Manage Cloud Storage Professionally

Is File Storing Affected by Backups?

Taking a cloud disk as the target path of regular backup tasks may result in backup images occupying too much spaces. As a result, normal file store like photo syncing may not work well due to insufficient space.

Easily Assign Space for Backup and Storing

Set up an upper limit for backup images and it will never disturb normal file storage. If multiple cloud disks added, you can combine all allocated space into a virtual and bigger storage.

What can Allocate Space Do for You?

  • Manage Cloud Backup Space Easily

    Allocate certain free space to backup. Never let it affect regular file storage. It will remind you when there is insufficient storage space.

  • Flexible Configuration Options

    You can use all free space for backup images (default), allocate certain spaces for backup, or set remaining space on the contrary. Make a choice based on needs.

  • Combine Free Space of All Clouds

    You can make a larger cloud storage for backup when multiple cloud drives added. Set up the primary backup destination and the secondary.

  • Very Easy to Use

    No technical skills or specific knowledge required. Anyone can configure the settings like a breeze. The UI & UE is very friendly.

User Guide: Allocate Cloud Space in CBackup

Easily allocate free space on cloud disks with CBackup and manage backup space efficiently. Create an account first.

  • Click My Storage. Find a cloud drive, right-click it and select Allocate Space.
  • Choose an option based on your need.

Tips: Click “Learn More” if you’d like to get detailed steps.

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