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by Jonna Lasted Updated December 28, 2023

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Can I Store Music on Cloud Storage?


I am looking for a cloud storage service to store around 100GB of music files. What is the best cloud storage for music? Do you guys have any recommendations?

The era of storing music on hard drives appears to be fading away. Nowadays, we primarily rely on platforms like YouTube or software such as Spotify to enjoy our favorite tunes. Considering the limitations of hard drives in terms of non portability and vulnerability, they might not be the most secure option for storing your music.

This is where cloud storage steps in, offering not just convenience for work-related documents but also for media files like music and videos. Opting for the best cloud storage service provider for your music brings numerous advantages, including affordability, enhanced security, easy accessibility, and more. In this regard, we are here to introduce you to some of the most compelling options for free cloud music storage.

Best Cloud Storage for Music

What is the Best Cloud Storage for Music?

Selecting the ideal cloud storage solution entails considering your specific requirements, such as pricing, security, features, and more. To assist you in making an informed decision, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the top contenders in the field. Please refer to the following roundup of the best options available.

CBackup - Best Free Music Cloud Storage for Windows Users

CBackup stands out as a top-tier cloud storage option for music enthusiasts. With CBackup, you enjoy 10GB of free cloud space and have the freedom to effortlessly back up a wide range of photos and videos from your computer, without any restrictions on upload speed. Unlike other cloud storage services that impose limits on upload speeds, CBackup enables you to complete music backups at a faster pace.

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Moreover, this best free cloud storage for music offers the convenience of automatic backups, allowing you to set a desired frequency for daily, weekly, or monthly backups. Additionally, you have the option to sync music to Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and other popular public cloud storage drives. This provides you with even more flexibility in managing and storing your music collection.

pCloud - Best Way to Store Music Digitally

pCloud emerges as the best cloud storage for music for uploading your music collection, thanks to its remarkable music playback features and sharing capabilities. One of pCloud's standout strengths lies in its exceptional playback functionality. The platform automatically detects and organizes your music files, effortlessly categorizing them by song, artist, album, and even the playlists you create.

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Moreover, pCloud offers the convenience of adding music to a queue and utilizing the built-in controls to play your music directly from your account, eliminating the need to download the files to your computer. Upon signing up for pCloud, you are granted 10 GB of free space for all file types, including music. By verifying your email and completing other basic tasks, you can enjoy a total of up to 50 GB of free cloud storage.

iCloud - Best Music Cloud Storage Service for Apple Users

For Apple users, iCloud is a highly familiar cloud storage solution that excels in managing not just music but also photos, contacts, and various other forms of data across all iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices. Activating iCloud on all your devices ensures seamless synchronization and instant access to all your valuable information.


As expected, iCloud is tightly integrated with Apple products. It's important to note that iCloud primarily supports music purchased from the iTunes Store, making it a dependable service for transferring songs between your Apple devices. However, it's worth mentioning that iCloud provides a modest 5GB of free cloud storage, which may fall short for users with extensive storage needs.

Google Drive - Best Online Music Storage with Excellent Integrations

Google Drive, a widely popular cloud storage service, offers a generous 15GB of free storage space. Its notable advantage lies in its seamless integration with the extensive Google Workspace ecosystem. Additionally, Google cloud music storage supports a variety of third-party applications that enhance audio and music file management.

Google Drive Main

However, it's important to consider some limitations of Google Drive. It provides limited sharing options and lacks zero-knowledge and client-side encryption, which may be a concern for users seeking enhanced data security. Currently, Google Drive employs 128-bit AES encryption to safeguard all files stored in the cloud.

Sync.com - Cloud Storage for Music Producers with Best Sharing Features

If you are in search of a secure platform to store and effortlessly share your music files with loved ones, Sync.com can be a suitable choice. Although the free storage allocation is limited to 5 GB, Sync offers a clean and user-friendly interface, making it a viable storage alternative.

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When it comes to sharing your music, Sync.com ensures security by generating encrypted links for your friends and family. Moreover, you have the option to add extra layers of protection, such as password requirements, setting expiration dates for the shared links, and accessing activity logs for downloads. Notably, recipients of shared files do not need a Sync.com account to access the shared content.

MEGA - Cloud Storage Service for Music with Best Security Features

While MEGA lacks the advanced playback features found in pCloud's app or website, it offers a generous 50 GB of free storage space for your music. MEGA serves as the best cloud storage for music producers if you prioritize account security and have concerns about potential hacking attempts. The platform is designed with a strong emphasis on privacy and security.

MEGA Main Page

MEGA provides an advanced option for sharing your music online, both with and without the decryption key. When sharing a music file or folder with the decryption key, anyone with the link can access the music. If you choose not to include the key, the recipient will require the decryption key from you to download the file. This added layer of security in sharing makes MEGA a favorable choice, especially for those concerned about unauthorized access.

How to Get More Free Cloud Storage for Music Easily

Having understood that many cloud storage services offer limited free storage for music, you might be wondering if there's a way to obtain more free cloud space. Fortunately, there is a simple and effective solution. I recommend combining cloud storage with CBackup, which provides a free and valuable feature.

Although CBackup doesn't directly offer 100GB of free cloud storage, it allows you to leverage the available free space across multiple cloud platforms like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and others. By utilizing the free storage offered by these different clouds collectively, you can effectively accumulate a substantial amount of cloud storage for your music collection without incurring additional costs.

By following the steps outlined below, you can acquire 100GB or even more free cloud storage without any expenses:

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Step 1. Sign in to CBackup: Create a free account on CBackup's website, and log in to the CBackup desktop app.

Step 2. Connect cloud accounts: Link your cloud accounts, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive, to CBackup by clicking Storage > select a cloud drive > Authorize Now. There are no number limitations.

Select Cloud Drive

Step 3. Combine Cloud Storage: Use CBackup's "Combine Cloud" feature to merge the free storage space by clicking + Add Combined Cloud > select cloud drives > Next > Combine.

Add Combined Cloud3

Step 4. Upload files to Combined Cloud: Upload your music files to the combined huge space by selecting Backup > Backup PC to Combined Cloud.

Add Destination Combined Cloud


Here are the top 6 best cloud storage for music. We hope this guide will assist you in finding the ideal program from these options.

Among the choices, CBackup stands out as the top recommendation due to its combination of cloud storage and reasonable pricing for additional storage space. We encourage you to download and install the most suitable cloud storage service for your needs now!

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