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Do you want to get a complete guide to using Dropbox Paper templates? Follow this tutorial to get it and learn more features on Dropbox Paper.


by Jonna Lasted Updated April 4, 2023

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Introduction to Dropbox Paper Templates

For multiple reasons, such as remote work, the ability to collaborate on documents is becoming more and more important for cloud storage services. Dropbox, one of the most popular online file hosting and collaboration providers, is also offering a new tool to facilitate team collaboration and work from anywhere - Dropbox Paper.

This free tool allows users to create Dropbox Paper docs and collaborate on documents in real time. It also provides a wide variety of Dropbox Paper templates, such as Meeting notes, Brainstorming, Launch plan, etc., that are pre-designed on Dropbox to improve and streamline your productivity and workflows.

Dropbox Paper Templates

How to Create and Use Dropbox Paper Templates

If you are wondering how to save Dropbox Paper templates on your account, please go on with this chapter to learn how to create Dropbox templates and how to manage your Dropbox Paper templates. And, in the following chapter, several useful features of using Dropbox Paper are covered as well.

Note: Dropbox offers a Paper Template Library, covering a wide variety of categories. You can go to this page and choose wanted paper templates according to your needs.

Part 1. How to Create a Dropbox Paper Template

Dropbox allows you to create a doc with templates as well as turn an old Paper Doc into a template, and you could create Paper templates on Dropbox via the Dropbox web and on your mobile phone.

To turn a Paper doc into a template:

1. Go to the Dropbox website. Locate and open the Paper doc you want to turn into a template.

2. Click on the More (three dots) button and select Templatize.


3. Then, the template is created and an Editing Template header will be displayed on the top.

To create a Paper doc with template on the Dropbox web:

1. Go to and sign in.

2. Open Dropbox Paper by clicking the grid icon in the upper-left corner and choosing Paper.

Click Paper

3. Click on Create with templates and hover over a template by hitting on its thumbnail. Then click Create Document to make Dropbox Paper templates.

Create with Templates

To create a Dropbox Paper doc with template on mobile device:

1. Download and launch the Dropbox Paper app on your mobile phone.

2. On the Browse tab, tap on the plus (+) icon.

3. Then choose a document template.

Paper Template Phone

Part 2. How to Share Dropbox Paper Templates

In the same way that you can share Dropbox folders with non-users and team members, the Dropbox documents you create with templates can be shared via a link or email.

1. Open the templated Dropbox Paper doc.

2. Click the Share button on the top to add email addresses and share it.


Or, you can tap on the Copy link position to get a shared link, then paste and share it with anyone.

Part 3. How to Edit a Dropbox Paper Template

In addition to creating and sharing Dropbox Paper templates, you are allowed to edit templates created by you and delete created Paper templates on Dropbox when they are useless.

To edit a Dropbox Paper template:

1. Go to Dropbox Paper and Click Create with templates.

2. Hover over the template you want to use and click the edit icon (it looks like a pencil).

To delete a Dropbox Paper template:

Open the created Paper template and click on the More button. Then, select Delete.


Four Useful Dropbox Paper Tips

Except for Dropbox Paper templates, there are many other powerful Dropbox paper features. In the following, we will elaborate on 4 other tips that can help you collaborate on documents in organization much easier.

Tip 1. Easy Timelines

If you need to monitor all progress in real-time while working on a document in a team, inserting a Timeline tool in the document makes it easy for you. Just select the calendar-like icon and easily add tasks by clicking a date in the timeline. You can also assign tasks to teammates and tick them off as you complete them.


Tip 2. Create To-Do Lists for Collaborators

Inserting a to-do list in Dropbox Paper not only makes events clear but also allows you to enter tasks and assign them to others on your team by @someone.

To Do List

Tip 3. Insert Media

Mundane documents can be made more colorful by adding various types of media files such as pictures, videos, and GIFs to Paper documents. You can insert pictures from your computer by clicking on the first icon in the toolbar (which looks like a photo). You can also add various types of media files by clicking on the second icon in the toolbar (which looks like a play button).

Add Media Files

Tip 4. Link Dropbox Documents

If you need to link to another document while planning a new project or creating a new meeting note, type the plus sign "+" on the document and this will open a notification box where you can type a name or add a link to the document you want to link to. By clicking on the hyperlink, you can directly open the linked document.

Easiest Way to Get More Dropbox Storage for free

Though Dropbox Paper is free to use, the created Paper docs will count towards your Dropbox storage quota. For free users, 2GB of Dropbox cloud storage will be used up quickly. To gain more Dropbox free space, you can use CBackup, a free cloud backup service, to combine cloud storage for free.

Main Page

CBackup is a useful tool that can help you back up files to Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive. Also, it comes with a “Combine Clouds” function that allows you to combine multiple Dropbox accounts and merge Dropbox with OneDrive/Google Drive with ease. Please follow the steps below to expand your Dropbox storage at no cost!

1. Click the Download CBackup button below to get this program installed on your computer. Create a CBackup account for free and then log in.

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2. Click Storage, and select Dropbox > Authorize Now to permit CBackup access to your Dropbox account. Then, you can add as many accounts to CBackup as you have.

Select Dropbox

3. After that, tap on Add Combined Cloud.

Add Combined Cloud

4. Tick the clouds you’d like to combine, then determine the storage order of your cloud drives. Finally, click Combine.

Tick All Dropbox Accounts

Now, you can click Backup > Backup PC to Combined Cloud to backup files to the huge combined cloud.

Add Destination Combined Cloud

Apart from combining cloud accounts, CBackup also offers other great features, such as:
File Sync: It enables you to upload to Dropbox without local copy, so you can save local space.
CBackup Cloud: You can backup computer files to its secure CBackup Cloud, giving 10GB of free space and expandable storage.
Cloud to Cloud Backup: You are allowed to backup files between clouds, like backing up Dropbox to Google Drive, without downloading and uploading.


To sum up, with Dropbox Paper templates, you can save your time and effort to collaborate on docs with teammates. Also, there are some useful tips that can help you make it effective learn how to use Dropbox Paper.

If you are insufficient in Dropbox storage, using CBackup to get Dropbox 100GB free or more storage is an easy thing.

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