Complete Guide to Using School Google Drive Account

What is school Google Drive and how to use a school Google Drive account to help education? The following content will show the full guide to using the school Google Drive account.


by Jonna Lasted Updated May 31, 2023

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What is Google Drive for Education?

Google Drive for Education (known as Google Workspace for Education) is a set of easy-to-use free tools that can be used as a flexible and secure platform to help learning, collaboration, and communication.

The school Google Drive is like a huge storage space. When you backup files to Google Drive or create new content, such as documents, forms, tables, and slides, your data will be stored in the cloud.

Is Google Drive free for schools?

The school Google Drive is free for qualified educational institutions, and Google Drive for school will have 100TB of shared storage. Google Drive is seamlessly integrated with Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc. Students can easily collaborate with everyone in the school community.

G Suite

The Google Workspace for Education Standard, Education Plus, Teaching, and Learning Upgrade requires a paid subscription, and you will get additional Google Drive school storage space based on the number of licenses you purchase.

If the school has more than 20,000 students, teachers, and staff, the Google Drive school account can request additional storage space.

The benefit of using School Google Drive

School Google Drive can be used as an excellent learning collaboration tool that can help students and parents to study and work efficiently. Its interface is simple and clear, teachers and students can quickly and easily create and share files, which is very suitable for remote learning and revision, and can also communicate with parents remotely and show students' learning progress.

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Excellent backup solution

It can store lesson plans and student homework to the cloud, and these data are relatively safe, so there is no need to worry about data loss due to accidents such as human error, theft, and fire.

Allow users to send large files

Teachers can send learning resources, whether from large files or video files, to students or colleagues through Gmail.

Smart search

Google Drive's built-in keyword search function can quickly find the owner's file, and scanning the document with an optical character recognition tool can easily find specific data sent by other users (such as students, staff, or parents).

Easy sharing

Google Drive for School has a powerful sharing function. Teachers can send shareable links to students so that students can quickly access the shared files and folders, which can be of great help in creating homework, completing work, and providing feedback.

Teachers and students sometimes need to add files to the shared folder, go to and learn how to upload files to shared Google Drive.

Strong compatibility 

Google Drive is compatible with most file types, including PDF, PowerPoint presentation, JPEG, Word, WMV, MP4, etc. If you have problems opening any of the documents or video files, you can try another file format.

Can schools access your Google Drive?

As a member of the organization, the account provided to you by the school does not belong to you. The account belongs to the school. They only allow you to use your Google Drive account.

This means that the administrator can use your Google Drive account to perform any desired actions, including deleting the account.

What’s stored in your school Google Drive account? If the school Google Drive account is located in the .edu domain, the administrator can see all the data in it, including email, search history, Youtube viewing history, and browsing history of the account in Google Chrome.

However, unless you explicitly grant access, other people will not have access to files and data on your other Google accounts.

How can teachers utilize Google Drive?

Google Drive for Education is integrated with a series of practical tools that can be used to create things, which can greatly improve the efficiency and productivity of teachers in teaching. Such as:

  • Google Docs-word processing tool.

  • Google Slides-slide presentation tool.

  • Google Sheets-spreadsheet tool.

  • Google Forms-survey creation tool.

Therefore, Google Drive is not only a place to store user files, it can also be used for work. This means that teachers and students can use Suite to do any kind of assignments, tests, and presentations on the same platform.

Using Google Slides, teachers can upload their presentations for teaching, which can improve class efficiency.

Using Google Drive, students can submit assignments or papers to a folder visible only to the teacher, and the teacher can directly access the document for review and comment, without writing notes and comments.

Using Google Forms makes it easy for students to fill in class forms and organize their answers into electronic forms. Teachers can grant access to teaching materials because they are all stored on the same server.

Besides, paid projects such as Google Classroom are also very powerful. It allows teachers to create a class, collect and grade students’ work, and share documents and communication.

In the end

School Google Drive is an excellent service that can greatly improve the productivity of schools in education. I hope this article can answer your questions about the process of using Google Drive for Education. Now go to school Google Drive to log in and start using it!


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