud space can be effectively used.

Make Unlimited Cloud Backup Easy and Save Money

One unlimited online backup storage can be used as destination of all backup tasks. Maximum budget savings. Also, backup to combined idle space make “insufficient space” issue devoid. Maximum free space.

Make Online Backup Free & Get Unlimited Storage with CBackup

  • Mainstream Cloud Drives Supported

    Multiple popular cloud storage providers like, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, FTP, are fully supported.

  • Simple Combination Method

    With only several clicks, you can add cloud drives to CBackup. No professional skills or knowledge required.

Why Choose CBackup Unlimited Online Backup Service?

Back up all your data to unlimited cloud storage with free unlimited cloud backup service.
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