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How do I access my OneDrive account from another computer?

Using OneDrive is very simple, anyone with a Microsoft account can back up files to OneDrive. One Drive is a convenient cloud storage tool that can be used on almost all devices. Users upload important data to the OneDrive account, which can keep files away from local accidents, and they can also access their files on different devices at any time.

Therefore, many users asked, "can I access my OneDrive from another computer?" Don’t worry, you can get a definite answer from this article.

Why need to access OneDrive from multiple computers?

If you work from home, you need to use your own computer to access important files stored in OneDrive on your company computer. If you are working on the go, you need to make sure that you can access all the documents that have been uploaded to OneDrive from anywhere. You may also want to use photos and videos from your home computer when you are in another location.

To complete these processes only need to know how to access OneDrive files from another computer, this article will show you the correct methods and steps.


3 Ways to access OneDrive from another computer

The question goes back to "how do I access my OneDrive account from another computer?". In fact, it is not a difficult problem to access files in OneDrive from another computer. We will show you 3 free methods and specific steps.

Way 1. Use OneDrive to fetch files on PC

The OneDrive desktop application can fetch files directly on another PC - these files do not need to be part of the OneDrive group. Enabling this feature can access files located on a remote computer, which means that users can access OneDrive files on another computer located anywhere.

Step 1. Right-click the OneDrive icon in the desktop taskbar, then click More > Settings in the pop-up window.

OneDrive Settings

Step 2. Under the Settings tab, select Let me use OneDrive to fetch any of my files on this PC, and then click OK.

OneDrive Fetch Files

Note: If you find that enabling access to files is not feasible, it may be that the Group Policy on the domain-joined computer prevents this feature. Please contact your network administrator for more information.

Step 3. Now you need to exit OneDrive first, and then restart the program to complete the function.

Step 4. Go to the OneDrive website and log in to your account, then click PCs in the left navigation of the main page.

PCs enabled OneDrive access

Step 5. The PCs where you have enabled OneDrive to get files are listed. You only need to click on the name of the PC from which you want to get the file to access the file you need.

Note: When you connect to the PC to obtain its files, a security check notification may pop up, and you need to click Sign in with a security code to complete the security verification.

Security Check

Way 2. Access OneDrive with the web browser

If you just want to access the files previously synced to your OneDrive account on another computer, you can view it through the OneDrive website.

Step 1. Go to the OneDrive website from any web browser and log in to your Microsoft account.

Step 2. The files stored in this account are displayed under My files. You can add, copy, delete, rename files, create folders, and edit some files directly online.

OneDrive My files

Way 3. Sync OneDrive to another account for accessing

If you use different OneDrive accounts on two computers, such as a school account and a private account, then you can sync your OneDrive files from the cloud to the cloud. This way you can access the synced files on another computer. So how to sync OneDrive to an account on another computer?

You can use CBackup to sync OneDrive to another account. CBackup is a professional cloud backup and manager that supports cloud to cloud sync, cloud to cloud backup, and PC to cloud backup. CBackup can seamlessly sync two cloud drive accounts (OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.).

CBackup Main Page

The cloud to cloud sync function is free, and the execution process is very simple. You only need to create a CBackup account and authorize your two OneDrive accounts. Then, create a sync task to sync part of the folder or the entire OneDrive to another. This way you can access OneDrive files from another computer.

Step 1. Get started to login to CBackup with your registered account.

Sign Up

Step 2. Add and authorize your OneDrive under the My Storage tab. CBackup only supports adding one account at a time. You need to click the plus icon > Add Cloud >OneDrive >Add and fill in the account information for authorization.

Add OneDrive

Note: CBackup is based on the standard OAuth system, it will never save your login information, such as cloud account and password, to ensure your account security.

Step 3. Under the Sync Tasks tab to click the New Task button to create your sync task.

Create Sync

Step 4. Name your sync task, click the Add Source button to add the OneDrive account as the transfer source. You can select the folder or the entire OneDrive account.

Add Source

Step 5. Similarly, click the Add Destination button to add another OneDrive account as the sync destination. And then click Start Sync.

Add Destination

Note: If you want to sync your OneDrive account to another one regularly, you can go to Settings > Schedule, and then set daily/weekly/monthly or a specific time for the automatic sync.

Select Schedule

Note: If your OneDrive service has some errors that make you unavailable, such as OneDrive isn’t connected, then you can also use the CBackup client to back up files on your computer to OneDrive without spending more time and energy to repair your OneDrive service. CBackup can replace OneDrive to automatically back up your PC to OneDrive in a professional way. Why not download it now and use it for free!

Start Backup Files to OneDrive

In the end

The above content shows how to access OneDrive from another computer. You can set OneDrive to fetch files, access files from a browser, or sync OneDrive files to another account. These 3 methods are free and feasible.

Besides, CBackup can also add a layer of protection lock to your files in OneDrive. If you are worried about the loss of files in OneDrive due to program failures, you can back it up to another cloud drive to ensure data security.

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