How to Create WD Elements Automatic Backup with Ease

On this page, different ways for WD elements automatic backup will be introduced in detail. Hope it is useful for you.


by Zoey Lasted Updated April 10, 2024

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About WD Elements

WD (Western Digital) is a popular hard drive manufacturer, which provides hard drives including My Cloud, My Passport, My book, Elements and so on.

The WD Elements is a compact and high-capacity external storage device that is often used as a storage extension or backup drive. It integrates well with computers and gaming consoles and is one of the cheapest portable hard drives on the market.

WD Elements

Thus, users often store important data in WD Elements. But an external hard drive is also likely to be at risk of attack, in addition to knowing how to backup to WD Elements, creating a WD Elements automatic backup is also necessary for each of the users. 

However, WD provides different WD drive utilities for the other WD hard drives like WD My Cloud, My Book. So if you want WD Elements backup software, maybe you need to find some backup software to get it.

Back Up WD Elements in Different Ways

There is more than one method of WD Elements backup, here we conclude 3 common ways including cloud backup software, PC backup software, and cloud storage service. You can select the most suitable approach according to your own need.

Way 1. Set Up WD Elements Automatic Backup via CBackup

First, we want to introduce a free cloud backup software - CBackup, which provides a free backup space of 10GB called CBackup Cloud and you can set up WD Elements automatic backup to it directly.

Importantly, CBackup offers a useful feature - Scheduled Backup to make your backups regular and automatic. There are 4 different time modes you can select: One time only, Daily, Weekly, Monthly.

If you want to use another cloud drive to store your WD Elements data, you can also use CBackup to set up backup professionally. CBackup allows you to add some mainstream cloud drive accounts to it containing Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox. Thus, with CBackup, you can back up to Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox directly.

Let’s see the simple way to set up WD Elements automatic backup via CBackup:

1. Download and install CBackup desktop client on your PC. Open it and sign up for your account.

Download CBackup Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

2. Click the Backup tab, and press the Backup PC to CBackup Cloud button to create a new WD Elements backup.

Backup PC to CBackup Cloud

3. Select your WD Elements files that need to be backed up. And the CBackup Cloud as the destination.

Select CBackup Cloud

4. And you can click on the Settings button to set up Scheduler so that the WD Elements backup can be operated regularly and automatically.

Schedule Specific Time

5. After setting up, press the Start Backup button to begin the new WD Elements automatic backup directly.

Start Backup

Way 2. Set Up WD Elements Automatic Backup with AOMEI Backupper

AOMEI Backupper Standard is a free PC backup software for Windows systems. Besides providing the feature of system backup, AOMEI Backupper also supports different backup features such as disk backup, file backup, etc. So, you can also use AOMEI Backupper to create WD Elements automatic backup following these steps:

1. Download and install the AOMEI Backupper application and open it.

2. Click on Backup Disk Backup.

Disk Backup

3. Click + Add Disk button to select the WD Elements HDD as the source disk.

Add Disk

4. Choose your own hard drive to be the backup destination.

Disk Backup Destination

5. Then you can click the Schedule option to make the backup automatic.


6. Finally, click the Start Backup button to begin the WD Elements automatic backup.

Start Backup Scheduled

Way 3. Set Up WD Elements Automatic Backup with Dropbox

As a popular cloud storage service, Dropbox allows you to upload files or folders to it. But you need to back up manually, if you want to set an automatic backup with Dropbox, you can set up an automated backup with CBackup. Here we also conclude the steps to set up a backup with Dropbox:

1. Open the Dropbox website and sign in to your account.

Login Dropbox

2. Click on the Upload Files or Upload Folder to back up the files in WD Elements.

Upload Files to Dropbox

Tip: How to Get More Backup Space for Free

If the free cloud storage space is not enough for your WD Elements automatic backup and you do not want to pay much for the subscription plans, you can use the Combined Cloud feature offered by CBackup. CBackup allows you to add as many cloud drive accounts as Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox to it to get a larger backup space for free.

If you need to expand your backup space, here are the simple steps with CBackup:

1. Click on Storage button. Here we take adding Google Drive as an example. Choose Google Drive and click on Authorize Now. You can add as many Google accounts as you have.

Select Google Drive

2. Select the Storage tab, press the + Add Combined Cloud.

Add Combined Cloud

3. After checking the cloud storage accounts that you want to merge, and then click on Next > Combine.

Combine Google Drive

4 Finally, you will have a Combined Cloud in your clouds list. You can select the Combined Cloud as a backup destination to enjoy the large backup space.

Select Combined Cloud

Final Words

If you click on the page to find a way for WD Elements automatic backup, hope you have found the useful method. If you want to use the Scheduled Backup and Combined Cloud Storage features, do not miss the professional cloud backup software - CBackup.

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