Integrate Free or Idle Space for Backup

  • Integrate All the Free Cloud Space

    Add different clouds and multiple accounts of same cloud to CBackup. With a proper strategy, all free space of connected clouds can be combined into a huge, even an unlimited online backup space to store your backup files. Maximum budget savings.

  • Never Waste Any Paid Idle Space

    There may be much idle space in your paid cloud accounts because you don’t need space for just storing synced files as such. With CBackup cloud backup software, you can combine and turn the precious but unused space of all your paid cloud drives into online backup storage and use it to back up your critical data in a professional way.

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Backup Data to Cloud, No Data Loss Again

As a data insurance online backup, CBackup can back up data from any location and store it in cloud drive.

PC to Cloud Backup & Sync

Back up files from local PC to secure cloud to protect critical data from loss. Sync PC data to cloud for easy access from anywhere without upload & download.

  • Reduce the risk of computer data loss.
  • Easily access files across multiple devices.
  • Turn limited local space to unlimited cloud storage.
  • Make recovery easy and instant.
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Cloud to Cloud Backup & Sync

Back up one cloud to another to avoid data loss risks of account issues, service disturbances, etc. Sync data between different clouds to keep your cloud accounts updated automatically.

  • Prevent data loss of cloud drive.
  • No restriction on the size of a single backup file.
  • No need to download and re-upload.
  • Do not occupy computer resources.
  • Support offline backup.
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Fully Guarantee Security of Your Data

Ensure your data is 100% safe in CBackup

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Automation Makes it Easy

You can use the automatic functions of the best online backup service to make your backup process easy and simple.

Schedule Backup & Sync

8 different schedule options including daily, weekly, monthly, etc to back up & sync files automatically and seamlessly.

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Backup Scheme

Only back up the difference between the previous full version and the latest version, which reduces the time and space.

Get Notification

Automatically send an email to notify the backup or restore status of the task according to your settings.

Personalization Meets All Your Needs

Version Management

Selectively delete or restore specific backup versions as your needs.

  • Restore to any version as required.
  • Keep the required versions.
  • Clean up the worthless versions.
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File Filter Setting

Choose specific types of file extensions like .doc, .txt, .gif, etc. to back up or not to save your time and space.

  • Just back up the files as required. 
  • Exclude unnecessary files.
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Flexible Restore

Restore data from cloud drive like Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox, etc. with a few clicks.

  • Restore files anytime and anywhere. 
  • Restore to original or new location. 
  • No charge to restore files.
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Manage Tasks

For your better experience, we have made many optimizations to enable you to manage a backup task more flexibly, including:

  • Modify Task Name.
  • Change Backup source.
  • Create Restore Task.
  • More personal settings.

Awards & Testimonials

We have been deeply involved in the data security industry for TEN years. Now we have more than 30 million users and get many industry awards from media and users.

CBackup completes the work in a simple, direct, and non-cumbersome way. It's certainly speedy, files and folders moved between the cloud services quickly enough.

It is strongly recommended that you try a free backup solution——CBackup, which has a simple interface and simple operation steps. It is a free network-based cloud-to-cloud backup service.

CBackup is a powerful and professional cloud backup service. Most importantly, it is free and worth a try.

Backing up data to the cloud has become essential. Backup is a safe and free cloud backup tool, and is your best choice.

Geo Deraedt

CBackup is amazing for cloud drive space combination, no waste. So worthy to own it. It makes me feel safe while backing up data to my own clouds.


I used CBackup several times, and it helped me a lot, restore all my files and folders I have when I lost them in my computer. Thanks, thanks, thanks...

Greg Fernandez

Wahoo! Successfully restored my data from Google Drive back to OneDrive!! The process did not take me that long than I expected, super cool.

Jen. W. Hadary

I used CBackup for a few times, not very frequently, but it indeed makes me feel safe about my cloud data.

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