Full Guide: How to Migrate Google Drive to Workspace Easily

This article will introduce 3 useful solutions to migrate Google Drive to Workspace. After looking through the following guidelines, you can select the most suitable one according to your requirements.


by Zoey Lasted Updated May 9, 2023

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Can you migrate Google Drive to Google Workspace?

Google Workspace is the new name of G Suite, which is a powerful office suite in Google. Last year, Google added more competitive features to Workspace. Google Drive is also a popular free cloud storage provided by Google. However, if you have more requirements for office applications, Google Workspace is more suitable for you.

In Google Workspace, there is more free cloud storage space for your files and folders. Besides, Google Workspace pays more attention to your data security. Online collaboration is an outstanding shining point in Google Workspace. You can work more effectively and conveniently in Workspace than that in the Share with me folder from Google Drive.

Google Drive to Workspace

Since you have saved many files and folders in your personal Google Drive account, you may need to migrate Google Drive to Workspace. How to migrate Google Drive to G Suite (Google Workspace now)? This post will tell you 3 valuable and effective ways and operation steps in detail.

How to migrate Google Drive to Workspace: 3 ways here

To migrate Google Drive to Google Workspace, there are 3 different methods. You can choose to download and upload files on the website manually or use the Share feature to migrate files from Google Drive to Google Workspace. In addition, you can consider using a Google Workspace migration tool to help you a lot.

Way 1. Migrate Google Drive to Workspace manually

If there are a few files or folders in your Google Drive account that need to be migrated, you can download from Google Drive, then upload them to Google Workspace manually. If you have some large files or many files to migrate, this manual solution is not suitable for you.

If you want to try this manual method, please refer to the simple guideline as follow.

1. In a browser, go to the Google Drive official web page first. Log into your Google Drive account.

2. In the My Drive part, choose any file or folder that you need to migrate to Google Workspace. Then click on the Download option on the pop-up menu.

Google Drive Download

Tip: The selected files will be downloaded and saved as a .zip folder. Before you upload them to Google Workspace, please unzip them in advance.

3. Next, please log in with your administrator account. Upload downloaded files or folders to your Google Workspace account now.

Way 2. Migrate Google Drive to Workspace via Share

Google Drive is also a cloud service that provides collaboration features. To perform Google Workspace migrate Drive task, you can try the Share function in your Google Drive. This is a useful feature that can help you migrate Google Drive to Google Workspace easily.

Here is the easy guideline to use the Share feature in Google Drive.

1. On the Google Drive web page, log into your personal Google Drive account.

2. Locate the files or folder that need to be migrated, then right-click on it to press the Share option.

Share Google Drive

3. Input your Google Workspace as the recipient of the shared task. You can click on the drop-triangle icon to give your Google Workspace account the Editor permission so that you can organize, add and edit files in Workspace. After that, click on the Send button.

Google rive Shared Folders Editor

After the sharing task finishing, you will see your files and folders in the My Drive section in your Google Workspace account.

Way 3. Migrate Google Drive to Workspace in an easier way

Since Google Drive personal account and Google Workspace are two different accounts, you can consider using a professional Google Workspace Drive migration tool named MultCloud.

MultCloud is one of the best cloud storage manager services in the market. The shining point of it is that you can migrate files or folders between any two different cloud drive accounts directly, without switching between different pages.

What’s more, more than 30 leading cloud drive services in the market are allowed to add to MultCloud like Google Drive, Google Workspace, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. Thus, you can manage all your cloud drive accounts centrally and transfer Google Drive to another account easily.

MultCloud Main Page

You can choose files, folders, or the entire Google Drive to migrate via MultCloud. If you want to work on other tasks, you can close the MultCloud or even turn off your computer, then MultCloud will keep migrating data in the background continuously.

To try MultCloud, you do not need to download any extra software on your computer. Just go to the MultCloud official web page and create a new account, then you can enjoy many free features in it.

The interface and operation steps are quite simple in MultCloud. You can handle it even if you are a rookie in computer and IT knowledge.

Here we provide the easy guideline to migrate Google Drive to Google Workspace with MultCloud. Let’s explore it now.

1. Open the MultCloud official website, and sign up for a new account to get free 5GB data traffic every month.

2. On the left side, click on the Add Cloud option. On this page, press Google Drive under Personal Clouds, and Google Workspace under Business Clouds to add your accounts to MultCloud in turn.

Add Google Drive Page

Tip: Before you add a Google Workspace account to MultCloud, please make sure that you have administrator permissions.

3. Next, click on Cloud Transfer on the left menu. Choose files, or folders in your Google Drive account, or you can select the whole Google Drive as the source. Then choose a directory in Google Workspace as the destination.

After the above, click on the Transfer Now button to start the Google Drive migration task right now.

Transfer Google Drive to Workspace

Note: If you want to migrate Google Drive to Workspace regularly, you can set up a Scheduler for the migration task in MultCloud. Then, your migration task will be performed automatically with the selected frequency.

Cloud Transfer Schedule

Written in the end

That’s all about 3 valuable ways to migrate Google Drive to Workspace. You can select the most satisfying one after reading. If you often need to create cloud to cloud transfer tasks, you can consider the professional cloud manager service MultCloud, and it will bring you a better user experience.

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