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Can I Move Google Drive Folder to Desktop?

Sometimes, it’s necessary to move Google Drive folder to other locations, like the desktop, new drive, etc. Is there any way to copy Google Drive folder to desktop? Of course you have ways to get it. But how to move Google Drive folder to Desktop easily? What should you do? Here we will walk you through with the details to transfer Google Drive folder to desktop.

2 Ways to Change Google Drive Default Folder to Desktop

There are 2 solutions for you to move the Google Drive folder to desktop if you are using Backup and Sync, let’s show you the details:

Tip: Backup and Sync and Drive File Stream have been upgraded and replaced by Drive for desktop. After you install and run Drive for desktop on your computer, it will create a Google Drive disk on the computer, not a Google Drive folder anymore. If you sign out Drive for desktop or disconnect your account with it, the Google Drive disk will disappear. But you can still locate your Google Drive folder at C:\Users\[yourusername]\My Drive, where most people store the Google Drive folder. If you want to move this folder to the desktop, you can copy it from the source location and paste it to the desktop simply.

Way 1. Move Google Drive Folder Location to Desktop

If you prefer to move the Google Drive default folder to desktop, you have the following way to get it while setting up Google Backup and Sync.

If you haven’t set up your Google Backup and Sync on your computer:

1. Once you signed in to your Google Drive account after installing, set up your computer folders to sync at My Computer tab, then go to Google Drive tab, then tick Sync My Drive to this computer option, then click Change... behind the Folder location, then choose Desktop as the destination. Choose the option you want to sync.

Sync My Drive

2. Then click Start button to finish setting up, and now you have moved Google Drive folder to desktop successfully.

If you’ve already started syncing folders with Backup and Sync but still want to move Google Drive folder to desktop:

1. You need to disconnect your Google Drive account and copy all content of the Google Drive folder to the folder on desktop as you want.

2. Open your Backup and Sync app, then click Change... at the Google Drive tab to pick the desktop folder. Then it will move Google Drive folder to desktop.

Way 2. Relocate Google Drive Folder to Desktop

1. Click the Backup and Sync icon on the system tray, tap More icon > Quit Backup and Sync.

Quit Backup and Sync

2. Then Copy Google Drive folder to desktop, then delete the original Google Drive folder. The Google Drive folder location is usually at C:\Users\[yourusername]\Google Drive.

3. Start Google Backup and Sync on your computer, then it will show the following error message:

A synced folder is missing. Backup and Sync is trying to sync “Google Drive”, but the folder has either been moved or deleted.

Google Drive A Synced Folder is Missing

4. Click Locate to choose the Google Drive folder on desktop, click Confirm. then the Google Drive folder has been moved to the desktop successfully.

How to Move Files from Google Drive to Desktop with Drive File Stream?

With Google Drive File Stream, there is no Google Drive default folder, because Google Drive File Stream stores files on the cloud without taking up hard drive space. But you could copy Google Drive folder to desktop.

How to move files from Google Drive to Desktop? There are 3 ways below to show you how to move folder from Google Drive to desktop.

Way 1. Move Google Drive Folder to Desktop with Move to

If you are using Google Drive File Stream (Drive for Desktop) app, you could do the following things to move Google Drive folder to desktop:

1. Ensure you have logged in your Google Drive account, click Google Drive icon in the system tray, then click the Folder icon at the top right corner.

Open Google Drive Folder

2. Double-click the My Drive folder, then choose the folder you want to move to desktop, select Move to at the top, and then choose Desktop.

Move Google Drive Folder To Desktop

3. Then you will move Google Drive folders to desktop. It will download the folders to Desktop, and delete them automatically within Google Drive.

Note: The folders you moved to desktop will be deleted in My Drive folder on any other devices and the webpage. And the items will be deleted forever after 30 days, and you could recover the deleted folders within 30 days.

The folders you moved to Desktop just like other folders locally even disconnect from your Google Drive account.

Way 2. Copy and Paste Google Drive Folder to Desktop

Besides, you could use the traditional way to move Google Drive folder to desktop: Copy and Paste.

1. Open your Google Drive folder (Google Drive File Stream) on your computer, open My Drive.

2. Select the Google Drive folders you want to copy to desktop. And press Ctrl + C to copy Google Drive folders.

3. Go to the Desktop, and press Ctrl + V to copy Google Drive folder to desktop directly.

And just like the way you did above, it will be deleted from Google Drive folder. For webpage, you could to go Trash to find the folders.

Way 3. Download Google Drive Folder and Move to Desktop Manually

Except for the desktop app, you could try the Google Drive webpage, please log in to your Google Drive account.

1. Choose the Google Drive folders, right click them, and choose Download to download the folders to the local Windows Download folder.

Download Google Drive Folder

2. After downloading finished, please open the folder containing the download file (suffix with .zip), then unzip the file. Then select the Google Drive folders, and choose Move to, select the Desktop folder as the destination.

3. Then your Google Drive folders will be moved to desktop easily.

What If Google Drive Storage Full?

As you know, Google Drive has 15GB free cloud storage space, and if you use Google Drive as a backup, it will be filled up quickly. If you have multiple Google Drive accounts and don’t want to upgrade for more cloud storage space, it’s highly recommended to try the free cloud backup service CBackup to merge Google Drive accounts into one big backup space for free.

Here is how to increase Google Drive storage space for free:

1. Download and launch the CBackup desktop app, please create a new CBackup account and sign in.

Download CBackup Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Sign In

2. Go to My Storage > choose Google Drive and click Authorize Now. Then follow the on-screen guide to allow CBackup to access your Google Drive account.

Add Cloud

3. Edit the Cloud name, Storage path, then tick the "Note: Please do not change the path directly in the third-party cloud, or modify or delete the backup file." option, and click OK.

Complete Google Drive Info

4. Then repeat step 2 - step 3 to add other Google Drive accounts. And click My Storage > + Add Combined Cloud, then tick all Google Drive accounts and click Next, determine the cloud order to backup files, and click Combine.

My Storage New Combined Cloud

Tick All Google Drive Accounts

5. Now your Google Drive storage has been increased for free, and you could sync files to Google Drive freely without worrying about Google Drive storage full problem.

Besides, if you encounter Google Backup and Sync not syncing problem, you could try the CBackup to backup files to cloud. And you could perform cloud to cloud backup and cloud to cloud sync easily to transfer files entirely.

The End

If you prefer to move Google Drive folder to desktop, there are several solutions to realize that according to the above words. Just find a suitable solution to copy Google Drive folder to desktop. And you could try CBackup to increase Google cloud storage for free with simple clicks if you encounter the Google Drive storage full problem.

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