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Can I Sync D Drive to OneDrive?


Hi. I have all my data on D drive (which I wish to use and sync between my work and home PC) and the OneDrive application exists on C drive. Is there a way I can sync D drive to OneDrive?

OneDrive is a cloud storage service provided by Microsoft that supports file hosting and synchronization. Usually, we use OneDrive to sync folders and files from C drive, so how to sync D drive with OneDrive? Here, we have included three solutions for you and offered a detailed guide to moving OneDrive from C to D drive. Please read on for detailed steps.

Sync D Drive to OneDrive

Why Do We Need to Sync D Drive to OneDrive?

Usually, the D drive is a storage disk used for file storage and management. Many people choose to sync D drive folder to OneDrive for the following reasons:

  • Avoid data loss stored on hard drive.
  • Free up hard drive storage.
  • Easy file access from other devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, etc.
  • Share files with other people conveniently.

There may be more reasons to add D drive to OneDrive. Below, we will walk through three methods step by step. Let's start with automatic D drive synchronization using professional sync software.

How Do I Automatically Sync D Drive to OneDrive?

It is efficient to let OneDrive sync D drive with professional backup and sync software like CBackup. This freeware allows you to synchronize local drives (like C drive and D drive) as well as external hard drives (like USB flash drive and SD card) to OneDrive for free.

CBackup Main Page

Some excellent features of CBackup software
  • Automatic sync. It offers you to schedule OneDrive sync in flexible frequencies, including Daily, Weekly, and Monthly.
  • One way sync. It lets you perform OneDrive one way sync to upload data to the cloud without local copies.
  • File Filter. It has a sync filter that can help you exclude unnecessary content and save cloud storage space.
  • Sync hard drive to multiple clouds. CBackup supports you to sync hard drives to Google Drive, Dropbox, CBackup Cloud, and more.
  • Easy and fast. It has no file upload restrictions. It has no file upload limit. You can easily and quickly synchronize files and folders of any size.

How to sync D drive to OneDrive with sync software? Just follow these steps:

Step 1. Download and install the CBackup desktop app and sign up for a free account for it.

Download CBackupWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 2. Run CBackup and sign in. Choose Storage on the left menu, click OneDrive, and hit Authorize Now to grant CBackup to access your cloud storage.

Select OneDrive

Step 3. Click Sync, and select the Sync PC to Public Cloud option.

Choose PC To Public Cloud

Step 4. Choose D drive or certain D drive folders as the source. Then, select a OneDrive folder as the target location.

Select D Drive To OneDrive

Step 5. Click Settings and set up an appropriate automatic synchronization mode under the Scheduler tab. You can also enable File Filter and Email Notifications for your sync task.

Sync Scheduler

Step 6. Tap on Start Sync to sync folder from D drive to OneDrive easily.

Traditional Ways to Sync D Drive to OneDrive

Suppose you do not want to use third-party sync software to upload D drive laptop to OneDrive, you can try utilizing the OneDrive web and OneDrive desktop client.

Way 1. Sync D Drive with OneDrive using OneDrive Folder

When you run the OneDrive client on your computer, it creates a sync folder named OneDrive. You can access OneDrive files and upload files to the cloud with this folder. The following is how to sync D drive folder to OneDrive with the OneDrive sync folder:

Step 1. Download and run the OneDrive desktop app. If you are a Windows 8.1/10/11 user, the OneDrive sync client already comes pre-installed on your PC.

Step 2. Go to the OneDrive folder on your computer. By default, the OneDrive folder location is C:\Users\[username]\OneDrive.

Step 3. Copy and paste or drag and drop files from D drive to the OneDrive folder, and they will be uploaded to the cloud.

OneDrive Folder Windows

Way 2. Synchronize D Drive to OneDrive via Web Page

You can go with the how to link D drive to OneDrive below to make OneDrive sync to D drive simply.

Step 1. Visit the OneDrive website and sign in.

Step 2. Click the Upload button, and select Files or Folder to add data on D drive for sync.

OneDrive Upload1

How to Change OneDrive from C to D Drive

If synced files from OneDrive are taking up C drive and you wish to move OneDrive from C to D drive, here is how:

Step 1. Open the OneDrive application Settings, click on Unlink this PC under the Account tab, and confirm it.

OneDrive Unlink This PC

Step 2. Press Win + E to launch File Explorer, and find the OneDrive folder on your PC. Click it and tap Move to. Click on Choose location, and choose D drive to hit Move.

OneDrive Folder Move to Change Location

Step 3. Input your email address into the Set up OneDrive window and click Sign in.

Step 4. Click on Change location, and choose the moved OneDrive location, and tap Select Folder. Then, follow the on-screen guide to complete the setup.

Change OneDrive Location


You have learned three different methods to sync D drive to OneDrive on this page. If you wish to auto sync drive to OneDrive, you’d better use the CBackup sync software.

This software not only offers hard drive synchronization but also allows you to sync OneDrive to Google Drive, Dropbox, and other clouds without downloading and uploading. What’s more, when your OneDrive cloud storage is used up, you can use it to increase OneDrive storage for free by merging cloud accounts.

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