Perform Dropbox File Transfer to Cloud and PC with Ease

What is the effective way to get Dropbox file transfer to other clouds and computers? This post introduces the easiest 3 free ways, learn how Dropbox sends files to other cloud drive accounts and computers now.


by Jonna Lasted Updated August 28, 2023

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How do I use Dropbox to transfer files?

Dropbox occupies a significant position in the market for file syncing and storage services. As the number of users increases, more users want to implement Dropbox file transfers to complete data transfers between the same cloud storage service or different cloud drives.

Dropbox file transfer

For Dropbox users, the official offers Dropbox Transfer to help users send large files to other locations. There is also more cloud to cloud transfer services that allow users to quickly transfer files between different clouds. Continue reading this article to learn if you do a Dropbox secure file transfer, whether it's to another cloud or on-premises location.

Dropbox send files with Dropbox Transfer

Dropbox Transfer is a new feature provided by Dropbox for transferring files, allowing users to send links to files to others without sharing access to a copy of the file. But the method has Dropbox file transfer size limits. Free Dropbox accounts are allowed to send files up to 100MB, with the following restrictions for other users: Plus: 2GB; Professional: 100GB; Business Standard: 2GB; Business Advanced/Enterprise/Education: 100GB。

If you want to transfer Dropbox files in this way, learn the specific steps.

Step 1. Log in to with your correct account information, click Transfer on the taskbar, and then click Create Transfer in the upper right corner.

Create transfer

Step 2. In the next interface, you can choose three ways to add files: click the plus icon, click the Add from Dropbox button, or drag and drop files from your computer to the panel.

Create transfer methods

Step 3. Click Create Transfer, and after the link is created, click Copy link or Send with email to let Dropbox send files with others.

Copy link

Easiest way to Dropbox file transfer to other clouds

Using Dropbox Transfer has a file size requirement, and each transfer needs to be manually operated again, which is more restrictive and cumbersome. If you need Dropbox to send files to Dropbox or another cloud drive account, you can try the cloud-to-cloud transfer tool - CBackup.

This software is a professional cloud backup and management service that allows users to easily transfer files between different cloud storage services. You can automatically transfer files between Dropbox accounts, or migrate files from Dropbox to other cloud drives such as Google Drive, OneDrive, etc. Try Dropbox cloud file transfer using CBackup now.

Step 1. Apply for a CBackup account and log in to the CBackup website or CBackup desktop app.


✬ Using CBackup will not limit the size of Dropbox transfer files, and the method is completely free.

✬ CBackup also offers a desktop client that comes with PC to cloud transfer function where you can back up and sync any file to Dropbox, as well as CBackup Cloud with 10GB of free storage.

✬ You can also use the cloud-to-cloud backup feature on CBackup web or desktop app to backup Dropbox files to Google Drive, OneDrive, or other clouds for protection.

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Step 2. Click My Storage > Add Cloud, and select Dropbox to add an account. And securely log in to your account information and connect Dropbox to CBackup.

Add Cloud

Step 3. Continue adding your other cloud drives, then go to Backup Tasks or Sync Tasks and click New Task.

Create Task

Step 4. You can rename the current task, then click Add Source and select Dropbox, click Add Destination, and select another cloud drive as the Dropbox file transfer destination.

Add source and destination

Step 5. Click Settings in the lower-left corner to set Dropbox to automatically transfer files under Scheduler, and you can also enjoy Email Notification, File Filter, and other functions.


Step 6. Click Start Backup to transfer dropbox files to another account.

Dropbox file transfer to computer  

For reasons such as the need to transfer movies from Dropbox to a local location for viewing, or to store a local copy of an important file, some users want Dropbox to send the file locally. So how to do it, no need to use a third-party program, you can follow the steps to learn to transfer files from Dropbox to computer, just a Dropbox selective sync function.

Step 1. Tap the Dropbox icon on the task tray, find the gear icon, and tap to select Preferences from the drop-down menu.


Step 2. Select the Sync tab and click Selective Sync, and click OK to confirm.

Selective sync tab

Step 3. Tick the Dropbox folder you want to sync to your desktop and click Update.


Wrapping things up

Making a Dropbox file transfer is actually quite simple, you can use Dropbox Transfer and the simpler CBackup to send files and folders to Dropbox or other cloud storage service accounts. If you want to transfer Dropbox files to your computer, just enable the Dropbox Selective Sync feature, which can sync cloud data with your PC.

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