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Why Do You Need Cloud Backup?

  • Are you afraid of accidentally losing the data stored on your hard drive?
  • Are you anxious that there is not enough space locally for backup?
  • Are you panicked that you have lost all local backups due to local accidents?
  • Backup all your data to the cloud offsite, never lose data and recover them from any PC.

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User case: How to backup your Google Drive

“I use Google Drive to backup files recently, but I’m worried that the data in Google Drive would be lost for some reason. So I want to backup them to another safer place, but I have no idea now. Can you give me some suggestions? Thanks for enhancements.”

How to backup your Google Drive? Do you encounter a similar issue like this? This post will help you solve the problem safely and effectively.

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Do I need to backup Google Drive?

It is well-known that storing files in the cloud is becoming more and more common due to its high security and accessibility. Google Drive is one of the popular free cloud storage services among millions of users, because of its advanced features and a relatively huge amount of 15 GB of free storage space. However, there may be multiple hidden risks in Google Drive storage.

Backup Google Drive

So do you need to backup Google Drive data? Absolutely yes! There are several risks you may encounter when you use Google Drive to backup files in the following content. Please read on and find out more details.

Some important files stored in Google Drive may be deleted by accident.

The Google Drive data may be corrupted by internal threats, like fraud, information leakage, theft of intellectual property, and so on.

There will be ransomware attacks in the process of backing up or syncing files in Google Drive.

You may encounter unexpected outages when launching the Goggle Drive app.

A phishing attack online may trick you into giving up data or access to systems, and you may never get the data back.

Since there are so many threats in Google Drive, it is important to backup your Google Drive to avoid data loss. Well, the problem is how to backup my Google account and where should I backup the Google Drive data to? Normally, there are two options for you, external hard drive storage and cloud storage. Which one would be safer and more convenient for you? Please keep reading.

External hard drive storage vs. Cloud storage

External hard drive storage and cloud storage are two common backup methods for people currently, while there are multiple differences between the two storage types. Let’s have a comparison to figure out which one is better for you.

Cloud vs. External Hard Drive

Comparison of External Drive And Cloud

Note: It can be seen that backing up Google Drive to cloud storage would be safer and more valuable for you than the external hard drive storage.

How to backup Google Drive to an external hard drive

Now, let’s see how to backup my data in google drive in detail. Some people who still use the external hard drive may be anxious about how to backup Google Drive to external hard drive. Don’t worry, you can find answers here. Please refer to the 3 common manual methods to backup your Google Drive to the external hard drive or USB drive.

1. Backup Google Drive to an external hard drive through the web app

If you didn’t download Google Drive on your computer, you can upload Google Drive to external hard disks through the Google Drive web app.

Step 1. Go to the Google Drive website and sign in to your account.

Google Drive

Step 2. Next, find the files or folder in Google Drive you’d like to move to the external hard drive or USB drive. Right-click the files or folder and choose Download.


Note: If you have set a default location to store the downloaded files from the web, you can find the files there. If you can’t find them, you can go to Settings > Downloads > Change to change the default location to the place where you prefer.

Change Download Location

Step 3. When you’re asked where to save the downloaded files, choose to save them in the external hard drive or the USB flash drive and click Save.

Save to

2. Backup Google Drive to external hard drive through Drive for desktop

If you downloaded the Drive for desktop on your computer, which allows you to sync files between the local PC and the cloud, you can also directly move files from the Google Drive disk to the external hard drive.

Note: If you aim to transfer Google files to the external hard drive or USB drive, connect them to your computer and make sure they can be detected successfully by your computer.

Step 1. Click on This PC on your desktop, you will see a whole Google Drive disk on your computer.

Google Drive Disk

Step 2. After you connect your external hard drive with your computer, you can move files from the Google Drive disk to it.

While, how to backup Google Drive data to cloud storage? Please keep reading and you’ll be demonstrated how to backup Google Drive to other clouds or transfer Google Drive to another account most easily.

