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Google Drive review

Before you know how to set up a new Google Drive account, you should know what Google Drive is and do you really need it?

Google Drive is an online file storage and sharing service that you can use to back up, share, and collaborate on files. An outstanding feature of Google Drive is that you can integrate with G Suite applications such as Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides with just one account. You can create, store, and share files in various formats.

Google Drive provides reliable services on all platforms. If you want to use it, read on to learn how to create a new Google Drive account and set it up.

How to create a Google Drive account?

You first need to have a Google Drive account. With only one email, you can create a Google account for free, and each Google Drive account has 15GB of free storage space. Learn how to make a new Google Drive account through the specific steps below.

Note: If you already have a Gmail address, then you already have a Google Drive account. You don’t need to browse this section, just click to learn how to set up a new Google Drive account.

Step 1. Go to in any browser. Click the Sign in button in the upper right corner of the page.

Google Sign In

Step 2. If you don’t have a Gmail account, click Create account

Create Account

Step 3. Fill in the registration information on the next interface, follow the instructions, and click Next to continue.

Sing up info

Step 4. Then enter your phone number, Google will send a verification code to the phone number, enter the verification code you received, and then click Verify.

Verify Phone Number

Step 5. Enter the corresponding information on the personal information page, then read the Privacy and Terms and click I agree.

Privacy and Terms I Agree

The above is the whole process of creating a new Google Drive account. Continue to learn how to open a new Google Drive account and set it up.

How to set up a new Google Drive account on web?

Users can back up files to Google Drive, some common operations such as creating, downloading, and even sharing files can also be done on Google Drive. You can learn how to complete these operations through your Google Drive account in this section.

Step 1. Log in to Google Drive

Go to from any browser and click Go to Google Drive to start using the service

Google Drive

Step 2. Upload or create files

1. Click the New button > File upload/Folder upload in the upper left corner. Alternatively, click My Drive > Upload files/Upload folder.

Upload Files to Google Drive

2. Then select the file or folder you want to upload in the pop-up window.

save to

Step 3. Share and organize files

1. Find the file or folder that needs to be shared in your Google Drive file, right-click it and select Share

Click Share

2. Then you can choose one of the shareable link and a special invitation to share the folder.

If you choose to share files through shareable links, click the Get shareable link option in the upper right corner. Share this link with others, and they can gain access to the folder.

Get Shareable Link

If you choose to share files by inviting specific people, enter the name or email address of another user. You can choose to allow them to edit the file or view the file.

Invite Specific People To Share

Tip: If you have a shared folder in your Google Drive, how do you upload files to that folder? On the Google Drive webpage, you can use the Move to button or the drag-and-drop function. If you have the Google Drive desktop application (Backup & Sync), you can also use the local folder to upload. Click to learn the steps of how to upload files to shared Google Drive.

Step 4. Download files

Wanna know how to get backup from Google Drive? You need to right-click the file you want to download, then click Download, and select the local location where you want to save it.

Google Drive Download

How to Set up A New Google Drive Account on Desktop?

After setting up on the web-based Google Drive, you could set up the new Google Drive account on your desktop. Why you need to set up the new Google Drive on your desktop, because the Google Drive client named Google Drive for desktop, will put a drive virtual drive on your computer with your Google Drive email prefix once you set it up, and all the files will always be up to date, and there is no need to open Google Drive webpage to get files. Here is how to make a new Google Drive account on your desktop:

1. Please first download the Google Drive desktop app, and log into your account.

2. Then it will show you the Google Drive Preferences window, and click My Computer > Add Folder, then choose folders that you want to sync to Google Drive server or back up to Google Photos, click Done.

Add My Computer Folder to Sync

3. Press Google Drive tab on the left, then click Stream Files or Mirror files to sync Google Drive folders to computer.

Google Drive Stream Files or Mirror Files

Note: Google Drive for desktop allows you run multiple Google Drive accounts on your desktop, and up to 4 accounts allowed. So, if you want to sync files between Google Drive accounts, you have to drag and drop the files and folders to another Google Drive account.

Frequently asked questions of Google Drive setting up

You can perform basic settings of Google Drive through the above steps, and you may encounter other problems during this process. Here, we provide answers to some common questions.

#1. How do I set up a new Google account if I already have one?

You can add a second account directly in Google Chrome, and this account will also be available in all Google web applications.

Step 1. Go to, click the image avatar in the upper right corner, then click Add another account, enter the correct information to log in to your second account.

Google Drive Add Another Account

Step 2. Follow the steps in the article to set up your second account and use this account to store, share and download files.

Note: If you want to know how to set up multiple Google Drive accounts, just repeat steps 1-2 to add multiple Google Drive accounts and set them up. They can access all Google web applications.

#2. Can I Sync Files Between Google Drive Accounts Directly?

It is a pity that Google Drive does not provide a service for syncing files directly from one Google Drive account to another. Here, you can use a free cloud backup service CBackup to perform cloud to cloud sync, which syncing files directly from one Google Drive account to another without downloading and uploading files, and do not occupy the local resources. Compared with the manual way to sync files between Google Drive accounts, it's much easier and quicker, just try it according to the following steps:

Step 1. Please go to CBackup website, and register for an account, if you have an account, you can log in directly to CBackup Dashboard.

Sign Up

Step 2. Add and authorize your Google Drive under the My Storage tab. And click Add to add Google Drive.

Add Google Drive

Step 3. Then configure the cloud settings, change the cloud name, storage path, then tick Note, and click OK to continue.

Add Google Drive Edit Settings

Tip: You can repeat the above two steps until all Google Drive accounts have been added.

Step 4. Go to the Sync Tasks tab, and click New Task.

Create Sync

Step 5. Click Add Source, choose one of your Google Drive accounts as the sync source, click Add Destination, choose another Google Drive account as the sync destination.

Add sync source and destination

Step 6. Click the Start Sync button to sync files from one Google Drive account to another directly.

Sync Files Between Google Drive Accounts

Tips: There are some useful features you could configure in Settings, like Scheduler to sync files regularly, like daily, weekly or monthly, etc. Email Notification would send you the email about the sync process. And you could also use the File Filter to exclude the file types as you like. These features make the sync faster and save your cloud storage.

Schedule Sync

After syncing files between Google Drive accounts, you could also manage multiple Google Drive or other cloud storage easily like the following:

  • Combine all of them to generate a more larger free cloud storage space, and protect more files on one interface.
  • Sync files between Google Drive accounts for data security or replace cloud accounts easily.
  • Backup data from one Google Drive account to another easily to prevent data loss.


How to set up a new Google Drive account, just follow the above steps, you can easily create and set up a Google Drive account. If there are multiple cloud drives, CBackup can also help you manage them on one platform without switching.

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