How to Backup D Drive on Windows 10 - Two Easy and Free Ways

How to backup D drive on Windows 10? Follow this guide to learn two ways to backup D drive to hard drive and cloud easily, with file restore guides.


by Jonna Lasted Updated June 8, 2023

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How Do I Get My D Drive Backup on Windows 10?


My Windows 10 computer has a C drive and a D drive, and the C drive is something around 200GB and the D drive is around 1.8 TB. What I want is to backup D drive, where I save a lot of important work documents. How do you guys backup D drive on Windows 10?

Most of us know that backing up C drive is necessary since it is a local disk used to store important system data, while D drive is neglected by many people. D drive, which is typically the second partition or volume on a computer's hard drive, serves as a storage location for personal files such as projects, documents, photos, games, applications, and downloaded videos for Windows users.

By creating a backup of the D drive on Windows 10, you can safeguard your valuable data and swiftly recover lost files in the event of hardware failures or system crashes. Additionally, this backup process helps to free up storage space on the D drive.

Backup C Drive Windows 10

How to Backup D Drive on Windows 10 in Two Free Ways

In Windows 10, it is important to note that directly copying all files and applications from the D drive to another location is not a recommended method for backup. This approach may lead to data loss and does not guarantee the usability of the files.

There are two recommended ways of how to backup D drive in Windows 10. The first option is to utilize cloud storage for backup purposes, while the second option involves backing up to an external hard drive or a network location. These methods ensure the safety of your data and provide reliable data restore solutions.

Way 1. Backup D Drive to Cloud Storage with CBackup

CBackup is a Windows-based free cloud backup service that provides a simple solution for backing up hard drives. With its scheduled backup modes (Daily, Weekly, and Monthly), long-term data backup is easy. It offers the convenience of backing up D drive to OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, CBackup Cloud, and various cloud storage using an incremental backup method.

CBackup Main Page

Notably, this software enables comprehensive computer backup, encompassing system files as well. Moreover, CBackup extends its functionality to support cloud backup for external hard drives. Restoring backup files is a straightforward and cost-free process, ensuring simplicity and ease of use.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to backup hard drive in Windows 10, like D drive, using CBackup:

Download CBackupWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
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Step 1: Begin by downloading and installing CBackup on your computer. Create a free account and log in.

Step 2: Navigate to the Storage tab within CBackup. Choose the desired cloud drive, such as OneDrive, and click on Authorize Now. Then, grant CBackup permissions to access your cloud storage.

Add Cloud

Tip: If you don’t want to add your cloud drive to CBackup, you can directly backup C drive to CBackup Cloud, which gives 10GB of free space for every account, by clicking Backup > Backup PC to CBackup Cloud.

Backup PC to CBackup Cloud

Step 3: Click on the Backup option and choose Backup PC to Public Cloud to create a new backup task.

Create Task

Step 4: Specify a name for your backup task, for example, D Drive Backup. Then, select D Drive as the source for your backup. Select your added OneDrive account as the destination for the backup. Finally, click Start Backup to backup D drive on Windows 10 easily.

Select Source Files

Tip: Before you start the D drive backup task, you can click on Settings to access additional configuration options, such as automated backups.

How to Restore D Drive backup on CBackup

Step 1: In the CBackup Tasks tab, click on the D drive backup task. Click on the three-dot button, and select Restore.

Click Restore on Appside1

Step 2. Select the backup version that contains want to restore.

Select Backup Version

Step 3. Choose files to restore, and then specify the location where you want to restore the backup, which can be the original location or a new directory. Then, hit Start Restore.

Start Restore

Way 2. Backup D Drive to Local Storage using Backup and Restore

Another method for how to backup D drive in Windows 10 is by utilizing the Backup and Restore feature. This feature allows you to create a backup of the D drive and store it in various locations, such as another computer hard drive (e.g., E drive), an external hard drive, or a network location.

Here we take backing up files to external hard drive to show you how to backup a drive on Windows 10. Please follow the following steps:

Step 1: Begin by opening Windows Settings and navigating to Update & Security. From there, click on Backup and then select Go to Backup and Restore (Windows 7).

Go to Backup and Restore

Step 2: In the Backup and Restore window, choose your connected external drive as the backup destination. Click Next to proceed.

Select Backup Destination

Step 3: Select Let me choose and click Next to specify the D drive as the source for the backup. Then, click Next to continue.

Select D Drive Backup and Restore

Step 4: To configure the auto backup settings, click on Change schedule. After that, click Save settings and run backup to initiate the D drive backup process.

Save Settings and Run Backup D Drive

How to Restore D Drive backup using Backup and Restore

Step 1: Access the Backup and Restore (Windows 7) tab, and within the Restore section, click on Restore my files.

Restore My Files

Step 2: Browse for files you wish to restore. Then, choose the desired restore location.

Step 3. Once you have made your selections, click Restore to initiate the restoration process.


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If you are still more inclined to use cloud storage services to store D drive files, you may need more cloud storage space for saving as much data as possible.

With CBackup, you can add multiple cloud drive accounts and combine the space of these accounts to get a huge space for data backup. If you have enough accounts, you can even combine to get unlimited cloud storage for free.

Step 1: Run CBackup on your computer and sign in.

Step 2: Select Storage > + Add Cloud to select a cloud drive, and click Add to grant CBackup access to your cloud space. Then, repeat this step for each cloud account you want to add to CBackup.

My Storage Add Cloud

Step 3: Tap the + Add Combined Cloud option.

My Storage New Combined Cloud

Step 4. Select the desired cloud accounts you wish to combine. Click Next and then Combine to complete the process. The combined cloud will then be displayed in the storage list.

Tick All Cloud Drives

Now, you can use this huge storage to backup D drive and other computer files by clicking Backup > Backup PC to Combined Cloud.

Backup PC to Combined Cloud


Whether you want to backup D drive on Windows 10 to a cloud drive or to a local storage device, you can find the right way here. With the free cloud backup software CBackup, you can not only backup hard drives on Windows but also backup entire computers to Google Drive, OneDrive, and multiple clouds.

Besides, this tool offers a Cloud-to-Cloud Backup feature that can help you copy files from one cloud to another, like copying Google Drive folder to another account, without downloading and uploading.

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