Best way to backup Google Drive to cloud storage on PCs

How to backup my Google Drive files on PCs? If you’re afraid of data loss in Google Drive storage, it is more advisable to backup your Google Drive data to the cloud, which is much safer. Although there is no direct feature to realize cloud backup in Google Drive, you can rely on the third-party platform, CBackup, a mighty and multi-functional tool for free cloud backup to satisfy all your needs with ease.


Besides its own CBackup Cloud, CBackup supports the third-party clouds, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc., as its backup source and destination, so you can connect all cloud storage together in merely one platform and realize cloud-to-cloud transfer straightly and speedily for free. What’s more, you can enjoy 2000GB of free data traffic per month, which surely meets your basic demands.

Next, let’s see how to backup Google Drive files with CBackup.

1. Transfer Google Drive to another account

If you want to transfer Google Drive to another Google Drive via CBackup, like some clients may ask “how to transfer Whatsapp backup from one Google Drive to another?”. Simple as it is, you just need to do these steps below.

Step 1. Create a CBackup account. Then log in to your CBackup account.

Sign up

Step 2. To backup Google Drive to another account, you have to authorize and add all your Google Drive accounts under the My Storage tab.

Click My Storage > (+) > Add Cloud > Google Drive > Add in turn, then sign in to your Google Drive account to authorize CBackup to access your Google Drive files. Then, modify the settings for Google Drive. (Repeat the step to add other Google Drive accounts.)

Add Cloud

Complete Infor

Note: Based on the OAuth authorization system, CBackup accesses multiple cloud accounts without saving your login information, like cloud account and password, so you can authorize CBackup to access your clouds and save data in CBackup safely without worries.

Step 3. Click on Backup Tasks > New Task to create a Google Drive transfer task. Change your Task Name if you want. Then click Add Source to select one of your Google Drive accounts as the backup source and click on OK. (You can choose the entire drive or certain files, like your Whatsapp data in Google Drive as the source.)

Create Task

Add Source

Step 4. Similarly, click on Add Destination > Single Cloud > Next > Google Drive > OK to add another Google Drive account as its destination. Then, just hit Start Backup, and it will transfer Google Drive to another account directly at high speed.

Sngle Cloud

Start Backup

Note: You can enjoy multiple special services in the Settings after you created backup tasks.

“Scheduler” enables you to set a scheduled plan for backup tasks, like daily, weekly, monthly, or one time only.

“File Filter” can help you exclude certain types of files or contain only specified types of files when transferring.

“Email Notification will notify you if the task succeeds or fails once you launched the backup.

2. Transfer Google Drive to other clouds

What if you wanna transfer Google Drive to other cloud drives, instead of Google Drive? Simple as well. Here is an example of how to backup Google Drive to OneDrive. Similarly, you have to authorize and add the OneDrive cloud into CBackup storage at first.

Step 1. After adding the clouds, you can click the three-dot icon next to each cloud drive and choose the “Allocate Space” option to adjust the storage space you want to use for backup from three options as shown below.

Allocate Space

Step 2. Likewise, to backup Google Drive data to OneDrive, click on the Backup Tasks > New Task > Add Source > Google Drive > OK (you can also choose the entire cloud storage or just certain files) as the backup source. Click Add Destination> OneDrive as the backup destination.

Add Source Destination

Step 3. Finally, click on “Start Backup” in the lower right corner to start the backup task easily.

Start Backup

Although you can backup Google Drive to the external hard drive for data protection, it is much easier, faster, and securer to transfer Google Drive to the cloud storage. What’s more, you can access your data online anytime and anywhere, other than bringing a heavy external hard drive with you all the time.


How to backup your Google Drive anyway? I believe you have got the right answer now. If you have trouble with “how to backup my data in Google Drive”, or “transfer Google Drive between clouds”, CBackup can be the best solution for you. You can realize cloud-to-cloud data transfer for free quickly with such simple steps and safely.

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