How to Move Files Between OneDrive for Business Accounts: 3 Ways

This comprehensive guide covers three ways to move files between OneDrive for Business accounts easily.


by Jonna Lasted Updated March 2, 2023

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User Case: Can You Share Files Between OneDrive for Business Accounts?

“I have 3 TB of data sitting on a OneDrive for Business account that my university offers. I'm graduating next month, and I won't be able to use this academic OneDrive account anymore, so I want to transfer files to another OneDrive for Business account. How do I move files between OneDrive for Business accounts?”

Is There A Difference Between OneDrive and OneDrive for Business?

Microsoft OneDrive offers cloud storage services that allow you to store data online and access your files anywhere, anytime. But in reality, Microsoft offers two different versions of OneDrive - OneDrive (for Personal) and OneDrive for Business. There are certainly differences between the two.

OneDrive (for Personal) is a consumer-focused cloud designed to store documents, photos, music, and other types of files. By contrast, OneDrive for Business is a special version available to Office 365 Business plan users and SharePoint Team site users. It has the same features as the consumer version of OneDrive, with additional organizational and management features extended to fit the business environment.

OneDrive Personal vs Business

Why Move Files Between OneDrive for Business Accounts?

OneDrive is used extensively in the world today, whether in the process of learning or working. If you leave school and join a company or jump from one company to another, you may face the need to transfer files from one OneDrive account to another. For OneDrive for Business users, it is even more important to have an easy and fast transfer, as they usually face a large number of files to be migrated.

In addition, if your company works with other companies, you can also have the motivation to transfer OneDrive for Business to another account. Whatever your reason for doing OneDrive for Business to OneDrive for Business migration, the most important thing is to find a secure and efficient method because you never want your data to be compromised or lost during the process. Fortunately, the following three tools can help you.

Way 1. Move Files from Between OneDrive for Business Account with OneDrive App

There is an easy method to let OneDrive for Business move files between users - using the OneDrive desktop app, which allows you to sign in and manage multiple accounts. It is important to note that you can have multiple work or school accounts, but only one personal OneDrive account on it.

Step 1. Run the OneDrive desktop application and sign in with one of your OneDrive for Business accounts.

Step 2. Go to OneDrive Settings, and click on Add a business account on the Account page. Then, sign in and set up another OneDrive for Business account.

Add A Business Account

Step 3. After that, there would be two OneDrive folders on the computer. You can drag and drop files from one account to another for data migration.

Way 2. Move OneDrive for Business to Another Account by Sharing

Another approach you can apply to migrate OneDrive for Business to another account is by sharing.

Step 1. Visit the OneDrive website and sign in with your OneDrive for Business credential.

Step 2. With files or folders selected, tap on Share.

Click Share

Step 3. Click the down arrow to choose permissions for the files/folders you will be sharing - Anyone, People in your organization, or Specific people. Then, select Apply.


Step 4. Enter the email address of the cloud you wish to share with. Click Send. You could also hit Copy Link to send the selected data in an email. Then, log in with your second OneDrive for Business account and check shared files and folders in the Shared tab.

Way 3. Transfer Between OneDrive for Business Accounts using MultCloud

Using the above two methods to move files between OneDrive for Business accounts is time-consuming and laborious. Next, we will recommend the fastest and simplest way to do OneDrive for Business migration - with the help of a free cloud file manager, MultCloud.

This tool supports more than 30 popular cloud drives, including OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, Google Drive, Google Workspace, Dropbox, Dropbox Business, etc. It enables you to move files from personal OneDrive to OneDrive for Business or transfer OneDrive for Business to another without switching accounts. After cloud-adding, you are able to manage cloud data by uploading, copying, sharing, and so on.

Here is how to let Office 365 transfer OneDrive files to another user with one click using MultCloud.

Step 1. Since MultCloud is a web-based service, go to its website, and sign up for free. Then, log in.

Step 2. Click the Add Cloud button to select OneDrive for Business to connect it with this service. Then, repeat the step to add your second account.

Add OneDrive for Business

Step 3. Select Cloud Transfer, select the source OneDrive for Business cloud and the destination OneDrive for Business cloud, then tap Transfer Now to start the migration.

OneDrive for Business Transfer

Scheduled Transfer between clouds are available to run daily, weekly, and monthly.
MultCloud offers Cloud Backup and Cloud Sync features that can help you transfer data from one cloud to another.
The Team Transfer function of MultCloud allows you to migrate all accounts from one business cloud to another if you are an administrator of business clouds.


If you have multiple OneDrive for Business accounts and you frequently move files between OneDrive for Business accounts, the above methods allow you to do it easily. Using MultCloud to do OneDrive for Business transfer saves your time and eliminates the stress of switching accounts.

Besides, you are able to merge multiple OneDrive accounts in one interface for easy management.

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